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10 years have gone by now... 10 years since connecting with Raphael and Jelelle for the first time. Everything that has moved in me since then and all that continues to move and shift and heal is the reason why I’m here once again, serving as a Facilitator for women with an ever-opening and humbly healing heart and deeply awakening soul.


I have come to realize that all of my years of ‘seeking’ which happened before I met my beloved teachers and soul friends in SoulFullHeart, were worth every moment of questioning, discovering, finding resonance with some souls and profound dissonance with others. My awakening journey began around age 14, maybe even sooner, as even with growing up in a Catholic family and going to Catholic school I had an authentic and deep relationship with the Divine that is still deepening today.


Even in those phases of needing a ‘break’ from my SoulFullHeart process in an official capacity, I was continuing to grow and learn and awaken within and to the world around me. It’s been a huge journey of being humbled by life’s twists and turns and yet also feeling humbled by the fact that I could feel the Divine not ever leaving me, not ever doubting my capacity to keep going, and always asking me, reminding me, to reach out and get support from It - even and especially when it felt as if the souls around me in each life phase could not possibly feel me on a deeper level and celebrate the kind of resonance I so knew I needed. This, I learned, was about reaching for the Divine within me, to feel that growing and healing INNER soul and heart community, which is a place where I, every part of me, and every Metasoul aspect too, can always land without fail... even when the veil feels thickest and the process ground is the most intense to feel through.


I’ve always been a deep feeler and very intuitive too. I thought for a while that what I most longed for was to somehow balance a life as an actress and as a psychic-medium too. The glamour of being beheld and beloved in that capacity held my attention for a while. But... I’ve since very humbly learned that that would never be enough, actually. That what I sought on the outside in terms of fame, recognition, etc was actually about not seeing me, myself. It was about parts of me not seeing themselves. No certification would satisfy that need. The longing to serve love was always real in all of this, just the platform and the stardom motivation needed to be re-evaluated and deconstructed in a way too. 


I have now been a SoulFullHeart Facilitator off and on since October, 2016. I’ve been a writer on the blog since 2012. I’ve served in many supporting roles, wearing many hats, creating social media posts and brainstorming... actually, ‘heart-storming’.... with Jelelle and Raphael on different projects and offerings. I’ve experienced a deep Sacred Union and the challenges and awakenings that brings. I’ve experienced sacred friendships in reverential soul community relationships. I’ve felt the Divine Mother and Father holding me through awakening after awakening, many throws of deep and guttural tears, and many moments of sheer bliss even in the middle of the mess of process! I’ve felt how much I am loved and am continually opening out my capacity to serve and love others. 



I am here to bridge you back, or perhaps deeper, into you! My intention in holding space is to not simply help parts of you ‘feel better’ but to support their healing through exquisite connection with you as a powerful and sovereign heart and soul. As I hold space for you, I get to feel the yumminess that IS Divine love and compassion come through me, to you, and back again as you continue your own awakening journey into Divine and self-intimacy. 



If you are a woman and feel drawn to a session with me, I look forward to sharing this healing space WITH you as it arises in a free intro!

I facilitate 1:1 sacred feminine activation and SoulFullHeart sessions with women. More info here.


Prior to having a session, we invite you to have a free intro call with me or another Facilitator to offer more information about the process itself and if it is a fit for you at this time, which Facilitator to meet with, etc. More info here.


We also highly recommend taking in more about the SoulFullHeart process through sharings from SoulFullHeart Facilitators to get more sense of what we are offering and feel into your resonance and draw with it. You can watch the many videos on our SoulFullHeart YouTube Channel, and read writings on our blog, social media pages (links in the footer below), and books by Jelelle Awen, especially her newest book Free To Be 5D: Navigating Ascension From The Inside Out.


To experience the energy of what it feels like to connect with a part of yourself which forms the basis of sessions, we also recommend taking in our 33 Day Deepen Guided Meditation Video Series below and here.

Experience of the SoulFullHeart paradigm and process is also offered through group events such as women's group calls with me and Jelelle, and monthly group transmission calls with Raphael and Jelelle Awen.

Intro Calls


Join SoulFullHeart Facilitators/Teachers, Kasha Rokshana and Gabriel Amara, in this video as they talk about the FREE 30-45 minute intro calls that they offer to anyone who may be interested in feeling deeper into the SoulFullHeart process and a 1:1 session.


In the intro call, they will talk with you about if this process is a fit for you and which Facilitator would be best to serve you in this current phase of your healing and Ascension process. Kasha meets with women and Gabriel meets with men and women. More about the SoulFullHeart Facilitators here.

 Group Calls


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Women's Group Calls

With Jelelle Awen & Kasha Rokshana
Price: by donation​

Jelelle Awen and Kasha Rokshana, SoulFullHeart Teachers/Facilitators/Divine Feminine Bridges offer powerful group meditation calls for women. They have recordings from previous women's group calls they have done with topics such as such as Healing The Father Wound To Let In Divine Father; Healing The Mother Wound To Let In Divine Mother; Womb Healing & Activation: Unplug From The Matrix; Womb Healing & Activation; Inner Sacred Union; Magdalene Consciousness Activation and more!

