Sacred Human, Arising Wonder

by Jelelle Awen

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You are a Sacred Human. You are an arising wonder. You are becoming a fifth dimensional (5D) Human through the process of awakening and ascension along with the planetary consciousness known as Gaia (Earth). Sacred Human, Arising Wonder offers how this is a challenging time to be a Human here as so many people still live in conscious suffering even as their souls are awakening and they are having life altering spiritual experiences. The healing, awakening, and integration of our emotional bodies WITH our souls is the place we are being invited to go at the cutting edge of our consciousness evolution as Humans who chose as souls to come and BE here during this transformative time. The ultimate purpose and reason for the ascension process is remembered as the service of love WITH others as it overflows from self love and a healthy emotional body and freed up soul.


Author Jelelle Awen offers the BIG picture of what is happening during this phase of ascension from a galactic, yet also personal perspective, which you can also apply to your daily life. Through her connection to her Higher Self, Ethereal Guides, and as a facilitator and teacher for others, she provides loving guidance to navigate as our hearts are invited to vibrate at higher Christ Consciousness frequencies of health from a mature emotional body; as our bodies transition from carbon-based to crystalline; as our souls bring awakening, illumination, meaning and purpose into our awareness; and as our minds let go of 3D conditioning/programming and expand into multidimensional thinking.


Sacred Human, Arising Wonder invites you into feeling how it is your emotional body and the congestions and wounding that remain there which can keep intact a third dimensional, conditioned, self-image based version of you who can block love and keep suffering patterns intact in your life. Undigested traumas from this life and from other lifetimes create fixed energies within your emotional body that form into distinct subpersonalities running on subconscious conditioning programs and fear-based defensiveness. Through connection and negotiation with these parts of you, these energies move, transform, and eventually integrate into your 5D Self.


The nonlinear, explorational writings in Sacred Human are both practical and transcendent, offering you guidance as you journey through the often painful, yet ultimately magical process of ascension, awakening, and enlightenment. Each section offers Jelelle’s loving, catalytic energy to invite you into expanded consciousness around the seven main areas of life: Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, Social, Physical, Financial, and Environmental. Sacred Human covers a prolific creative period for Jelelle, a six month period from January until June, 2017 in which she wrote and shared writings every day. It is a first companion book to Bliss Mess, which shares Jelelle's writings from June until December, 2017.  The writings in Bliss Mess provide both an expansive, very current and progressive context to the overall collective Ascension process AND an intimate window into Jelelle’s world full of multidimensional realities.


This book also provides writings about love, sacred femininity, and sacred union with self and your sacred union mate, plus guided meditations to raise your vibrational frequency, clean your chakras, connect with your Inner Protector, and much more. It offers you a visceral feeling sense of becoming Sacred Human AND an arising wonder!

Published: June, 2017

Written January through May, 2017

Sacred Human, Arising Wonder

Sacred Human, Arising Wonder


The Big Picture: Ascension of the 5D Sacred Human

You ARE a Sacred Human. You ARE an arising wonder. You ARE Infinite Possibilities. You ARE Infinite Awareness. You ARE Infinite Love.

You are invited to remember that you ARE infinite love and to go on a journey to remember this. It is an inner journey of awakening, feeling, healing, ascending, and loving. It is an inner journey of exploration and discovery. It is an inner journey to embody your Sacred Humanity.

It is a journey of reunion with aspects of yourself that you may have forgotten, buried, or suppressed in your psyche or emotional pain body. Aspects that live in the stars. Aspects that live in other dimensions and parallel universes. Aspects that live in the higher, angelic realms.

It is a journey of remembering lifetimes in which aspects of your soul still live, are still being energized, and can be connected with in the moment. Aspects that are part of your Metasoul origination energy, fractals from your soul genesis group.

It is a journey of remembering that which you are and letting go of that which you are not. It is remembering that you are Infinite Love and anything LESS in your expression is something else for which you are NOT.

It is a journey of loving even that which is NOT love inside of your heart and inside of your soul and, even, inside of the Universe that is within you. Responding with love to anything that is not love invites the possibility that it can become love. Responding to fear WITH love is what heals the fear.

This is the journey for which you are here in this moment in this lifetime on this planetary consciousness known as Gaia. You have chosen as a soul to undergo this journey and it was held with great sacredness and opportunity by your Higher Self and the Divine Source for which ALL originates from and eventually returns.

It is a journey of remembering that as YOU are Infinite Love, so is EVERYONE ELSE. Every soul. Not just some special, awakening souls, but EVERYONE. And, that as everyone is Infinite Love so is every soul connected to the other.

