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"I felt guidance many times over these years of service to just be myself in every way possible and to share from that place. So, that’s what I provided women in session space, bridging to them ways to also discover what being themselves actually means and to the parts of them that had other strategies, traumas, and conditionings contrary to the expression of their authentic essence.

The SoulFullHeart Healing Process and paradigm that I offer to you and share about in this book arose out of these sessions and from my own personal process, along with those of my community as well, even as it continues to evolve with every person who shares in this offering."

Free To Be 5D, Jelelle Awen

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Free To Be 5D:
Navigating Ascension From The Inside Out 

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Humanity has long been in sleepy slumber without awareness of being plugged into a Matrix control system that dominates all areas of our lives with fear-based programming. In this modern age and especially since 2012, Humanity has finally been waking up to unplug from this Matrix and remember its Divine essence as Infinite Love. This book shares a bigger picture of this catalytic phase that so many souls have come to this Earth plane to experience, witness, and support. This is a time of ongoing Ascension of humanity from third-dimensional (3D) consciousness into transitional fourth-dimensional (4D) consciousness and into heaven-in-the-body fifth-dimensional (5D) consciousness. This is a time that brings up our greatest hopes and our greatest fears, all of which are longing to be embraced with love.


Jelelle Awen serves as a powerful yet gentle Divine Feminine and Galactic Love Ambassador bridge to awaken you to the Matrix reality and connect to the parts of your 3D Self, 4D Self, and 5D Self that most need your love and have the most gifts to offer you as well. As she has done for many souls through her writings and guided meditation transmissions and in hundreds of space-holding sessions and group call events over the years, she now offers you the guidance, insight, and inspiration in this book that have effectively helped transform the deepest traumas with love. She empowers you to activate your inner healer, channeller, and medium to connect with parts of yourself, Ascended Teachers, Galactic beings, and the Divine by providing information, messages, and resources such as journal questions and links to guided meditations. 


The truly unique and cutting edge SoulFullHeart Process is lovingly overviewed here, with inspirational stories of Jelelle’s personal awakening journey and those of her clients woven in. The process works on both local, this-life healing levels and also in the Quantum Field of Now with Metasoul Aspects/fragments from other lifetimes, allowing for truly multidimensional transformation.


This book is not just meant to stimulate your mind, yet also to stir your soul and open your heart! You have always been Free To Be! Now, you will be activated to remember that freedom and, given the tools in this book, become truly empowered, with grace and pace, to liberate and unify all parts of you through and with love! 

Published: June, 2020
Written June, 2019 through May, 2020

About Free To Be 5D
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Free To Be 5D Reviews

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"I have been listening to your audio book of Free To Be 5D too. And it’s been life-changing. It also helps me to sleep and I continue intake it and enjoy it while sleeping subconsciously as well. It’s like food to my soul. I'm processing it within myself step by step and the audio book (due to your voice, the frequency that you carry) keeps opening new portals of healings, new horizons, elevating the glass ceiling and attracting new timelines with soul-aligned people." - Aneesa


"Immersed in your book still, almost reaching the last chapter. Love it. It is all so well explained. I would have loved to read this some years ago when I had all these questions. Very beautiful." - Simone

"I’m almost at the end of the audio book and I love it. Thank you for you for all your effort and time you put into it including your soul. I can’t wait to listen to it again!" - Stanislava


"I am finally sinking into your beautiful Free to Be 5D text, Jelelle, and I am so grateful you exist on this planet with me at this time. All of your truths and explanations are ringing true like a beautifully crafted crystalline bell! Your words echo the murmurs of my soul, and it feels so refreshing to see them in full sentence print! I am grateful for you."  - Jill

"Reading your current book Free To Be 5D, Jelelle, after coming out of everything I've been through for a year and now being with this unfolding new relationship with my parts and the inner community slowly but surely getting together, I found myself in SO much what you talk about in your book. It gave me the explanation what I had been through, what I navigated and why. It gave me a sense of knowing and locating myself. It also gives a glimpse of what's to come 'next'. And the overall context and bigger picture your book provides in everything it speaks to and about is all just priceless. It has given me a ton of assurance, reflection and support." - Bianca

"Excellent book and has been very helpful for me." Linda Ann - Amazon review

"This book was amazing and so full of information. If you are looking for information on ascending to 5D this book is for you. There are a lot of crazy things happening in the world today, this book brings clarity and new insight." Mindy - Amazon review