Sign up to attend current calls or purchase recordings of previous ones  by offering a donation at paypal.me/jelelleawen or here at our shop.



Testimonials From Women's Group Call Series - Purchase here

"Such an amazing call, I loved it and received so much love, support and healing. Thank you for the transmission Jelelle, and all you wonderful women who shared. It was such a joy to witness and feel you, so blown away by the beauty, courage, power and commitment in our community. I love being invited into this collaboration of hearts and souls, so grateful for what is growing within me and with you all"

- Deva Yasmin, women's call participant

"Love to you all from my heart. Thank you, Jelelle Awen, for this healing transmission. Deeply felt it. Blessings!" - Ina, women's call participant

"Thank you. It was deeply moving and heart touching, bringing me to tears at the end. I wasn’t expecting that big of a release." - Mary, women's call participant

"Deepest gratitude for the gifts shared in our Women's Call today! This call is now part of a growing experience of togetherness and sisterhood - TO BE TAKEN IN MANY TIMES, ANYTIME. If you did not have a chance to participate, I would strongly recommend that you take in the recording - As all that we experience, the energy of this one is alive! Incredibly rich to all my parts! Much gratitude for the beautiful shift that it allowed for me today! Namaste!" - Isabela Gasparini, women's call participant

"Such a wonderful call and I feel so grateful to have finally been able to attend one of these women’s calls! The meditation and teaching was so moving and epic, each face of mother feeling so important for each aspect of me and my life. The sharings were beautiful and vulnerable as well, so real in what was true for each person’s process. Can’t wait for the next one!" - Raianna Shai, women's call participant

Testimonials From 1:1 Sessions

Purchase here

"I always appreciate where you go within, to show up in the world as you are, and more fully as you. I so recommend sessions with Kasha. She is a heart centred, loving, compassionate woman & space holder, who's devotion and commitment to this process is awe inspiring. Having her as a former facilitator of mine, a friend and a leader in this way of life is such a gift to me and my parts." - Deya, UK

"My first session with Kasha went better than I could have even imagined. She was really able to hold space for me and feel my difficult energies I have been holding onto. I have been dealing with several emotional difficulties with severe depression and anxiety since I was a child and for her to be courageous enough to feel them and be able to help me the way she was able to.. there just aren’t any words. No one has been able to do that for me. I have sought help from so many people with feeling hopeless like no one could understand me. I feel so lucky to get to be in her presence and know that I am not alone in my spiritual journey as I have felt alone in it most of my life and was feeling a lot of despair from difficult life circumstances. Kasha is very talented and I would highly recommend working with her. It has been a huge relief to know that someone else can recognize the extent of my difficult emotions and life challenges I have gone through and can bring so much light to them reminding me that better things are yet to come. Kasha has given me a lot of hope and support in one of the most difficult times in my life. I am incredibly grateful to feel that I have found the help I have desperately needed for so long! Thank you so much Kasha!"​ - Alisa, USA




Divine Transmission: Recognition Comes Before Reconciliation

Nothing you are could ever be ‘wrong’.

You’ve been all these versions of yourself
Out of needs and desires
To fit in
To thrive
And even more so,
To survive.

Nothing you’ve chosen could ever be ‘wrong’.

You choose from your seat of consciousness
From your sense of what’s ‘right’
In order to show love
In some way, shape, or form.

You can do harm to others and they can harm you.
You can also harm yourself through the actions of parts of you.

Yet the truth remains
That the heart is stronger than the mind
And someday you will see
As more layers come off
That it was always with your best effort
And the best efforts within you, for you
That you’ve navigated all you have
To arrive where you are
And to be searching, working,
Swimming to the next shoreline.

To truly reconcile all differences
And reconcile ourselves to our Divine/soul selves,
First comes the recognition of who you’ve been
What you’ve chosen
And how the Divine remains behind it all
Holding the candle of your most immaculate inner truth,
That no experience you’ve ever had has truly severed your divinity…
Or your oneness with all other Divine/soul selves.

You are pure
You are Divine
And all parts of you formed out of necessity
Also hold a piece of your soul puzzle
And codes for the reasons why you are here,
Why the world inside and out needs YOU,
And why you’ve need to do,
All you have until now.

Every moment is another one for awakening
So arise,
Recognize and reconcile.
You are big enough
You are strong enough
And you are always, with certainty,
Divine enough.


The Divine (with Kasha)


Guided Meditation

Join Kasha and Gabriel (formerly 'Aurius') as they lead a guided meditation to connect with the goddess Ostara, another face and frequency of Divine Mother, and She offers messages of holding space for your ‘spring awakening’ whatever that may be for you, whether it is a challenging time for you or a time of harvest and joy after a long, dark corridor.


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