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SoulFullHeart  Sacred Union Teachings And Couples Sessions With  Raphael and Jelelle Awen ~

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A SoulFullHeart sacred union is one where there are ACTIVE and ALIVE grounds of transactability in heart, soul, body, and mind PLUS a larger container of good will, respect, mutuality, commitment to individual parts work process, and love that holds the exploration for the relationship.

Group Call With Raphael And Jelelle

Sacred Union Codes Coming In!: Soulfullheart Sacred Union

“Sacred Union Codes Coming In!” We felt these words coming from our guides today as we lay out in the sun together. These vibrational codes that are coming in via the sun are really an invitation, as well as the event that the invitation heralds. They invite us into deeper union with masculine and feminine energies in relationship expression with a mate (although there is a ‘with yourself’ invitation of course here too that is critical to embrace and embody the inner feminine and masculine.) We have been Sacred Union mates for nine years and what we call ‘Counterpart Souls’ here to serve love together. We offer this template to others through a conscious process and a way of life we created called SoulFullHeart.

These codes from Divine Source/Universe invite us into this experience of Sacred Union from a higher vibrational frequency of HEALTHINESS that hasn’t been possible before. This healthiness aspect of Sacred Union differentiates itself significantly from what is commonly called ‘twin flame’ relationships where couples and individuals have too often suffered in a bond that lacked boundaries and self care, and used the idealized twin flame picture as a way to loop in a shadow playout of codependent suffering. We both have felt this differentiation is an important one, and we intend to write about it more in the near future. Sacred Union, along with the picture of what we are calling ‘counterpart souls’, welcomes us to explore into our deeply held fantasies about what an idealized romance could look and feel like, but it also offers clear guidelines about alive personal boundaries and awakenings that are necessary to ground that, make that possible, and keep it emotionally healthy.

This invitation to Sacred Union seems to be a critical aspect of the ascension process that will fast track many of us in ways not possible before, especially those of us called to be waySHOWers and path layers (‘bush whackers’, as we have affectionately called it).
The desire for Sacred Union runs deep in our collective consciousness. Romantic movies, songs, stories….it all activates our passions, our desire for union with an ‘other’, joining together to experience both the exquisiteness of union and the powerful mirror that it offers of both our shadow and our light.  We have experienced personally and in space holding with others for many years that a TRUE sacred union is one where there are ACTIVE and ALIVE grounds of transactability in heart, soul, body, and mind PLUS a larger container of good will, respect, and love that holds the exploration for the relationship.

In a TRUE Sacred Union, there is a commitment by BOTH individual partners toward their personal healing and growth and awakening. It is this personal and conscious commitment of both partners that opens out the mutual growth and intimacy possibilities. The personal precedes and fills the mutual, and this is a big part of what makes it a SACRED Union and not a SCARED one. In a Sacred Union, each partner’s sense of growing self worth and soul embodiment floods into the ‘usness’ ground, which is what we call the third energy created when two people come together in relationship.

Sacred Union is evident in the ‘transactability’ in the ‘usness ground’ on many levels. The key pieces are hot sexual desire (that goes FAR BEYOND lust or just body chemistry); sharing deepest vulnerabilities of the heart; expansive connection between the souls (telepathy, remembrance of other lifetimes together that are happening NOW, clarity and service of love mission together); mental resonance of values and vibrant idea exchange; and a deep and easy compatibility in everyday, practical living.

People can get confused by the capacity or the potential of a relationship to become a Sacred Union, when really, it only qualifies as one if it is actually currently transacting in these grounds in a way that is ultimately nourishing for both partners MOST of the time. All too often one partner in a relationship will speak to their relationships’ potential or their partners’ potential as a reason to remain in a relationship that has little healthy nourishment. The harder truth to feel here is that remaining in a romantic relationship that has potential to one day, but doesn’t presently, meet your deepest healthy needs and fulfill your wildest dreams serves to diminish the likelihood that the potential will be realized, unless it is being consciously worked by both partners.

A scared union, FAR more common, is based in codependence and the sticky grounds of the relationship that seems to be mostly hookups between different parts of people: the most common hookups being between the inner child in one partner and a father or mother aspect in the other; or between two inner children; or two inner punisher/critics or the inner punisher of one hooked up to the shame part in the other; or an inner narcissist with the inner empath in the other; etc. The scared union is still a sacred one, in the sense that it is necessary for a phase and can offer a deep crucible of healing for souls who sign up to awaken within it.

