December 21, 2020 is not only the Winter Solstice and a strong time for Christ-Magdalene consciousness energies, yet also the planetary conjunction alignment of Jupiter and Saturn occurs for the first time in 20 years on this date. This Winter Solstice portal offered a unique opportunity for Ascension upgrades, digestion of the bliss mess year of 2020 that we have all been through, and intention setting for your higher timeline in 2021.


SoulFullHeart Teachers/ Facilitators/Divine bridges Raphael and Jelelle Awen co-hosted this group call over Zoom to provide a transmission of these Winter Solstice codes to you from their physical location in the heart and third eye chakras of the planet in Glastonbury/Avalon. The focus of this group was on creating a bridge of connection to these Winter Solstice and Great Conjunction codes and energies.


In the recording, there is about an hour of teaching and sharing from Raphael and Jelelle about the Solstice energies of death/rebirth, invitation to move into the darkness/shadow within in order to move into 'true light and self love'; honoring the grief as a teacher during this process; and moving through completions in relationships, including our own romantic connection. We co-led a guided meditation to connect with the Red Spring waters, the inner chamber and the top of the Tor here in Avalon. We connected to the Solstice/Conjunction energies and any guidance/activations to be received from them. 


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Winter Solstice Transmission Group Call | Raphael & Jelelle Awen