It is a journey of remembering that you are not just connected to every soul as Infinite Love, you are ONE with every soul. It is remembering that you originated from Divine Source along with everyone else.

It is a journey of loving even that which is not love within your connections with others. Responding with love to anything that is not love in your connections with others allows you to feel the mirror that these others offer to you of yourself. Learning to set boundaries with others while still holding love in your heart becomes another opportunity to experience your true essence coming forward in Sacred Human expression.

It is a journey of remembering that you are powerful, that your thoughts are powerful, that your energy shapes the Universe within you and extends then to what you experience outside of you.

It is a journey of remembering your heart-based power, your soul-expressed power, your gifted power as offered to you by the Divine Source of All That Is. No soul can take away this power as it is connected to the Infinite Love essence that you ARE. Remembering that no soul can take away your power and to respond with love even when it feels to you as if this is happening is an opportunity for self healing.

It is a journey of remembering that your self, your self love, your self care, your self knowing, are the most important aspects of determining how much you experience yourself AND others as Infinite Love.

Your sense of self AS love grows as you create a container space to experience it and to discover and feel the places inside of you that need your love. As you remember the parts of you that need your love and give them this love, your heart begins to overflow to others. It is from this place of self-loving overflow for which the most nourishing frequencies are available to others.

It is a journey of remembering that the love and care of self is the most important thing you can be, do, and ARE. Responding to parts of you that resist this self love and care with more love. Feeling their resistance as fear, unworthiness, disconnect, while loving that which has created these feelings inside of you. Remembering that you ARE worth, connection, and love in your essence.

It is a journey of ascending, raising your consciousness frequency UP from what you have been conditioned in most of your life within third dimensional (3D) reality. Ascension is remembering your higher consciousness, connecting with your Higher Self, and eventually becoming the version of yourself that vibrates at a high vibrational dimension and frequency, your Higher Self BECOMES you.

It is a journey of embodying your Higher Self in more and more frequencies of expression and experience. Ascension happens as you feel where your consciousness currently is, locating yourself with love, and opening up new possibilities for raising your awareness. Responding with love to that which is dense inside of you, not of your higher frequency, or not coming from your Higher Self, allowing for more ascension and embodiment.

It is a journey of identifying with love what your conditioning has been, both in this life and from other lifetimes, and what continues to lower your consciousness and vibrational frequency. Identifying and becoming aware allows you to engage in a process of deconditioning, healing layers and layers of programmed self to remember your authentic self as a fractal of the Divine.

It is a journey of seeking validation, from within and from sources of love outside of yourself. It is seeking support and templating for the new consciousness that you want to expand in yourself, the consciousness of your Higher Self, in order to water what feels like a seed in the beginning or a spark of the heart. Validation outside of yourself can come in many forms and as you connect more with your Higher Self, you can trust the forms that you draw and are drawn to as mirrors.

It is a journey of realizing that all resonant and nourishing outside sources of validation and support are mirrors of your bigness and of your essence. None of them are bigger, higher, or better than you. They represent who you ARE in your essence and who you will become more and more as you remember and embody your Higher Self.

It is a journey of letting go of that which does not validate and support your essence as Infinite Love as this new consciousness and awareness and awakening inside of yourself.

Letting go with love is an alchemical process with ups and downs, openings and closing downs and can be navigated with a sense of connection to ALL. Letting go with love allows for new space inside of you where love can come to you in new forms, new ways, and new connections. Responding with love to the parts of you that resist letting go allows for more trust as loving self-negotiation deepens and flows from your opening heart and awakening soul.

It is a journey of awakening to an expanded truth about the world, about the frequencies that influence and shape it, and a bigger context much beyond the Human perspective. Awakening to feel how you are made from star dust DNA and beings from the stars. Remembering how you are made from powerful lineages that offer so much support and validation of your galactic nature the more that you connect with and let them in. Responding with love to the parts of you that have fear in response to these star origins allows for more multi-dimensional openings and embracement of the light BEing that you ARE.

It is the journey that you have signed up for as a soul. You wouldn’t be reading these words in this moment, taking in this energy of this invitation to you, unless you resonated on some level with this invitation. This invitation is from your Higher Self, who is waiting for you to raise your vibrational frequency so that it can eventually come into and merge with your consciousness.

This invitation is also from the Divine Source of Infinite Love and All That Is that both desire to be reunited with you and is getting great joy from your individual spark of consciousness and your adventures. This is 'conscious duality' where you experience both the wonderful aspects of duality's dance in difference and uniqueness, as well as that of merging into Oneness, feeling that there is only one, without any difference. Both are magically true at the same time!

