So Much Magic and Synchronicity Fill My Days

"It is with a full heart that I end my day and contemplate how my life has changed since I was guided to the SoulFullHeart experience. I can't find the words to express the gratitude I feel to Jelelle, Raphael, Kalayna, Gabriel and everyone here. So much magic and synchronicity fill my days and I have come to make sense of who I really am and my path in life.. there has always been a duality and separation I had longed to bring together. My physical work with my reptile family and my spiritual connection to my star family had felt so opposed and led me to work with one or the other for many years. But no longer! The two have become one. And a journey with Raphael during session this evening has left me speechless.. So profound.. my inner Protector opened up in a way I could never have imagined with his love, presence, support and expertise."

- Ian, UK

Now Feeling Pretty Light And Optimistic

"Thank you so much for that session today, Jelelle. That was magical and shifted something for me. I had a really deep rest after and now feeling pretty light and optimistic. Thank you so much for your masterful dedication to this work and helping people move out of stuck patterns. It’s a Big contribution and I so see you sister."

- Lea, USA

I Then Know I'm Not Alone Going Through This Process

"This is a general contribution of $25 to you for providing information and service like you do. When I need reassurance or to figure something out, I go to your FB page. It then makes sense with what is going on in my world and with my body.

I then know I'm not alone going through this process.  It helps me to understand that I'm not crazy either. Much love, appreciation and many blessings!"

- Debbie, USA

Each Session Brings You Back Into The Fullness Of You

"Jelelle is simply amazing with her ability to restore one's sense of being loved, connected and whole. Sessions with her are powerful and empowering, each one bringing you back into the fullness and Truth of You. I am very grateful to have her as a mentor and couldn't recommend her more to anyone searching for healing. Thank you Jelelle for just being you!"

- Shanna, USA

I Don't Feel Depressed Any Longer

“I've been having 1:1 sessions with Jelelle for almost a year now. When I started I was struggling badly with severe depression and intermittent suicidal feelings. I've been working with and through my issues in therapy for 20 odd years, and whilst I have tried a wide range of healing modalities, often my emotions were 'too much' for the facilitators I worked with. This reinforced the feelings I had experienced with my birth family, and others, of being too sensitive, too emotional and too difficult to deal with.


The difference I have experienced in working with Jelelle, has been her openness, willingness and deep dedication to her own process.She has herself moved through deep dark shadow spaces and traumas, without judgement, and with ever deepening love for her inner parts and Metasoul. SoulFullHeart itself has been an organic evolution from her own process. Through this opening and deepening in love, she has transmuted and transformed her own life and experience, and offers that through the SoulFullHeart Process.


From this space, she has met me. With no judgment. Just deep soul understanding and an open and loving heart. And by doing that, through little steps, she is helping me to learn to meet myself, in all my aspects, from my inner parts to my Metasoul. 


I don't feel depressed any longer. I understand that a big part of my soul's gift is learning to be with my own darkness and shadow, finding deep love and appreciation for it, as I then transmute the traumas that led to it, both in my inner landscape, and in my Metasoul. In this way, I have learned to appreciate the gift of my depression as a portal to my soul's wisdom."

- Zureida, South Africa

Magical and Immensely Uplifting

"Raphael certainly does offer powerful spaceholding sessions in which I have been able to meet various elements of myself and work with their incarnations - providing me with such blessings of invaluable insight and direction. My sessions with Raphael had an immediate profound impact on my life and my relationships. I am so grateful for him and all of you serving love at Soulfullheart!


And it's always so magical and immensely uplifting how much love can be generated by a few people willing to witness and share with others from their authentic heart-space. And, speaking of space, thank you so much Jelelle and Raphael for holding the space so beautifully for all of us during this group call. I'm left feeling so grateful for all of you who were on the call and wish all of you blessings through the portal experience."

- Dave, Canada

No One On The Planet I Trust More As A Healer

"After 8 years of knowing/working with Jelelle, there's so much I could say to second everything she shares about sessions. Even during my phases of separating from having space held and from connection to anyone in the community, I kept coming back to Jelelle as a template for the purity of service that everyone has the potential to live into... The gentleness she holds is real and her process of getting there has been real too. There's no one on this planet that I trust more as a healer, space holder, and woman and I'll bet you can feel so many reasons why even if you just take in her videos and writings, but especially if you go and see her for at least one session."