"A beautiful book that takes you into a journey within where you meet interesting characters waiting to be discovered and bridged where the final destination is always oneness and love. Thank you, Jelelle Awen, for helping humanity to 'know thyself' and to shift into christ consciousness." - Nathalie - Amazon Review

"The book is amazing. Five stars! I love the book!" - Laura, Amazon Review

"Bought the hardback a month ago - crying reading on from page 203!" - Jen


"Thank you for this gift. Reading the words brings all that I have ever known and visualized into this conscious awareness." - Michelle


"I have recently pulled my copy of your delicious book from my shelf to read over the holidays, thank you so much for this gift to us all!" - Diana

Bliss Mess:
Wonders and Challenges of Ascension


​"We have been Star BEings, Oneness Consciousness, much more than we have been Human BEings. We are here to experience the Bliss Mess of feeling. The bliss mess, the highs and lows, the ups and downs, the sufferings and the joys, the tears and the laughs!"  ​

Bliss Mess: The Wonders and Challenges Of Ascension offers a new perspective on awakening to Fifth Dimensional or New Earth frequencies in a way that honors both the movements and the difficulties of this process. Ascension is the process of raising your vibrational frequency from third dimensional to higher at all levels of body, mind, soul, and heart, along with a natural process that is happening to Earth or Gaia. This process of enlovening the heart, enlightening the mind, crystalizing the body, and awakening the soul is a deep, life changing, and challenging one that we are being invited to engage with on both collective and personal levels. Finding support and guidance along the way can contribute hugely to our experience of it!


In this book, Author Jelelle Awen provides this kind of support and guidance through teachings, poetry, channeled messages, Ascension energy updates, and sharings from her personal process during Ascension and awakening for more than 15 years. Bliss Mess covers a prolific creative period for Jelelle, a six month period from June until December, 2017 in which she wrote and shared writings every day. It is a companion book to Sacred Human, Arising Wonder - which shares Jelelle's writings from January until June, 2017.  The writings in Bliss Mess provide both an expansive, very current and progressive context to the overall collective Ascension process AND an intimate window into Jelelle’s world full of multidimensional realities.


She shares from states of Kundalini awakenings that come from having galactic sex with her Sacred Union Counterpart Soulmate Raphael to Galactic Ambassadorship experiences with Pleiadian, Arcturian, Reptilian, Blue Avian Star BEing aspects and more! She introduces you to her parts work and Metasoul Aspect connection process that opens up access to previously repressed traumas and karma in your emotional body and soul from other lifetimes/timelines, leading to healing on a quantum level. It is both transcendent and practical in offering a way to navigate the Ascension process through connecting with aspects of yourself or subpersonalities.


Jelelle describes in detail how to engage in the parts work connection experience at both the 3D Self (ego) level and at the Metasoul/Other lifetime frequencies. She describes the common parts that she has connected with and seen in others such as the Inner Protector, Inner Teenager, Inner Child, Inner Punisher, Inner Mother/Father, and the fourth dimensional Gatekeeper. Working with parts as separate energies from your 'I AM' essence allows for compassionate space holding, more objectivity, less triggering and charged reactions, and ultimately integration and wholeness as the energies shift and transmute. The energies of these parts becomes unanchored from 3D reality through negotiation and inner ambassadorship, allowing for more grounded and integrated experience of 4D (and higher) consciousness states as your daily reality.


Bliss Mess invites you into a magical, radically honest, emotionally authentic, and catalytic world to discover your essence as Infinite Love in Sacred Human form!

Published: January, 2018

Written June through December, 2017

Sacred Human, Arising Wonder:
Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality

sacred humansmall.jpg

You are a Sacred Human. You are an arising wonder. You are becoming a fifth dimensional (5D) Human through the process of awakening and ascension along with the planetary consciousness known as Gaia (Earth). Sacred Human, Arising Wonder offers how this is a challenging time to be a Human here as so many people still live in conscious suffering even as their souls are awakening and they are having life altering spiritual experiences.


The healing, awakening, and integration of our emotional bodies WITH our souls is the place we are being invited to go at the cutting edge of our consciousness evolution as Humans who chose as souls to come and BE here during this transformative time. The ultimate purpose and reason for the ascension process is remembered as the service of love WITH others as it overflows from self love and a healthy emotional body and freed up soul.


