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SoulFullHeart Intros and Sessions

A sacred and safe space held where you can journey into deeper discovery of yourself...unfolding, exploring, healing, clearing, revealing, being and connecting with any part/soul aspect who comes forward in response to your light and love...leading to more sense of wholeness and yourself AS Divine love


SoulFullHeart Teachers and Facilitators (L to R) Bey Magdalene, Kasha Rokshana, Raphael and Jelelle Awen and Gabriel Amara offer the SoulFullHeart Process through free intro calls and 1:1 sessions over zoom and in person in the Central, Portugal region. Sessions range in cost from €55 to €100 Euros depending on Facilitator. Read about Facilitators below on this page and via the button below.

Intro Calls

We are honored that you are feeling into getting support and healing on your awakening journey with us through the unique SoulFullHeart process. Experience of the SoulFullHeart healing process and way of life is offered through 90 minute 1:1 sessions virtually over Zoom or in person in Central Portugal.

We highly recommend taking in more about the SoulFullHeart process through sharings from us to get more sense of what we are offering, feel into your resonance with it, and see if you are drawn to explore deeper in an initial and possibly ongoing sessions. You can watch the many videos on our SoulFullHeart YouTube Channel including the recent Deepen 2022 video series, read writings on our blog, visit our social media pages (links in the footer below), and read books by Jelelle Awen. We especially recommend reading her book Free To Be 5D: Navigating Ascension From The Inside Out. Attending and/or listening to our monthly group calls (one for all and one for women) provides a deeper and more intimate experience of the community that is at the core of SoulFullHeart. 

Prior to scheduling a 1:1 session, we offer a free 30-45 minute intro call with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator. Intro calls are available with Kasha Rokshana, Bey Magdalene and Jelelle Awen for women; and with Raphael Awen or Gabriel Amara for men.

Intro calls allow for a calibration to our energy and what we are offering in the SoulFullHeart process in the specific way that we do. We find that the Inner Protector/Gatekeeper aspects (inner defensive energies) appreciate the space to talk before diving into the more vulnerable drop-in meditation space that happens in the session. Intro calls are particularly useful for those who are wanting to have ongoing, multiple sessions over a period of time.


In the intro call, we talk with you to get a sense of your awakening journey, where the areas of pain/desire are in your life, and where we might go with you in a session. We get a sense together of which Facilitator would be best to serve you in this current phase of your healing and Ascension process and if sessions are right for you at this time.

We also discuss briefly your responses to the questions below that you send to us prior to the intro call, which you can email to or submit via our contact form. 


* What drew you to SoulFullHeart and to request a session and how do you feel the process could help you?
* What is your biggest pain/suffering about in your life?
* What is your biggest desire for yourself in your life?
* Tell me something about your awakening journey and how it has been for you

Suggested Reading prior to the intro call:

About the SoulFullHeart Process, Our Story and Vision

Suggested Viewing Prior to the intro call:

Guided Meditation with your Inner Protector

When you contact us about an intro call, let us know if there is a specific facilitator you would like to meet with and we will see if they are available, otherwise we will choose one based on your responses and their availability. A Facilitator will be in touch with you via email to schedule the session with you.

1:1 Sessions

There is so much to navigate and feel with the ongoing Ascension and awakening process accelerating and deepening. Sessions with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator offer an illuminating and inspiring look at your journey, your process, and your life. Coming from the truly unique SoulFullHeart Way Of Life perspective and way of life, we provide a bridge to digest what you’ve experienced in your awakening and life so far, locate where you currently are, and identify possible next steps for your highest timeline manifestation and embodiment of your Divine Self. 

These 1:1 sessions are most like initiations, in which your soul, Divine Self and Gatekeeper lead the way into connection with whatever needs your attention in your emotional body, physical body, and soul field. As SoulFullHeart Facilitators, we are witnessing, feeling, experiencing the journey along with you in all the ways that matter most and lead to deep healing. Our own processes to feel and connect to parts of us and soul aspects for many years and within community has opened up a compassionate, Divinely supported and relational space within that parts of you can then lean into, receive a template from and feel validated/seen/heard/felt on deep levels. Usually at levels not experienced before.