- Kalayna Solais, Canada

Couldn't Recommend the SoulFullHeart Process Enough

"I'm so beyond grateful to have found you and beginning to learn (remember) the tools to do this. It’s amazing how much healing what’s inside, changes what’s outside. This is by far the most effective healing modality/method I’ve ever encountered - especially because you teach the skills to heal ourselves rather than profiting off of being the one that heals others. My entire metasoul is so grateful for you. For those looking to meaningfully deepen their personal healing journeys and self understandings along with infinite love and galactic consciousness; I couldn’t recommend the SoulFullHeart process enough. It resonates so deeply with my soul, far beyond what traditional psychotherapy ever has. Reiki on love steroids, a sort of human support group for galactic integration; I can’t imagine where or who I would be if I didn’t find Jelelle and crew over a year ago.  " 

 Saralyn, USA

Opened Up Significant Portals Of Growth

"Jelelle is a powerful healer and facilitator, having one of the most gentle yet powerful Love Energies I have been blessed to experience. Raphael Awen adds incredible depth, an ongoing commitment of a balanced sacred masculine and divine feminine presence and measurable discernment of the uniqueness of perspective when men "play" in the Healing of all our energies. Having had the privilege to spend 5 full days in their home, sharing in community with other wonderful souls from across North America, I was humbled by the synergy offered to all of us, by osmosis, by just being in their presence. They truly live in a SoulFullHeart-centered way, which is modeled by opening our hearts to anything and everything that shows up in every moment. Any discomfort or awkwardness, no matter how small, is given "space", "air", to come alive and be seen.

Imagine being wholeheartedly welcomed into that, as a way of life! The “magic” of what they offer goes well beyond a seemingly one-sided healing session but it is a co-creation of space and of journeying into our feelings that unlocks incredible amounts of energy. During the 90 minute session (and you will get a recording of it afterwards) Jelelle and the other Facilitators, engage not only their many years of experience in “Parts Work” supporting others AND their own ongoing Part's Work process, but also their highly attuned intuition and sensing of energies to guide us deeply within, lighting the path for us to connect with parts of us that hold so many insights on how to live our best lives. Parts that may be the ones holding on to old patterns, or bringing up anger from time to time to parts that bring us incredible joy or sadness (and so much more).

Through committing deeply to Parts Work myself, I have been able to heal SO MUCH pain, shame and guilt I did not even know were there. I also connected with joyous parts of me, I have removed blockages and "armors" and have actually experienced some of my Parts, evolve and morph into their next version of themselves/myself. The session is a bit like having energy healing while talking through the process, noticing and sharing where in the body we feel what we feel in the moment and allowing the facilitator to light the way through and out of any portal.

While I continue to have sessions with them, I am also able to use what I learned about Parts Work and in between sessions do my own journey inward to connect, open up and bring up to surface more insights and energies to be healed THROUGH LOVE.

In attempting to give you a glimpse of my own process - when I connect with whatever part of me that may be feeling shame, instead of having an internal dialogue explaining why there should or should not be any shame, I learned to hear what that part has to say, understand AND FEEL WHY THE SHAME IS SO - By Allowing SHAME to show up and Be felt and loved I discovered so many key layers of energies to be healed. We are so many parts and we respond to life from our different parts as they get triggered or subconsciously called forth.

Healing Anger, Shame, Fear can them happen in different ways and the process goes a bit like this: First by allowing them to BE, second by feeling them, realizing they have served us well and lastly by loving and honoring them so they can be transmuted and/or released. It is a powerful process of self love. IMHO the sure path to ABUNDANCE.

In addition, if you are being called to explore your different Lifetimes and Timelines, there are parts within you that can open the gateway as well. I resonate so much with the Parts Work brought to us by SoulFullHeart that I would jump at the opportunity to learn to become a facilitator with/through them. That is how much I value what I have learned and continue to learn (and process) with them.

Please feel free to reach out directly to me if you want to ask any further questions about my own experience with this game changing process.

I am deeply grateful for their loving guidance and support!

- Isabela, Canada

So Worth It In The End, Every Time

" I'm so grateful to have found you all, you are providing the bigger picture for me all the time and have been my lifeline many times. Thank you! I can feel so much limitation being dissolved and so much more space and possibilities available. I wouldn't be able to experience this now without the SoulFullHeart way of life and all the new templating you guys are living, embodying more and more and offering to us!