This journey to become your Higher Self is a challenging one, made both more challenging and less challenging by the times that we are living in now. More and more others are feeling the same invitation to awaken, ascend, and remember. As each individual soul spark embraces this journey, the ALL is impacted by it. The ALL feels that you are remembering and remembers themselves to that much degree with you and as you become more of what you ARE as Infinite Love, then so they can too.

It is a sacred journey. It is a blessed journey, whatever the experiences may be, however challenging or difficult or painful. It is a guided journey with much support, even if you experience being lonely, isolated, or disconnected from others, your Higher Self, and Ethereal BEings as Guides.

This is a journey, yes, and, also, you already ARE all of this. There is nothing to be fixed or that is wrong with you as you ARE this already in your essence. This is the truth that your Higher Self knows as it remembers, as it already IS this. And so it IS.

Ascension Invitation

Ascension invites the stretching upward, the blooming and growing, the awakening and expanding. It is the remembering of what has been forgotten. It is the reclaiming of what has been disowned. It is the loving of what has been judged, both inside and toward others. It is the wanting of MORE from your soul and Higher Self, shifting away from the desire center of your 3D Self who wants comfort and safety and to keep life small and to fit in with others. It is the letting go and mourning and releasing of what no longer serves love and the expression of your Higher Self. It is holding space for all of the reactions that come up in the emotional body in response to this process of letting go.

Ascension invites the rising UP of your consciousness, your awareness, your perception of reality as it shifts from inside you. It is the “Ds” of both dimensions and density with the levels of third to fourth to fifth (and beyond) offering shifts and expansions in your experience of your inner world. Each dimensional shift in consciousness offers a new level of claim. It invites in change and transformation at both the practical and the transcendent levels, as what shifts inside starts to shift what you experience AS life on the outside.

Ascension is an invitation from the Universe and Divine Source to claim and embody what is your birthright as a Sacred Human expression in bodily form. It is to feel this birthright without expectation or entitlement, yet to understand that it is a GIFT from Divine Source offered to be experienced WITH you. It is the crystallizing of the physical body to vibrate higher and higher to become more and more your Merkabah, your vehicle of light and multidimensional travel. Holding space for this transition of the physical body is to trust the symptoms that move through are for the reason of this embodiment of your Merkabah.

Ascension invites you to feel what your heart most wants and cries for. What your MORE is that is flushed up and out through desires that come in through your soul. This invitation can press on you, yes, but it never forces. The press comes from your awakening soul and your healing heart. The press comes from your increasing desires for MORE… more intimacy, more connection, more joy, more bliss, more goodness, more service, more empowerment, more inner explorations, more LOVE.

Ascension invites you to feel how the MORE-ness arising inside you can be tamped down and dampened by aspects of you that are afraid for you to desire, want you to remain safe, try to keep you comfortable. These aspects of you, led by your most loyal Protector, are ever vigilant to keep the MORE at bay in whatever ways and means they can. They are like dams trying to block the flood of love that wants to surge through your life. These aspects of you can relax their efforts at blocking through connection with the arising soul-infused and authentic YOU.

Ascension is the more and more visceral and lived in expression of New Earth AS your reality in the NOW, not as a future goal, but as a true processing ground of your life. It is baking from within this New and Golden Earth reality, journeying within and visiting this New Earth, and BECOMING this New Earth. So then you ARE this New Earth, inviting others to join you here in the now to experience it with you. It is drawing others to collaborate in the creation of this New Earth in the now as you form a community together.

Ascension invites your service of love with others, in mutual respect and reverence with others. It is the expression of your soul gifts, energizing from and cultivated during other lifetimes. It is the knowledge of your soul coming through to serve and to guide and to share with others. It is moving beyond fear and into the claim WITH humility of what your soul knows and remembers of service with others. It is stepping out of the previous comfortable zones into frequencies of possible resistance and rejection to serve as a beacon of possibility and showing the way for those who want it.

Ascension invites your soul to awaken through the warmth of the light of love that increasingly shines as you feel what is YOU in your soul essence expression and what IS NOT. It waters the seed of your Sacred Humanity, watering and fertilizing the bud of your Sacred Human with love. This bud blooms and grows inside through a process that has been spring-loaded to happen. It wants to expand into your whole BEing with the reunion to Divine Source frequencies so that you experience more and more New Earth AS your reality and yourself as a Sacred Human embodying and experiencing life here in the now.

Ascension invites all this and MORE as it cannot really be defined in another way… as it IS beyond the mind where pure experience and essence live and are born in every moment, moment by moment, as the arising expression of love returning to love.