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Serving love with the Divine and your Divine Self...collaborating, supporting, expanding as we come into reunion in these different ways through sessions, group calls/in person events and writings



I am so glad I got over my resistance and jumped into sessions!

”I'm so glad I felt the Soul nudge, got over my resistance and jumped into sessions with you, Jelelle! You have such a warm, amazing, non- judgemental, Loving Presence and Awareness from which you collaborate this healing space! I also love how I don't feel like a "client". It's a much bigger and more loving fluid space than that. And I wasn't expecting that! But it's a True Treasure.

I'm really feeling blessed by the collaborative nature of it! Your creation of it that way Invites my own emPowerment. And I don't feel smaller, diminished, invalidated or even shamed, like I have felt with other types of work/facilitators.

You carry forth such a deep wellspring of Loving Curiosity & Compassion! That feels like such an excellent model for what I can offer my own parts of Self.”

- Jennifer 

Always Nourishing To The All Of Me

"You are all so incredibly gifted in transmitting the feelings and frequencies of your now moments/now experiences interwoven with the somewhere/somewhen of other timelines, all amplified by the whole of your hearts. Your shares are palpable, enveloping and - for me - bring a rush of feelings and soul imprints I had long forgotten. Always timely, always nourishing to the all of me. I am grateful for and to you. Thank you for helping me remember to remember.

​For anyone who has yet to experience a life-affirming and life-changing session with any one of the amazing BEings at SouFullHeart Experience, I with my whole heart encourage you to reach out and experience for yourself. "

- Nikki Pyle

I felt very joyful and light

 "My energy went up after the session with you, Jelelle. I felt very joyful and light. I also notice a greater desire to connect in general and a greater freedom and desire to play. I started guitar lessons this week and my soul felt in harmony. I also met with a friend who is has a playful nature. We made plans to watch movies together. I am noticing a great increase in compassion towards children also."

- Jessica Eleutheria

Perfect For Where I Am Right Now

"Sessions with Raphael are perfect for where I am right now. He makes me feel safe enough in session space that it's easy for me to open up. My parts feel held by Raphael so I can share vulnerable and tender processes. In the past, I've felt hesitant to open up to other people but with Raphael it's really comfortable and breezy to be heard. Once I developed a relationship with him, we were able to open new depths and layers and now I look forward to every session. He has been a huge part of my spiritual growth process and I would hands down recommend him to anyone who is interested in healing." Jasper

- Jasper

Meeting my Soul Aspects Lead Me to Deeper Wholeness and Freedom

"I don't recall how we first met, but I'm sure it was by divine coincidence/blessing. I knew that Jelelle spoke a healing language that my soul was drawn to, but my mind hadn't yet caught up to. I was on the cusp of an immense spiritual ascension and needed a loving, feminine, empowered teacher who could light the way. More importantly, I needed a guide who had done the work on themselves, who had walked her talk, and in came Jelelle!


Through a year-long process, with space in between to digest, Jelelle helped me bridge the various aspects of my Soul with my human self. This helped me anchor and make peace with my limitations here on Earth. Jelelle's intuition was always spot on and she served as an amplifier. On my own, I could hear messages from my soul, but during our sessions together, those messages were made even more clear, more loud, and more embodied.


I feel like a paradigm shift has occurred. I feel like I'm no longer driving fixated on the rear view mirror of my past, but now able to drive freely with love at my side, within myself, and on every open road ahead of me. Every session was an extraordinary journey to another realm of my psyche, soul or heart. I learned so much, grew so much and am grateful beyond words for her courage and guidance.


May you always be blessed, Jelelle, I thank you from the depths of my being!"


- Ellany Lea

I am feeling much better

"Thank you for everything during our session, Jelelle! I am feeling MUCH better and can eat again and have already put 4 pounds back on and not feeling nausea. I am so thankful for you!!! You helped me a lot and I hope my testimony will encourage others to go to you for help. Your kindness has helped me and given me hope. You are such a blessing to our Universe and I am eternally grateful for you!" 