Author Jelelle Awen offers the BIG picture of what is happening during this phase of ascension from a galactic, yet also personal perspective, which you can also apply to your daily life. Through her connection to her Higher Self, Ethereal Guides, and as a facilitator and teacher for others, she provides loving guidance to navigate as our hearts are invited to vibrate at higher Christ Consciousness frequencies of health from a mature emotional body; as our bodies transition from carbon-based to crystalline; as our souls bring awakening, illumination, meaning and purpose into our awareness; and as our minds let go of 3D conditioning/programming and expand into multidimensional thinking.


Sacred Human, Arising Wonder invites you into feeling how it is your emotional body and the congestions and wounding that remain there which can keep intact a third dimensional, conditioned, self-image based version of you who can block love and keep suffering patterns intact in your life. Undigested traumas from this life and from other lifetimes create fixed energies within your emotional body that form into distinct subpersonalities running on subconscious conditioning programs and fear-based defensiveness. Through connection and negotiation with these parts of you, these energies move, transform, and eventually integrate into your 5D Self.


The nonlinear, explorational writings in Sacred Human are both practical and transcendent, offering you guidance as you journey through the often painful, yet ultimately magical process of ascension, awakening, and enlightenment. Each section offers Jelelle’s loving, catalytic energy to invite you into expanded consciousness around the seven main areas of life: Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, Social, Physical, Financial, and Environmental. Sacred Human covers a prolific creative period for Jelelle, a six month period from January until June, 2017 in which she wrote and shared writings every day. It is a first companion book to Bliss Mess, which shares Jelelle's writings from June until December, 2017.  The writings in Bliss Mess provide both an expansive, very current and progressive context to the overall collective Ascension process AND an intimate window into Jelelle’s world full of multidimensional realities.


This book also provides writings about love, sacred femininity, and sacred union with self and your sacred union mate, plus guided meditations to raise your vibrational frequency, clean your chakras, connect with your Inner Protector, and much more. It offers you a visceral feeling sense of becoming Sacred Human AND an arising wonder!

Published: June, 2017

Written January through May, 2017

Keep Waking Up!:
Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond

Keep Waking Up 6X9.jpg

Keep Waking Up! takes you on an awakening journey of heart and soul consciousness. Experience along with author Jelelle Awen how your assumptions can be shaken, possibly deeply suppressed memories provoked, and preconceived ideas about the nature of reality challenged.This book explores reality beyond the limitations of our five senses-based, body-mind filtering, which offers a goodness that is possible beyond this dimension with Ethereal BEings and guides who are supportive and offer a strong mirror of our capacity as sacred humans.

Living on a remote, off-grid ranch in Mexico without electricity or internet or distractions allowed nature to hold the space for the intense explorations and soul remembrances that occurred for Jelelle over a four month period. Jelelle shares her daily writings in this book, often written immediately after intense meditative journeys and downloaded raw and without much filtering or editing. This visceral method of sharing allows you to be transported into the magical realms and dimensions Jelelle experiences along the way.


You come along as she receives strong infusions of kundalini energies, explores other lifetime memories and karmic patterns, and rediscovers her star seed origins through the doorway of holding space for emotional trauma from experiencing abductions from the age of 8 until 17 years old. Jelelle digests her journey through the lens of parts work or working with subpersonalities, a profoundly effective process she has been engaged with personally and with others for more than 13 years. 

Jelelle also awakens to the realization of Ethereal Beings polarized to fear frequencies, usually called Archons or Reptilians, who have created a third dimensional matrix to cap human consciousness at a lower frequency of pain and fear. She digests this information with her guides and comes to claim her role as love ambassador to these Beings, finding a path of negotiation that leads with love, not fear. 

Keep Waking Up! reveals and revels in the power that pure love has to heal and transform. The depth and breadth of what you experience from reading this book, the resonance that you feel, is up to you and what you are ready for. There are inconceivable new worlds that can be opened up to you - travels to the parallel dimension of Avalon and the Fifth Dimensional frequencies that Jelelle calls Golden Earth and beyond. It is your choice, as always, and the Universe breathes in anticipation around what happens next as you commit to Keep Waking Up!

Published: March, 2017

Written August through December, 2015

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