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Men are scattered just as much as women among the dimensional consciousness spectrum but women are closer to the frequency of 5D, at least in our opinion and experience.  The awakening is happening mentally for most men and then as the vibration continues to raise on Gaia we are being invited to go more into our hearts, as that is what the core of 5D live in the fullness of authentic BEingness. 


Healing The Sacred Masculine

Guided Meditation

With Raphael, Gabriel and Jelelle


In this video, SoulFullHeart Facilitators Raphael Awen and Gabriel Solais join Jelelle Awen to talk about healing of the sacred masculine. Both of them share their experience of working with parts of themselves, such as the Inner Teenager/Child, Inner Protector, etc. to heal trauma from lack of initiation and invalidation that men receive. Healthy initiation and validation becomes possible through connection with the Divine Father, integration of these parts of self, and karmic healing from other timelines/lifetimes.

Connecting With The Inner Protector

Guided Meditation

With Gabriel Heartman


In this video, SoulFullHeart facilitator Gabriel Heartman introduces the Inner Protector for men. In this video he describes how the Inner Protector is formed and how it keeps men from fully embodying and manifesting their deepest gifts, relationships, and higher timelines.


The Ascending Man: What Is 5D Masculinity And SoulFullHeart Man?

By Gabriel Heartman

We are learning so much about what we as human beings are capable of in regards to our potential and expression.  How we have so many gifts that lie dormant in our DNA and arising light bodies.  A power of creation that seems mythical in proportions to our current limited consciousness.  There is a general human frame that surrounds it and that is all true.  I have also been very interested in how this plays out in our gender expressions.  Do we just become less polarized this way and become more androgynous?  I certainly feel this when it comes to our Star Being brethren.  But does that mean we lose our humanness the way we know it now? I suppose, like all things in this unknown and

unknowable time, it all depends on where we come from and where we want to go.  

I feel we are being offered a Golden Age of Humanity.  One in which we live both in unity consciousness and individuality.  An individuation that is the Me within the We.  Being connected to Source and having an awareness of our integrated fractal expressions.  A higher vibratory dualistic experience.  So in that picture I see a New Woman and a New Man.  Or just remembering what it is we always were and even ARE currently.  I feel this Golden Earth that we are desiring to be a part of and co-create together, is lead by the return and rebalance of more feminine and yin energies.  This has been talked about for a long time and we see its need even more with the state of current affairs.  The more wounded masculine psychic overlay is seeing its consequence and demise.  Current disclosure revelations are showcasing the depths of this condition and awakenings are increasing.  

Men are scattered just as much as women among the dimensional consciousness spectrum but women are closer to the frequency of 5D, at least in my opinion and experience.  The awakening is happening mentally for most men and then as the vibration continues to raise on Gaia we are being invited to go more into our hearts, as that is what the core of 5D is. To live in the fullness of authentic BEingness.  There are no more 3D wound-based blocks that cap or prevent our access to our more crystalline nature.  So when we as men begin to heal the Heart what does that look and feel like?

Clearly we are honest with our emotions. We are vulnerable.  When a feeling arises we express it with clarity, certainty, and openness to perspective and counter emotion.  We are not afraid to get into the fray to burn away what is old and arise what is truly authentic.  We invite the shadow reflection as a gift to deeper understanding and healing.  There is a reverence for ourselves in the path of this integration.  

There is no longer self-doubt and self-judgment.  We see ourselves as true Kings and proport ourselves as such.

The 5D masculine has met, wooed, and integrated his inner feminine.  This creates a self-contained and balanced male BEing.  The love and acceptance of the inner feminine reflects the reverence of the outer.  The healing of the mom wound feels vitally important as it holds the energy of our relationship to the feminine and our subsequent sense of power and sexuality. There is the need for union with Woman as an alchemical and powerful dynamic of intensely epic proportions.  This mating and integration of this inner feminine aspect brings us a more heart-open, softer, and less linear way of expression.  There is less DOing and more BEing.  Being with what arises in our desire and creative abundance.  We clearly respect Gaia in all Her splendor and weep at the sight of Her stunning beauty.  We are more connected to Her creatures and the guides and totems that they represent.  Meat eating becomes a thing of the past that no longer has a place on our plate…our diet just changes with the integration of this new consciousness.