Through support and spaceholding during sessions, I am able to uncover, recover, grow and empower my essence so much with this process/paradigm/lifestyle. It IS work and becomes a regular/daily practice as the process lives in and with you and it definitely gets challenging at times. This work has a dismantling nature to it as it deconstructs everything that's not love. And then you get to land in and embody more Love, more YOU. It is an unnerving ride at times for parts, but in the end they are all grateful to exit a suffering loop, a toxic and energy-consuming dynamic or take off the blinders to to let in more Love and transform, transmute, and remember their own essence as Infinite Love. In short, it's very challenging at times but so worth it in the end, every time."  - 

- Bianca, Germany

Beautiful To Work With

"It was a very powerful session indeed! I was quite hyper before we started going inwards. A lot had been building up over eons. I have already recommended you to several other women. You are so beautiful to work with Jelelle, so skilled, wise, calm and quite a mother Mary energy I felt. Amazing results already in body and energy shifting. And fast service. I couldn't be more happy than I AM now. Thank you for all you are!" Birgitte, Norway 

- Birgitte, Norway

Thank You For Guiding Me To My Healing

"Thank you SO very much, Jelelle, for BEing who you are and DOing what you do for the collective.  No words....just really open heart and digestion going on in my now moments. Every day is more amazing than the next.  Thank you from my whole being for guiding me to my healing.  (LOL...THAT RHYMED!) You are amazing!"

- Nikki, USA

A Place And Space To Cull From The Depths Of Your Being

"Parts work is all about self mastery. I've been doing this work for going on a year. The work aligns beautifully with those of us who are called to answer their own longings....with the most compassionate mirror held to reflect back what they already know. There are no 'quick' fixes here, yet a place and space to cull from the depths of your 'be'ing all those places, people and galaxies we need to 're'visit. Grateful to be on the journey!


A treasure trove of magick, coding, and deep self love to be garnered here in Jelelle's Deepen Video Series. Give yourself the gift of listening- the gift that keeps on giving. Call in sick to work, give yourself some me time, whatever it takes! Do this series. Then follow up sessions to anchor in. Happy to give personal testimonials anytime!"

- Marci, USA

A Deep Bridging

"My recent session with Jelelle Awen, (and all the work being brought forth in SoulFullHeart) is such a deep bridging to all my parts and my 5D self; inviting me to open further to love and service in ever more expansive ways. Thank you Jelelle Awen for bringing forward a path of light and love and transformation, and for so beautifully embodying that!" 

Monica , USA

Gentle But Powerful Guide

"I fully recommend Raphael and SoulFullHeart. Raphael is such a gentle but powerful guide that really opens up a vast space to explore different parts. So far in our sessions we have met the inner protector,  teenager and the higher self. The beginning of the collaborative process has begun with these parts. It feels that suppression has moved to a compassionate understanding. Moving into deeper relationships has already helped my relationship with my partner and others. Raphael has been such an invaluable heart centred part."

- James, UK

I Am A Different Person

"I am a different person because of SoulFullHeart sessions. I've had a transformation from a person that felt and made decisions from a little scared girl's perspective to a much more confident, stable, secure, strong woman. It is comfortable for me now. The bonus is I actually really like ....love who I am. Much peace resides in me now. I handle relationships and difficult work mates with much more poise & ease."

- Sue, Australia

Something Deep Has Shifted

"Following some months of sessions I can honestly say that some deep pain and soul trauma has been released.  For many years I have suffered with the thoughts of not wanting to stay on this planet.  Deep in the night I would battle with thoughts of what is the point of my being here and feeling like a failure on many levels particularly around relationships.  I have kept this a secret for most of my life but through sharing with Jelelle in a session she was able to help me move through this by connecting me with my parts.  I have felt  that something deep has shifted for me with my inner protector/soul guardian.  The deep pain and dark dialogue at night seems to have stopped.


What also contributed to this was deep connection with the help of Jelelle to one of my metasoul aspects, ‘Aryehsia’.  This has been helping me to integrate her with my 3D self  ‘Maria’.  I was able to help Aryehsia come to a peaceful place by changing her timeline.  She is a priestess and healer who was in a Temple community that was under the threat of destruction from patriarchy.  Her sacred way of life was being threatened and she felt that her life was in danger. 


‘I have sent Aryehsia to a beautiful cottage in the country side with another sister called Marisha and the horses and other animals to safety. By dawn they fled together.  Telling the other sisters of the temple that they could follow if they wished to but now the time to flee to safety.  Sun light was rising.  Gone to a beautiful land now with mountains, forests, lakes and rivers. Orchards and stables and a sweet cottage.  They lit a fire.  To live off the land and be self sufficient.  Free of fear.  Protective white light placed around their sacred land so they cannot be touched by troubles.  They are safe to be seen.  No more secrecy.  She is safe with her horse Persia.  In love and safety forever, being the good, sweet souls that they are in peace.  In peace always.  I can visit again anytime.  Love them so much sweet souls of mine’. 


