SoulFullHeart Teachers/ Facilitators/Divine Feminine bridges Jelelle Awen and Kasha Rokshana co-hosted this group call for women over Zoom to provide a transmission of womb healing and activation codes from their physical location in Glastonbury/Avalon (the heart and third eye chakra of Gaia) to assist you in your ongoing process of sacred feminine embodiment. The focus of this group was on opening up more access to your womb for healing and activation in order to unplug from the 3D/Lower 4D control Matrix.


We talk about how our wombs have been hijacked by the Matrix control system (and what that is, how it impacts us, etc.) since the Fall of Atlantis and how that creates an ongoing disempowerment for us. This hijacking also impacts what we experience within our wombs during often painful and debilitating 'programmed' menstrual cycles. Our wombs can be filled with false mother/false god frequencies, Patriarchal/wounded masculine energies; transmuting other people's energies as empaths; aborted/still gestating/blocked creative projects and expressions; and suppression of our wombs' truth. During this call, we feel these energies as 'Ursula/Dark Witch/Wizard' energies that have been planeted in our wombs by our authority figures and other Matrix connections.


During this call, co-led a guided meditation to the Red Spring/Chalice Well here in Avalon and also a deep dive into the waters to connect with your own version of the ‘Ursula/Dark Witch/Dark Wizard’ in a sea cave. We unplugged your womb from the Matrix represented by this energy with loving support from Grandmother Anna and Mary Magdalene. There were then some wonderful sharings from women on the call about their experiences during the meditation.


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Womb Healing: Unplug From The Matrix Women's Group Call | Jelelle & Kasha