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Zoom Instructions


These are the instructions for installing and using Zoom Meeting Service, which we use for our SoulFullHeart individual and group sessions:

To install Zoom on your computer: Go to and click on “sign up”. The Zoom plug-in will install automatically once you click on the meeting link that your Facilitator will send you for the session.


We encourage you to try running a personal meeting to test the software and become familiar with it. We like to go on video and to use headphones with a mic during sessions if possible.


To use the Zoom App on your cell phone: Download the Zoom app in the Apple or Android App Store for free.

If you like, you can sign up through the app to create an account and add a photo or you can click on the link that is sent by your Facilitator.


If you are going through the direct link, choose the one that says it is for PCs and Macs, it will work for the App as well. It will ask you to open this page in “Zoom”, click Open. Then it will ask you to enter a name that will show up for others to see while you are on the call. Next, it will give you three options from which you will choose “Call using Internet Audio”. If it is your first time using Zoom, it may ask you for permissions to use your audio and video. 


To enter a meeting: Click on the link your Facilitator sent you for connecting to the call, then click “Join Audio by Computer.” 


If you want to join us by phone instead of by computer:

  • You’ll need to dial a local number. Here’s a list of dial-in numbers by country:

  • After that, you will need to enter the meeting ID (the 9 digit ID we gave you.)

  • You will then be prompted to enter your unique participant ID (Press # to skip this part)


**Please note**… If you decide to join via telephone after joining via computer, please select Audio Options by clicking on the arrow next to your mic icon in the bottom left-hand corner, and select Leave Computer Audio. Then enter Participant ID#. Not doing this might mean that you’ll hear audio feedback or an echo in the meeting which could be distracting for you.


To adjust your volume and/or choose a different microphone, click on the little arrow next to your mic icon in the bottom left-hand corner. This will give you a couple of options. 


For video, you can change your video settings and/or pick a different camera option by clicking on the arrow next to your camera icon located to the right of your mic icon. We do use video during individual sessions. Due to internet bandwith challenges, only hosts Raphael and Jelelle Awen use video during the teaching portion of group sessions.

To open chat during the group session: Open the chat window by clicking on the speech bubble icon in your icon tray. To get the attention of Kalayna for the sake of troubleshooting help during the call, you can select a name by clicking on the bubble that says “everyone” next to the word “to”. This will open a list of all participants and hosts. You can close the chat window by clicking on the same speech bubble icon in the icon tray. 


Trouble-shooting guides are available for you to download if you’d like to:

1. Getting Started with PC and MC

2. You can download a guide by clicking here: Getting Started with PC and Mac Guide

3. The PDF will automatically download and save to your computer.


Thank you for joining us and for trying out what may be a new technology for you!

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