I have felt much more peace following the sessions.  I have tried many spiritual teachings over many years but I can honestly say for me this has been the most powerful at my stage of ascension.  Jelelle is a sweet, wise and caring spiritual teacher with such a capacity for love.  I can’t thank the Soulfullheart Community enough for their support on my awakening journey which is forever in progress."

- Maria, U.K.

Absolutely Crucial Session And Journey

"A deep bow of gratitude for the generosity, solid presence and intuitive clarity with which you guided and supported me during this first session, Jelelle. I feel that it was an absolutely crucial session and journey. It has brought much more comprehension around the different aspects within me that are in need of more listening and care at this time. It is remarkable to me just how fast some things began to process and integrate. It is very impressive to me how much is coming to light just through a first session."

- Noemie, France

No Words To Capture

"I'll be processing this magical experience for a while of this Equinox Gathering. There are no words to capture how much it meant to spend time in-person with such a beautiful community of souls. The parts work, the healing that honored and integrated my inner protector (a first), the trip to breathtaking Salt Spring Island, walks to the park and beach to enjoy the sunset....What's not to love? I'm already looking forward to future visits and work together. Unforgettable. With love and appreciation for your warmth, wisdom, and generosity. All my love.


"I am honored to have benefited from many 1:1 sessions with Jelelle. Each has been transformative. She has helped me to release old pain and blockages (from this, and other lifetimes), and feel much more clear, aligned, and present. I look forward to more sessions in the future, and am much-indebted to have benefited from her clear, gentle, and adept guidance, and her intuitive healing abilities. She is a master healer and guide with very special gifts, and a loving, beautiful and wise old soul. With great appreciation!" -

- Amy, USA

Like Nothing I Have Felt Before

"I am blown away by the depth and richness of this process, how it guides me into deeper intimacy first and foremost with myself and my parts. Working with parts is so supportive to feeling the different energies and aspects of ourselves. I am finding a whole new meaning to what it means to 'Love Yourself' as I nurture the relationships between these aspects of myself. I feel a huge liberation from the outdated beliefs that we need to look outside of ourselves for anything, all the answers we need really are within.

It does help and is serving me to have a guide who empowers and bridges these relationships though. Jelelle shows me how to offer compassion towards myself and to trust my own inner knowing always! The community that is SoulFullHeart is like nothing I have felt before, the level of honesty, the clear energetics meaning we can transact more love with one another and that when reactions arise as they do, it feels safe to go IN with the other and feel what is there to heal. This is a deep longing in my heart, not just conscious romantic relationships but all relationships held in consciousness. So, I am so grateful to be part of this exciting journey and way of life." 

- Deva Yasmin, U.K.

Helped Me Navigate My Way To Deeper Wholeness

"I wish to share my deepest gratitude to Jelelle Awen and the SoulFullHeart process ... another amazing gifted guide and healer... such fascinating insights! Helped me navigate my way to deeper wholeness through discovering and understanding different parts of myself. She has a 33 day series on YouTube I highly recommend too!" 

- Holly, U.K.

A Beautiful, Cleansing, Deep Experience

"Thank you so much for the loving connection today during the bridging session, Jelelle Awen. It has been a blessing connecting with you and the guidance to connecting with my inner protector and inner child. What a beautiful, cleansing, deep experience towards inner strength and courage to move forward! 

- Ina, Canada

Experienced Some Major Breakthroughs

"I experienced some major breakthroughs in my sacred space session with Jelelle. I feel like I have been circling around something vague and nebulous for years now that was just on the peripheral of my awareness. Something important that needed attention and resolution but my conscious self was not bringing my awareness there. By finally coming to a better understanding of my Protector’s role, I can see how I have essentially buried emotions and experiences that need to surface for my sacred healing. Jelelle is lovingly helping me to work with my Protector, addressing the femininity of my inner child, and working through issues in my 3D emotional pain body. Connecting to my higher self and working with guides is allowing me to address matters that will allow me to heal, grow, and move forward. Jelelle has been great with offering me personalized processes to allow me to access my answers through special 'assignments' unique to me. She has also provided helpful and relevant links to SoulFullHeart information, articles and recordings. I am excited to be on this path and for what the future holds."

- Sonya, USA

I Have Felt Held And Safe

"Gabriel has been such a GOD-SEND! Some heavy emotions around past trauma were resurfacing and I was lead to SoulFullHeart, and to Gabriel. Being a healer myself, I have gone through many trainings – Reiki, hypnosis, and many other modalities – and I can say, I have seen a dramatic shift in my energy in just 1-90 minute session with this Metasoul parts work. 