Yet, this is YOUR journey of opening out the next places of soul awareness, feeling spaces within during the trauma is felt and clears, as the soul patterns complete, as the false layers are shed, as unplugging from the False God/False Light/3D Matrix occurs. This is led by YOU!

It is truly magical, surprising, touching and inspiring as a facilitator of this process for many years now to experience what comes through someone when given the space and support to unfold!

In the first part of the session, your Facilitator will talk with you about current situations going on in your life that are causing you pain or suffering, what your desires are, and​ also get a sense of your general well being, relationships with your family, romance, and experience of awakening. Through this conversation and the previous intro call, they will have a sense of where you might go in your drop-in meditation together.

For the next 45 to 60 minutes, your Facilitator then takes you on an effective and powerful meditative journey with them to connect with your Inner Protector, Gatekeeper or other parts, and/or a Metasoul aspects/lifetimes in order to start creating a bridge to these parts/aspects. This is a collaborative journey between you and your Facilitator. You are leading the way into an altered state of consciousness that gives you clearer access to your subconscious, to beyond-the-veil reality of other lifetimes, and to previously suppressed shadow aspects. 

You will 'drop into' the energy of whichever part or Metasoul Aspect you are working with in a natural and easy way feeling their energy and even speaking and answering questions as them/from their voice. This drop-in offers a highly effective means of healing and digesting deeper traumas, identifying polarized dynamics and realities inside of you, and accessing soul themes/karmic play out patterns that are usually not currently conscious to you. There is always something NEW that comes out of this!


The experience of being felt/seen/heard by your Facilitator at multidimensional and deeply empathic levels allows for the transmutation of trauma and fear/resistance with love and for the deepening experience of yourself as a love ambassador to all parts/aspects of yourself.

After having a free intro (which is recommended), you can purchase a session with your SoulFullHeart Facilitator for €77 Euros/USD (or equivalent in other currencies) or €55 Euros/USD for Apprentice Facilitator and €100 Euros/USD for Jelelle Awen for 90 minutes through our shop page using stripe (debit or credit card) or via your Facilitator's paypal or wise account. We are also wanting to move away from PayPal transactions eventually and invite you to check out the Wise online payment platform. Although you can still use paypal via your Facilitator's paypal.

 Ongoing Sessions: 

​Ongoing 1:1 sessions are available with SoulFullHeart Facilitators after having an initial session with them. We recommend the pace of once a week at maximum and at least once a month on an ongoing basis (with 2-4x a month being optimal for transformation and consistency.) You can purchase additional sessions at whatever rate/pace works for you in coordination with your Facilitator through our shop or Paypal or Wise.

​Remote sessions over zoom are meant to be for a limited period of time, not for years as in traditional therapy, and ultimately as a bridge to experiencing SoulFullHeart consciousness and the healing process in person with us here in Central Portugal by eventually attending one of our seasonal Gatherings on every Equinox and Solstice. Meeting all of us and others sharing the way of life, experiencing SoulFullHeart in person allows you to ground in what you've been opening up through remote sessions and to make choices about next steps of alignment with us or whether to complete the process. The process is ultimately best served, experienced, and deepened in person, although much can be bridged and initiated remotely for a phase of time. Being with us in person also opens up the opportunity of energy healing as well.

As you deepen in the process over time in regular sessions and community involvement with us, you experience these benefits and more:

* fewer relationship challenges and more vulnerable intimacy inside of yourself and with others

* lightening up and cessation of heightened emotional states such as depression, anxiety, and suffering and yet more allowance to hold space for emotions from parts of you that need you 

* unplugging from 3D Matrix and False Light programming and conditioning

* Support in sacred union to deepen the bond in authentic intimacy rather than codependency or to complete if that feels like it best serves your growth and awakening

* overall renewed body and energy vitality and health

* more clarity and embodiment of your soul purpose; transitioning your money earning/livelihood

* deeper and more consistent anchoring of your consciousness to Higher Vibrational/5D frequencies of Divine love, joy, compassion, and forgiveness WITHIN your body 

* more nourishment in ALL areas of your life, especially in romantic relationships, soul purpose expression, and soul family community


We look forward to connecting with you!


