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Thank you for your interest in purchasing our SoulFullHeart service of love offerings! You can purchase all of our offerings through this shop using a debit or credit card via Stripe. You can also purchase all of our offerings or offer a general donation through paypal here. If you use paypal, please provide a note to us about what you are purchasing and make sure that your email is current.

All prices are in Canadian CAD as that is the currency of our bank. This is a currency convertor from CAD (Canadian dollars) to see the amount in your currency.

1:1 Sessions

If you'd like to purchase a 1:1 session(s) with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator (Jelelle Awen for women over 35, Raphael Awen or Gabriel Amara for women/men; or with Kasha Rokshana with women for $130 CAD (about $100 USD and £77 GBP equivalent (see currency convertor above), use the shop buttons below to purchase. If you would like more information about which Facilitator to meet with and information about the process, purchase a free intro call or contact us at or via this website. The Facilitator will be contact with you via email to set up the session time/date, give you questions to answer and a meditation to do prior to the session.  

Couples Sessions

Group Meditation Calls W/Raphael & Jelelle Awen

If you'd like to purchase the recording of a group meditation call or the Zoom link to attend a future transmission, click on the descriptions below or offer a donation via paypal here. You can offer a donation of $10 CAD or $15 CAD or multiples (2 for $20 or $30, 3 for $30 or $45, etc.) or a combination of both.


If you'd like to purchase the recording of a previous group call, please click on the description below to offer $10 or $15 CAD for the recording or  via paypal here. Please include a note about what you are purchasing

You will receive a link to a document with the Zoom link to attend the call or link to the recording on the "Thank You" page after purchasing the transmission and we will email you the Zoom Link and recording so please make sure your email is current. There is more information about previous and future group transmissions here.