One of the biggest pieces to me is the shift from competition to cooperation as we become more aware of our connection to All That Is.  We are One of the same so competing serves less purpose.  I can feel a healthy form of competition possibly but my jury is still out on that one. As men begin to heal their father wounds the more we begin to open our hearts to each other in beautiful male bonding that is alive with wonder, exploration, and leadership.  A cauldron of possibilities are shared and MANifested.  

No longer will men feel responsible to achieve, but rather responsive to the call of building galactic bridges and to co-creating with their feminine counterparts in sacred union.  The weight of the world and the need to control and provide are felt through and healed with love so that we can access our more authentic power that is in alignment with Source and Reverence.  The chains of our own captivity are melted away with the tears of remembering what we have always been and why we chose the density of 3D.  

This healing will open up our Galactic chakras and become more in tune with the energies of the universe.  Many men are being awoken today only to be left with the question of what it all means and what to do with it.  The grounding into Gaia and the heart feels like it will help with this feeling of uncertainty.  This connection between our humanity and our universality is what creates a powerful new conscious cosmic experience.  The heart opens up and grounds in.  The service to others becomes 5D man´s new frontier.  

I feel such a plethora of possibilities.  Our expanded heart consciousness will open new doors of  relationality among ourselves and our galactic connections.  The relationship to Gaia will be in alignment with Her consciousness and Love.  Living and breathing with and alongside her.  Setting off into unknown realms to encounter new and exciting territory with the desire to learn and spread more love.  Implementing and encountering new technologies and wisdoms.  It is a great time to be alive.  

But there is work to do on ourselves.  Some more or less than others, but needed healing just the same. We are all in this together.  All looking for those who are resonant and can provide support, reflection, and love.  The old male collective is feeling the press of this continued flow of energy that is coming at us in Love each moment.  Following Yin is to respond to the pings that are going off inside and to meet them with a gentle curiosity that brings them out into the light.  No need to excavate or drill in the old way.  Feeling each of our desires and fears are what leads us the next choice point of healing and ascending above the what used to keep us down.  I look forward to this New 5D Man within me and within you to see what amazing experiences we can have together and with our counterpart 5D Woman.   Now THERE is something to show up for!  

In SoulFullHeart, you would be guided with your spaceholder to feel parts of you that hold energetic knots that are tied to experiences both this life and other lives within your MetaSoul brotherhood.  We would feel inner child, teenager, patriarch, or any other shadow aspects that are capping and holding your true power and soul expression.   We would feel the relationship to the Feminine via mother and father templating and enter into a relationship with your own inner feminine.  Spaceholding is a sacred place for parts to be felt in all the ways that they have never felt safe enough to express.  This is a tender ground as it is not our conditioning for a man to open himself vulnerably to another man.  As healing takes place a more intimate relationship can form with yourself.    You will be supported in connecting to your more angelic and galactic selves to help integrate their gifts and share your male human heart with them.  It is an epic masculine quest full of questions and curiosity.  


For Men - With Raphael Awen or Gabriel Heartman


Individual sessions with Raphael or Gabriel for men - over zoom or in person in the Victoria BC area - offer a sacred space for feeling and connecting that is dedicated to you. They will connect to your higher self, bridge to your guides and multidimensional aspects, help you locate yourself on your ascension path, and facilitate healing of your 3D emotional pain body through connection with parts of yourself. Sessions are by donation with a minimum prepaid donation of $55 USD/$77 CAD for a 90 minute session space.


By Raphael Awen or Gabriel Heartman

"You Are Your Own Savior And Saboteur Both"

by Raphael Awen

In this first video of the series, Raphael offers an invitation to join him and his intentions with his vlog series Golden Earth Now! 

"For The Sake Of Love"

by Gabriel Heartman

In this video, Gabriel invites you to feel into being open to transformation and navigating changes. He offers that you can risk everything for the sake of love or nothing for the sake of everything else.