This parts work that I’ve delved into with Gabriel has opened my eyes and heart to a whole new way of seeing my life. I’ve met parts of myself that I never knew were there and with Gabriel’s precise and powerful guidance, I’ve felt such big shifts and integration of those parts. I am just starting this miraculous journey of meeting my inner parts (Inner Teenager, Inner Child, Inner Protector), but I can already see the huge benefits of it. The sacred space that is opened to feel into is so precious to my inner child, who just wanted to be seen, acknowledged, and felt. 


I have also been receiving huge downloads related to my life’s mission as a result of this clearing…and again, it’s only been one session! I would describe Gabriel as a sacred masculine guide who deeply feels and intuits your experience in the most beautiful way. I have felt held, safe, and as though I needed this experience with a masculine figure to recalibrate my past experiences with toxic masculine men. 


I’d recommend working with Gabriel if you are being drawn to heal aspects of yourself to become more fully integrated into your authentic, 5D expression. He is a gem! As is the rest of the SoulFullHeart community!"

- Christina, USA

Book Reviews

Free To Be 5D by Jelelle Awen

"I am finally sinking into your beautiful Free to Be 5D text, Jelelle, and I am so grateful you exist on this planet with me at this time. All of your truths and explanations are ringing true like a beautifully crafted crystalline bell! Your words echo the murmurs of my soul, and it feels so refreshing to see them in full sentence print! I am grateful for you."  - Jill,  SoulFullHeart Facilitant

"Reading your current book Free To Be 5D, Jelelle, after coming out of everything I've been through for a year and now being with this unfolding new relationship with my parts and the inner community slowly but surely getting together, I found myself in SO much what you talk about in your book. It gave me the explanation what I had been through, what I navigated and why. It gave me a sense of knowing and locating myself. It also gives a glimpse of what's to come 'next'. And the overall context and bigger picture your book provides in everything it speaks to and about is all just priceless. It has given me a ton of assurance, reflection and support." - Bianca, SoulFullHeart Facilitant 

"Excellent book and has been very helpful for me." Linda Ann - Amazon reviewer

"This book was amazing and so full of information. If you are looking for information on ascending to 5D this book is for you. There are a lot of crazy things happening in the world today, this book brings clarity and new insight." Mindy - Amazon reviewer

Bliss Mess by Jelelle Awen

"I have really enjoyed Jelelle's new book, Bliss Mess. I am so grateful for the gift! I have been exploring and learning so much throughout the process of reading it. I especially love reflecting back on the year through her observations. Her 

openness allows me to explore my heart on a greater level. I am about 53% complete, I've made it to past the Eclipse and into September. Thank you for this beautiful reflection!!! And thank you to you, Jelelle, and your family!!!"     - Dana

"Hello Jelelle, I found your book at a hostel in Bali, Indonesia few days ago. I was attracted by the first few pages and then I asked the host if I can get the book. Then I pay her money as contribution. So now I travel with your book. And I can't wait to finish reading this book. I love it. It's like bringing me to another world. I love the lines and the connections you shared. Thanks for sharing. I try to find my time to read read about this kind of book. I'm so interested to know more about our source. I wish to have more books like this. Thank you!"     - Evelyn

Sacred Human, Arising Wonder  by Jelelle Awen

Keep Waking Up! by Jelelle Awen

"This book provides a beautiful example of how we can heal ourselves, each other, and our earth. Through holding space and exploring soul remembrances, Jelelle demonstrates how we can negotiate with love, not fear, with parts work to accomplish great healing and transformation. Through her experiences and journeys in other dimensions, I learned so much about this process that offers a way to investigate what we hold inside of ourselves. I have been familiar with reincarnation, angels, guides, dark night of the soul, dream work, visions, healing, mind/body/spirit work, shamanism and alternative world views for many decades but this beautiful book really brought these elements (and more) into something so much larger – to show me the bigger picture and what I am capable of to align my life to the light of Love. I have started to incorporate this process into my life and already I can feel a positive and healing shift in my energy. The book is well written and I honestly had a hard time putting it down.

I am thankful to Jelelle for opening her heart and soul to share this incredible journey."     - Sonya J, via amazon.com

"I read your Keeping Waking Up! book in a couple of days.  I really could not "put it down"! Thankfully time was with me, and I could immerse. It brought up a lot of primal life questions.  It altered me, and I was actually not very reachable by others during that two days, I really was in the container of the book and still feel to be in the container.  A different lens!"     - Julie F