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Thank you for your interest in purchasing our SoulFullHeart service of love offerings! You can purchase all of our offerings through this shop using a debit or credit card via Stripe. You can also purchase all of our offerings or offer a general donation through paypal here. If you use paypal, please provide a note to us about what you are purchasing and make sure that your email is current.

All prices are in Canadian CAD as that is the currency of our bank. This is a currency convertor from CAD (Canadian dollars) to see the amount in your currency.

1:1 Sessions

We offer a free intro call with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for 30-45 minutes over Zoom. During the intro call, you will receive more information about which Facilitator to meet with, information about the process, clarity about if it is a fit for you at this time, etc. You can click the shop button below to purchase a free intro call or contact us at or via this website.

If you'd like to purchase a 1:1 session(s) with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator after having an intro call (which we recommend first), please click the 1:1 session product below for $100 CAD (about $77 USD/70 euros equivalent (see currency convertor above). The Facilitator will be contact with you via email to set up the session time/date, give you questions to answer and a meditation to do prior to the session if it is your first one.  You can also offer payment via paypal at and we also have a Wise account as well. We are also open to negotiation around what you can afford to pay for a session, especially if you are planning to do ongoing sessions...we can talk about this in the intro call together.