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About Jelelle Awen

"The seeds for New Earth/Avalon/Atlantis/Lemuria are planted within each of us ...activated by your soul, tended by your heart, and watered by your love."

"In your drop into realness, into your tears, into your pain....You are not are breaking open. Love, Divine Mother"

Jelelle Awen

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From my earliest years, I have had a lush inner imaginative landscape that was always based in relationship.........relationship to the “make-believe” world inside and the “real” world on the outside.  Little did I know at the time I was inhabiting a soul gift that has translated to accessing the inner universe of subpersonalities, Metasoul aspects, and spirit guides of all kinds, along with awakenings to multidimensional realities.  I have always had a desire to feel the hearts of others and been compelled by the question, “What is really going on inside?” for myself and toward others.

I studied psychology, philosophy, literature, and creative writing in college, eager to learn yet not drawn to pursue degrees or academics in the usual way. My healer's heart led me to become a certified medical assistant working with cancer patients. My love for words expressed as a phase of being an editor/writer for a business newspaper. I eventually served as a certified business/life coach and manager of other coaches for five years and then as an emotional and spiritual parts work facilitator for four years starting in 2004, associated with a group based in Ashland, Oregon. 

Parts work allowed me to connect with and finally heal intense feelings of depression, anxiety, hurt and acute self consciousness. As I connected with the parts of me that felt these things and WHY they felt them, so much of my suffering became clear to me and shifted immensely through that process. I was amazed (and still am) at the transformation that happened as I tuned into specific energies of parts of me from this life and eventually from other lifetimes as well.


Over time, I was able to make far healthier and self loving choices about ending toxic codependent patterns in relationships, following my soul purpose work, experiencing less anxiety about money, improving my physical body health (including quitting smoking after 15 years, starting when I was 17 years old) and much more. 


I have been through many intense trials and tribulations on my path of healing and finding my soul bigness and power over the last nearly 20 years since my deeper awakening to the importance of the emotional body integrated with soul movements. I experienced a “Dark Night Of The Soul” awakening after my beloved mate Raphael and I (who had only just begun dating at the time) left the spiritual group and paradigm we were both a part of. It was this experience that allowed me to experience a profound awakening to the Divine Mother, who quickly arose as my deepest template to follow in terms of learning about authentic femininity and stillness, embodying both spine and heart, and living into my innate soul gifts in a deeper way than I was able to before. In deep resonance with this call and desire for leading and teaching, I embarked in 2010 on co-creating and offering with Raphael through individual, couples, and group sessions what eventually would be called the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  


The SoulFullHeart path is rooted deeply in my own self and personal experiences with parts/Metasoul work and soul awakenings along with my sacred union relationship with Raphael. This process and paradigm is how I have lived and related to my life for many years now. It has been a lifeline through so many tremendous changes during my awakening journey, navigating building my life back after leaving my previous healing work, many geographic and career/livelihood shifts, relationship completions that weren't resonant, and more. 

I have always been expressive through words, starting with a story my Inner Child wrote in fourth grade about my parent's divorce. I feel I am a soul scribe, offering frequencies of Golden Earth or 5D reality through infusions of energy in each word. Written beyond the mind, my words move from within at a more visceral level, bringing up heart resonance and higher self remembrance. I have self published four books, with my most recent Free To Be 5D available in print, ebook, audio, and PDF versions. One is a spiritual awakening memoir Keep Waking Up!: Awakenings Journeys To Avalon available now in PDF, ebook, and print editions.  I have also released two books offering new writings and compilations of previously shared writings called Bliss Mess: The Wonders And Challenges Of Ascension, plus Sacred Human, Arising Wonder, which are both available in PDF, ebook, and print editions. My writings have been featured on popular metaphysical and spiritual websites and as featured audio recordings on the You Tube channel Higher Self.

I am a multi-dimensional healer and actively explore this through my further awakenings as a sacred human and as a channel for non-codependent, authentic, infinite love through holding space during 1:1 SoulFullHeart sessions, energy healing, and group sessions. I am a Galactic Ambassador with a strong connection to my Star Family and Lemurian/Atlantean Guides/Aspects and serve as a bridge to activate, awaken, and deepen this connection for you.

I offer nearly 20 years of coaching, energy healing, parts/trauma clearing work and soul aspect facilitation experience with a deep embodiment (ever learning and growing) of Divine Feminine frequencies of wisdom, compassion, and intuition. I've served hundreds of women in the SoulFullHeart process during session space and hosted many groups virtually and in person for men and women with my beloved Raphael Awen and alone.

It is truly my deepest honor to offer this process and my way of life to other souls who are resonant with it. There is always something new to explore and discover in its application, about myself and others and the Divine.



SoulFullHeart Co-Creator, Teacher, Writer, and Facilitator For Women, Couples and Groups




Prior to having a 1:1 session with me, we highly recommend a free intro with me for women to explore the SoulFullHeart process and community to see if there is a deeper resonance there, where we will go in the session, etc. Sessions with me are 77 euros minimum donation per 90 minutes and best served to women who have been on an awakening path for many years, engaged in emotional, psychological and soul healing on deeper levels and may be practitioners/healers/teachers themselves. 


We also highly recommend taking in more about the SoulFullHeart process through sharings from SoulFullHeart Facilitators to get more sense of what we are offering and feel into your resonance and draw with it. You can watch the many videos on our SoulFullHeart YouTube Channel, and read writings on our blog, my social media pages on FB, IG, and twitter, and books by me, especially my newest book Free To Be 5D: Navigating Ascension From The Inside Out.

Experience of the SoulFullHeart paradigm and process is also offered through group events such as men's group calls with Raphael; women's group calls with Jelelle and Kasha, and monthly group calls with Raphael and Jelelle.

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Featured Videos With Jelelle Awen

In this video, Raphael and Jelelle offer a sound healing and meditation for opening up your third eye chakra

In this video, Raphael, Jelelle and Kashas share a transmission from a nearby Mother Mary shrine at a natural spring

This video is a compilation of all the chakra meditation sound healing videos in Jelelle's Daily series.

Featured Writings By Jelelle Awen


Journeying To The Counterpart Pairbond In Sacred Union/Twin Flame

My beloved Raphael and I have been journeying lately to our Counterpart Pairbond source field together and separately as well, asking for guidance/messages/support for deepening in our bond together and in service expression. An angelic guide Ariel came to us recently, who is the gatekeeper and bridge to our Pairbond, the original source of our masculine/feminine entwinement and separation.


Arising Into The Seat Of Your Own Healing Abilities & No Longer Outsourcing Your Healing To Others

One thing I am seeing more as my service gets fuller lately and I receive referrals from other healers (which I am VERY grateful for!) is an upgrade happening/needed in how we approach and relate with energies/parts/aspects. The old paradigm is to see things in good vs. evil, light vs. dark, spiritual warfare consciousness in which you (or healers) are fighting things that seem to be attacking you. In my experience, ANY energy that we try to fight will defend itself and just lock down harder. Its survival instinct kicking in.

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