Raphael and Jelelle, Kasha, Gabriel and Bey

Note: We record each intro call, individual session and monthly group call that occurs over Zoom to share with you. In addition, we will occasionally share the recordings amongst SoulFullHeart Facilitators for internal training and quality control purposes ONLY. These recordings are never shared publicly or with anyone else. If you prefer not to have your sessions recorded, please let us know.​


"Thank you so much for that session today, Jelelle. That was magical and shifted something for me. I had a really deep rest after and now feeling pretty light and optimistic. Thank you so much for your masterful dedication to this work and helping people move out of stuck patterns. It’s a Big contribution and I so see you sister." Lea


"Through a year-long process, with space in between to digest, Jelelle helped me bridge the various aspects of my Soul with my human self. This helped me anchor and make peace with my limitations here on Earth. Jelelle's intuition was always spot on and she served as an amplifier. On my own, I could hear messages from my soul, but during our sessions together, those messages were made even more clear, more loud, and more embodied.


I feel like a paradigm shift has occurred. I feel like I'm no longer driving fixated on the rear view mirror of my past, but now able to drive freely with love at my side, within myself, and on every open road ahead of me. Every session was an extraordinary journey to another realm of my psyche, soul or heart. I learned so much, grew so much and am grateful beyond words for her courage and guidance. " Ellany


"Parts work is all about self mastery. The work aligns beautifully with those of us who are called to answer their own longings....with the most compassionate mirror held to reflect back what they already know. There are no 'quick' fixes here, yet a place and space to cull from the depths of your 'be'ing all those places, people and galaxies we need to 're'visit. Grateful to be on the journey!" Marci


"I wanted to thank you for Saturday's Deep Healing.  Something huge shifted for me. I wanted to also take the time to appreciate your precious support and presence along with the sacred sisterhood from you,Kasha and all, along with the Community support from brothers here too through Raphael and Gabriel feels very safe for me and my parts.


Thank you for making a huge difference in this world and Community by being and serving as you do!


Thank you for all that you do and keep on doing." Dimitra


"Thank you SO very much, Jelelle, for BEing who you are and DOing what you do for the collective.  No words....just really open heart and digestion going on in my now moments. Every day is more amazing than the next.  Thank you from my whole being for guiding me to my healing. You are amazing!


You are all so incredibly gifted in transmitting the feelings and frequencies of your now moments/now experiences interwoven with the somewhere/somewhen of other timelines, all amplified by the whole of your hearts. Your shares are palpable, enveloping and - for me - bring a rush of feelings and soul imprints I had long forgotten. Always timely, always nourishing to the all of me. I am grateful for and to you. Thank you for helping me remember to remember.


​For anyone who has yet to experience a life-affirming and life-changing session with any one of the amazing BEings at SouFullHeart Experience, I with my whole heart encourage you to reach out and experience for yourself. " Nikki


"I experienced some major breakthroughs in my sacred space session with Jelelle. I feel like I have been circling around something vague and nebulous for years now that was just on the peripheral of my awareness. Something important that needed attention and resolution but my conscious self was not bringing my awareness there. By finally coming to a better understanding of my Protector’s role, I can see how I have essentially buried emotions and experiences that need to surface for my sacred healing.

Jelelle is lovingly helping me to work with my Protector, addressing the femininity of my inner child, and working through issues in my 3D emotional pain body. Connecting to my higher self and working with guides is allowing me to address matters that will allow me to heal, grow, and move forward. Jelelle has been great with offering me personalized processes to allow me to access my answers through special 'assignments' unique to me. She has also provided helpful and relevant links to SoulFullHeart information, articles and recordings. I am excited to be on this path and for what the future holds." - Sonya


"Working with Kasha has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. For the last 6 months, I’d been looking to work with someone to get more emotional and physical support with the phase I was at in my life. I met with many counselors, therapists, spiritual coaches, energy healers, and more. I always left these sessions feeling a bit empty, feeling like I still wasn’t getting the support or help I needed. But I also couldn’t pinpoint or put into words exactly what I was looking for.