- Beth Buckley

This Is True Service!

"As a former client of SoulFullHeart session space- this is true service! I was humbled by this work over several years. I finally answered my own heart's calling deciding to make a commitment and finish my counselling degree. My first internship this past month was with a client who was and is healing from a group they were involved with for several years.

My empathic heart simply broke for them and I continue to reflect on my core identity as that of a seeker. Many moments of desperation seeking to understand my truths through the eyes of others in my most raw self. My mind and heart went immediately to the SoulFull Heart community I was fortunate to find many years ago, even spending time with them in person when we all lived in the pacific northwest.

I so admire the continued conversations about false matrix and false healers by you all and I feel how even more relevant this is now. In our deepest pain we do not become complacent and trusting to and of others and living out additional trauma- a cautionary tale, I believe, that we heed our most precious resource - our hearts and souls- messy and broken as they may be, to trusted healers.

With that, I love seeing the resurgence of session space holding, and, as always, I am happy to give testimony to this community - about my many and frequent sessions in the past."

- Marci Faith

Great To Start Understanding

"It was great to start understanding what’s going on! It’s hard to heal and sort out something if you don’t know what’s happening. To be honest, I have been dragging this energy along with me, not knowing what to do! Thank you!"

- Teresa

Benefit To My Inner Healing Work

"Jelelle's work has added so much benefit to my inner healing work and has helped me integrate in new ways, along with more easily identifying my Divine Self to support the other parts of myself. I highly recommend her book Free To Be 5D and sessions."

- Jen Scalia

Sessions Have Been So Empowering, Deep and Heart Opening

"These last six years of sessions (off and on) with Kasha and then Jelelle have been so empowering, deep and heart opening. So many walls have melted, deep pain has been felt and transmuted, parts have upgraded when they’re ready and my outside world has transmuted because of it.

I’ve grown from a shy, caretaking and self conscious girl to a confident, compassionate and open woman with a desire to serve all that I’ve learned. There’s nothing quite like getting as real as you can in a safe container with a space holder and the divine."

- Raianna Shai

Brings It All To The Next Level

"Our session has been helping me a lot to ground and to see in a more soul expanded perspective, Jelelle. I have been listening to your audio book of Free To Be 5D too. And it’s been life-changing.

It also helps me to sleep and I continue intake it and enjoy it while sleeping subconsciously as well. It’s like food to my soul. I'm processing it within myself step by step and the audio book (due to your voice, the frequency that you carry) keeps opening new portals of healings, new horizons, elevating the glass ceiling and attracting new timelines with soul-aligned people. I am extending gratitude for the beautiful radiating service you offer." 

- Aneesa Emmambokus

Birthing Into A New Way Of Being

Beautiful book, Free To Be 5D, and sessions, Jelelle. Your gentle yet powerful guiding is supporting my birth into a new way of being and reality. Thank you!

- Tamsine

Something Deep Has Shifted

"Following some months of sessions I can honestly say that some deep pain and soul trauma has been released.  For many years I have suffered with the thoughts of not wanting to stay on this planet.  Deep in the night I would battle with thoughts of what is the point of my being here and feeling like a failure on many levels particularly around relationships.  I have kept this a secret for most of my life but through sharing with Jelelle in a session she was able to help me move through this by connecting me with my parts.  I have felt  that something deep has shifted for me with my inner protector/soul guardian.  The deep pain and dark dialogue at night seems to have stopped.


What also contributed to this was deep connection with the help of Jelelle to one of my metasoul aspects, ‘Aryehsia’.  This has been helping me to integrate her with my 3D self  ‘Maria’.  I was able to help Aryehsia come to a peaceful place by changing her timeline.  She is a priestess and healer who was in a Temple community that was under the threat of destruction from patriarchy.  Her sacred way of life was being threatened and she felt that her life was in danger. 


