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"In our separateness, our forgetting, our veiled consciousness, then it can seem as if things outside of us can be against us. And even within, we feel the greatest battle of all from one aspect of us to another...either forgotten, buried, suppressed, or ignored by us. As we remember our Unity, our togetherness, our Oneness within, as we collect the fragments and scatters and pieces of ourselves and they arise together in crystalline form held by our hearts, our souls, and our Divine self...then, do we remember our wholeness and experience that anything outside of us originates within and Love becomes the only response..."


- Jelelle Awen

SoulFullHeart Co-Creator/Teacher/Facilitator

SoulFullHeart Facilitators Gabriel Heartman, Raphael Awen and Kasha Rokshana

Contact us or email soulfullhearts@gmail.com to schedule a free consultation call to ask questions about the sessions, discover which Facilitator would best fit you, etc.

Free Consultation Call

With A SoulFullHeart Facilitator

Prior to purchasing a 1:1 session with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator, we require you to have a 30-45 minute free consultation call. We begin with a free consultation for you to learn more about the SoulFullHeart Process, what happens in sessions, mutually determine if the process is a fit for you at this time, and if so, which Facilitator to work with in sessions. Find out more here about the free consultation call.



1:1 Sessions

With A SoulFullHeart Facilitator


After having a free consultation call, you may then choose to have a 1:1 Session or ongoing sessions with A SoulFullHeart Facilitator. 1:1 sessions are $100 CAD minimum donation (prepaid) (about $75 USD) for a 90 minute session over Zoom or in person in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Kasha Rokshana- with women

Raphael Awen - with men and women

Gabriel Heartman - with men and women

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SoulFullHeart Co-Creator and Facilitator Jelelle Awen

Women's Group Calls

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SoulFullHeart Co-Creator/Teacher/Facilitator/Divine Feminine bridge Jelelle Awen hosts this virtual group over Zoom to provide a transmission of codes to assist you in your ongoing process of sacred feminine embodiment. You can receive these frequencies live or in the recordings. For $15 CAD/$11 USD you will receive the call link or the call recording if you aren't able to attend live.

The Sacred Feminine Exploration series of women's groups are open to all women over 18. The calls are a max of two hours depending on those that shared their experiences and asked questions.

SoulFullHeart Facilitators

Raphael and Jelelle Awen

Free To Be 5D Series

July 15 - August 19

We are offering this third installment of our Free To Be Group Call series experience as a bridge to becoming more aligned with your Higher (5D) Self during this time of 3D/4D Matrix collapse during this Coronavirus event and beyond it through the ongoing process of Humanity’s Ascension. Through this Free To Be 5D series, you will feel empowered to think about the bigger picture of Ascension, the energies that support this transition, and your light body transition. You will also feel the parts of your 3D Self and identify which part of you most needs you in this moment. You’ll receive more sense of the fourth dimensional (4D) reality that opens up as you connect with your Gatekeeper and beyond that to your 5D self aspects and the Divine. And finally, you'll dive into sacred wound and trauma healing as a critical aspect of the Ascension process.

SoulFullHeart Facilitators

Raphael and Jelelle Awen

Group Transmissions


Jelelle and Raphael Awen hosted these virtual groups over Zoom to provide a transmission of 5D self coming into the body, awakened frequencies to you. You can receive these frequencies by purchasing the recordings. Group transmission calls are $15 CAD/$11 USD to receive the recording.

The focus of these groups is to transmit to you a highly embodied frequency of sacred human connection that is seated in the heart. These groups serve as activations of your next levels in the ascension process, whatever that is for you personally. They are empowering and self activating, in the sense that YOU are the source of activation for yourself and Jelelle and Raphael serve as a bridge to feel/experience this.

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