Often times in a scared union, one of the partners ‘wakes up’ to what isn’t working in the relationship and consciously wants more. He or she may engage in ‘affairs’ of different kinds, or they may admit they want to complete the relationship while the other ‘doesn’t get it’. Often it is the woman in the relationship who ‘wakes up’ before the man, who may be more hooked in to ‘taking care of mom’ and not conscious of how he is actually not happy in his experience of the union. If only one partner is awakening and the other is not, this is NOT a sacred union as the souls are not aligning in mutual desire and illumination, inspiring each other to grow and remember. This is a painful crucible to go through for both partners, especially the one who is awakening with possible guilt and shame that can come up from the emotional body around any obligation and loyalty ideals. Inner negotiation can be helpful to navigate the completion and also healing the karma between the two partners. If one partner feels very committed to the relationship and the other does not and keeps ‘running’, which is justified in the twin flame paradigm, this is NOT a Sacred Union either as Sacred Union ground thrives on the sense of mutual dedication and devotion to the ‘usness’ and being in it together.

For those who are ready and been on the awakening, self healing, and ascension path, SACRED Union offers the end of ‘shrinking to fit’ to ANY relationship or settling for less than what your soul most deeply wants and desires. The codes coming now seem to be supporting that for those who are ready, their higher self and guides will set up synchronicities for them to meet their Sacred Union counterpart mate (or to finally ‘see’ them if you already know each other). This meeting of your counterpart may even happen for those souls currently IN relationship together, which will certainly cause some major upheaval and emotional processing.

For those ALREADY in a relationship, these codes seem to be creating quite a SHAKE UP to the grounds of the relationship, amplifying and illuminating the deepest heart and soul desires AND the shadow aspects that may be hanging out there. Even Sacred Unions may be feeling this rumble and be called to recommit to the union in ALL domains and connect even deeper to the ultimate REASON why these Sacred Unions are coming together and being supported: to serve love. The service of love is the reason for it, which is a bigger context that provides a foundational energy of resonance for those souls experiencing it. The personal growth that Sacred Unions provide is, ultimately, for the service of love WITH others. This is the call that we feel is contained in these codes too….those who let them in and hear and feel this call will find that their previous form of service may collapse, reshape, go through a death or dark night, and arise again from the ashes in a NEW form that is deeply connected to their Sacred Union mate in co-creation and co-offering.

This invitation to Sacred Union is an ongoing one….certainly an ongoing process that offers such aliveness, goodness, magic, growth, and opportunity to serve love. The Universe seems to be hugely supporting and needing this dualistic experiment to move more consciously and healthily into these domains for those who join together and join their intentions together to serve love. The partners are then able to offer and serve love in an exponential way to those ready to receive it! It’s a tall order, but the rewards are out of this world!

Sacred Union Writings By Jelelle

Sacred Union Is Calling And Inviting Us To Respond With Love

It is lying in bed with him, my head on his chest…the perfect fleshy pillow seemingly shaped just for me. It is sharing, always sharing, what is moving in my heart and my soul for it to land in his accepting embrace. It is so many early mornings of this, where I land in self AS I land in him AS I land in our Usness.

Heart, Soul, And Body Connection Transaction Leads To Sacred Sexuality

Sacred sexuality…two words that stir the heart and ignite our imaginations. It can feel conceptual, this ‘idea’ of sacred sexuality, yet, in my experience it is a frequency that is much beyond the mind. It is a frequency that arises in purer and purer forms related to the degree of depth and healthiness in the grounds of connection that are transacting in the relationship – heart, soul, and body grounds of relationality. 

When Your Mate And Other Relationships Aren’t Awakening With You

Oh, and her mate….if he is not feeling the same stirrings and call of healing the heart and awakening the soul, her heart aches to share this WITH him. Staying on her side in moments (let it arise in him through him) and then venturing over onto HIS side again (please come with me!) and back and forth. 

Making Heart Room For Your Mate To Enter Your Life

I felt him before we were together. I could lay in my bed and feel his arms around me, sense his heart beat flowing along to mine. I had conversations with him that were so provoking, the deepest of context, the most enlivening of content. 

To Be With A King Man

To be with a king man is to feel him cross the space toward you with clarity and with desire. To feel him CLAIM the exploration between you into deeper grounds of intimacy than either of you have EVER known. 

Sacred Union Codes Inviting You Into Union With Self, Getting Ready If Single, Completing Scared Unions

We are being invited into this sacred love with union of inner and outer, to begin with the unionizing of aspects of SELF….from the shadow to the light, to those from the Stars to those from childhood, those aspects that we have embraced and BEcome our persona and unaware ego and those that arise from our soul and higher self.

Feeling Your Inner Princess Or Prince To Experience Sacred Union

The prince and the princess….so many images and associations come up when we feel into these archetypes and energies. The princess wanting and waiting for her ‘Prince Charming’ to come and claim her, the prince going on grand adventures and ‘fighting evil’ to find her…..this frequency is so IN our collective consciousness. 

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