‘I have sent Aryehsia to a beautiful cottage in the country side with another sister called Marisha and the horses and other animals to safety. By dawn they fled together.  Telling the other sisters of the temple that they could follow if they wished to but now the time to flee to safety.  Sun light was rising.  Gone to a beautiful land now with mountains, forests, lakes and rivers. Orchards and stables and a sweet cottage.  They lit a fire.  To live off the land and be self sufficient.  Free of fear.  Protective white light placed around their sacred land so they cannot be touched by troubles.  They are safe to be seen.  No more secrecy.  She is safe with her horse Persia.  In love and safety forever, being the good, sweet souls that they are in peace.  In peace always.  I can visit again anytime.  Love them so much sweet souls of mine’. 


I have felt much more peace following the sessions.  I have tried many spiritual teachings over many years but I can honestly say for me this has been the most powerful at my stage of ascension.  Jelelle is a sweet, wise and caring spiritual teacher with such a capacity for love.  I can’t thank the Soulfullheart Community enough for their support on my awakening journey which is forever in progress."

- Maria D.

Overwhelming Sense Of Relief

"Today, (after our session) I have felt an overwhelming sense of relief, Jelelle. And some of that spark of joy. I’m amazed & delighted at the speed and transformative power of the heart to heart connection."

- Louisa

No Words To Capture

"I'll be processing this magical experience for a while of this Equinox Gathering. There are no words to capture how much it meant to spend time in-person with such a beautiful community of souls. The parts work, the healing that honored and integrated my inner protector (a first), the trip to breathtaking Salt Spring Island, walks to the park and beach to enjoy the sunset....What's not to love? I'm already looking forward to future visits and work together. Unforgettable. With love and appreciation for your warmth, wisdom, and generosity. All my love.


"I am honored to have benefited from many 1:1 sessions with Jelelle. Each has been transformative. She has helped me to release old pain and blockages (from this, and other lifetimes), and feel much more clear, aligned, and present. I look forward to more sessions in the future, and am much-indebted to have benefited from her clear, gentle, and adept guidance, and her intuitive healing abilities. She is a master healer and guide with very special gifts, and a loving, beautiful and wise old soul. With great appreciation!" 

- Amy P.

Helped Me Navigate My Way To Deeper Wholeness

"I wish to share my deepest gratitude to Jelelle Awen and the SoulFullHeart process ... another amazing gifted guide and healer... such fascinating insights! Helped me navigate my way to deeper wholeness through discovering and understanding different parts of myself. She has a 33 day series on YouTube I highly recommend too!" 

- Holly

Brought Aspects Home To My Heart

"I so much respect your skills and mastery, Jelelle. I love that through our sessions I've brought all current aspects home to my beautiful Heart!" 

- Carol W.

Experienced Some Major Breakthroughs

"I experienced some major breakthroughs in my sacred space session with Jelelle. I feel like I have been circling around something vague and nebulous for years now that was just on the peripheral of my awareness. Something important that needed attention and resolution but my conscious self was not bringing my awareness there. By finally coming to a better understanding of my Protector’s role, I can see how I have essentially buried emotions and experiences that need to surface for my sacred healing.

Jelelle is lovingly helping me to work with my Protector, addressing the femininity of my inner child, and working through issues in my 3D emotional pain body. Connecting to my higher self and working with guides is allowing me to address matters that will allow me to heal, grow, and move forward. Jelelle has been great with offering me personalized processes to allow me to access my answers through special 'assignments' unique to me. She has also provided helpful and relevant links to SoulFullHeart information, articles and recordings. I am excited to be on this path and for what the future holds."

- Sonya Julie

I Have Come Out Of Some Darkness...