That is until I met Kasha. From the very first interaction with her, I felt such a strong energetic connection to her. Although I didn’t fully understand what “bridging sessions” were or the approach that SoulFullHeart took, I did feel really safe and comfortable opening up to Kasha about my life and what I was going through. She held space for me to share, validated my experiences, and deep down I felt like I was truly being seen and heard for the first time by someone. I trusted my gut instincts and signed up for weekly sessions with her.

I like to think of my sessions with Kasha as “therapy on steroids” – they’re incredibly healing, empowering, and transformational. Kasha listens to what you’re going through, asks clarifying questions to better understand your inner world, and then leads you into a meditation where you learn and visit the deeper parts of yourself that may been ignored/suppressed. So far in our sessions, we’ve met my Inner Child, my Inner Teenager, my Protector, and we are working with establishing a relationship with my Inner Punisher/Critic. She’s helped give a voice to each of these parts, helped me understand what their needs are, taught me how to facilitate conversations with these parts so I can be a better parent to myself, and this entire experience has been life changing.

I highly recommend Kasha and SoulFullHeart to anyone who is looking for support and guidance in their spiritual journey/awakening, wanting to change their life, wanting to heal from their past, and/or wanting to improve their relationship with themselves. Their work and what they do is truly unlike anything I've ever seen before, yet it's had the most healing and impact in my life in the short time I've been doing it." Punya

Below are profiles for SoulFullHeart Teachers, Facilitators and Apprentice Facilitator


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SouFullHeart Co-Creator, Teacher, Facilitator

since 2012

Jelelle Awen is a Co-creator and Teacher of SoulFullHeart; Facilitator of 1:1 sessions for women and couples; Trainer/mentor of SoulFullHeart Facilitators; Creator and Facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Energy Healing Process; Group Facilitator of women's and group call transmissions, gatherings, and other group sessions; author of SoulFullHeart books; Contributor on SoulFullHeart Blog and SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube Channel. Sessions with Jelelle are €100 Euros/USD for 90 minutes. 


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SoulFullHeart Co-Creator , Teacher, and Facilitator

since 2012

Raphael Awen is a Co-creator and Teacher of SoulFullHeart; Facilitator of intro calls and 1:1 Sessions for men and couples; Teacher of group transmissions/meditation circles/gatherings; Facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Energy Healing process; and a Contributor on the SoulFullHeart Blog and SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube Channel. Sessions with Raphael are €77 Euros/USD for 90 minutes. 


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SoulFullHeart Facilitator

Involved with SoulFullHeart since 2012

Kasha Rokshana is a Facilitator of intro call and 1:1 Sessions with women; Co-Facilitator of monthly women's group calls; and a Contributor on the SoulFullHeart Blog and the SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube Channel. Sessions with Kasha are €77 Euros/USD for 90 minutes. 


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SoulFullHeart Facilitator

Involved with SoulFullHeart since 2012

Gabriel Amara is a Facilitator for intro calls, 1:1 Sessions with men; Facilitator of group sessions; video editor, producer and creator; and a Contributor on the SoulFullHeart Blog and SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube Channel. Sessions with Gabriel are €77 Euros/USD for 90 minutes. 


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SoulFullHeart Apprentice Facilitator

Involved with SoulFullHeart since 2019

Sessions available with Bey In English and German

Bey Magdalene is an Apprentice Facilitator for intro sessions,1:1 Sessions with women; community member since August, 2021; and a Contributor on the SoulFullHeart Blog and SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube Channel. Bey is currently receiving mentorship and support with Jelelle Awen and 1:1 sessions with her are 55 Euros/USD per session.

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