"I have felt like a different person today after our session. Like I have come out of some darkness. Woweeee, what a relief. I hope I continue to feel better…. You are amazing, Jelelle, and I am beyond grateful. Thank you for your wisdom and love. So grateful for all you are doing to help me. I really can feel a huge shift since our first meeting and I can almost sense a happier timeline wanting to come in. ”

- Selena

Book Reviews

Free To Be 5D book (left-facing).png

Free To Be 5D by Jelelle Awen

"I’m almost at the end of the audio book and I love it. Thank you for you for all your effort and time you put into it including your soul. I can’t wait to listen to it again!" - Stanislava


"I am finally sinking into your beautiful Free to Be 5D text, Jelelle, and I am so grateful you exist on this planet with me at this time. All of your truths and explanations are ringing true like a beautifully crafted crystalline bell! Your words echo the murmurs of my soul, and it feels so refreshing to see them in full sentence print! I am grateful for you."  - Jill

"Reading your current book Free To Be 5D, Jelelle, after coming out of everything I've been through for a year and now being with this unfolding new relationship with my parts and the inner community slowly but surely getting together, I found myself in SO much what you talk about in your book. It gave me the explanation what I had been through, what I navigated and why. It gave me a sense of knowing and locating myself. It also gives a glimpse of what's to come 'next'. And the overall context and bigger picture your book provides in everything it speaks to and about is all just priceless. It has given me a ton of assurance, reflection and support." - Bianca, SoulFullHeart Facilitant 

"Excellent book and has been very helpful for me." Linda Ann - Amazon reviewer

"This book was amazing and so full of information. If you are looking for information on ascending to 5D this book is for you. There are a lot of crazy things happening in the world today, this book brings clarity and new insight." Mindy - Amazon reviewer

"The book is amazing. Five stars! I love the book!" - Laura, Amazon Review

"Bought the hardback a month ago - crying reading on from page 203!" - Jen, FB comment 


"Thank you for this gift. Reading the words brings all that I have ever known and visualized into this conscious awareness." - Michelle, FB comment 


"I have recently pulled my copy of your delicious book from my shelf to read over the holidays, thank you so much for this gift to us all!" - Diana, FB comment

IMG_1426 (1).PNG

Bliss Mess by Jelelle Awen

"I have really enjoyed Jelelle's new book, Bliss Mess. I am so grateful for the gift! I have been exploring and learning so much throughout the process of reading it. I especially love reflecting back on the year through her observations. Her 

openness allows me to explore my heart on a greater level. I am about 53% complete, I've made it to past the Eclipse and into September. Thank you for this beautiful reflection!!! And thank you to you, Jelelle, and your family!!!"     - Dana


"Hello Jelelle, I found your book at a hostel in Bali, Indonesia few days ago. I was attracted by the first few pages and then I asked the host if I can get the book. Then I pay her money as contribution. So now I travel with your book. And I can't wait to finish reading this book. I love it. It's like bringing me to another world. I love the lines and the connections you shared. Thanks for sharing. I try to find my time to read read about this kind of book. I'm so interested to know more about our source. I wish to have more books like this. Thank you!"     - Evelyn

Sacred Human, Arising Wonder  by Jelelle Awen


Keep Waking Up! by Jelelle Awen

"This book provides a beautiful example of how we can heal ourselves, each other, and our earth. Through holding space and exploring soul remembrances, Jelelle demonstrates how we can negotiate with love, not fear, with parts work to accomplish great healing and transformation. Through her experiences and journeys in other dimensions, I learned so much about this process that offers a way to investigate what we hold inside of ourselves. I have been familiar with reincarnation, angels, guides, dark night of the soul, dream work, visions, healing, mind/body/spirit work, shamanism and alternative world views for many decades but this beautiful book really brought these elements (and more) into something so much larger – to show me the bigger picture and what I am capable of to align my life to the light of Love. I have started to incorporate this process into my life and already I can feel a positive and healing shift in my energy. The book is well written and I honestly had a hard time putting it down.

I am thankful to Jelelle for opening her heart and soul to share this incredible journey."     - Sonya J, via

"I read your Keeping Waking Up! book in a couple of days.  I really could not "put it down"! Thankfully time was with me, and I could immerse. It brought up a lot of primal life questions.  It altered me, and I was actually not very reachable by others during that two days, I really was in the container of the book and still feel to be in the container.  A different lens!"     - Julie F

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