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About Raphael Awen

"There are moments when your will and choice are everything.

There’s a lot more than will and choice in the bigger picture supporting you, but that doesn’t mean much in the absence of your power expressing through your WILL, this god-like characteristic of freedom of choice.

What is the one big choice before you in this moment that changes all future moments, that tempers all future choices?

All of love is earnestly watching and waiting for you"

Raphael Awen


In the fall of 2022, I saw an open and persistent vision of men being drawn to me to form a heart of men gathering in resonance, personal sovereignty and purpose together. I’ve been tasked with making this happen, in the sense of aligning my intention and actions with this vision, and allowing the inherent calling to unfold the rest.


At first, it felt a bit strange, tweaking my ego to see myself as like the hub of a wheel with the spokes of the wheel being men’s paths towards me. Then I realized that I was humbly standing in a sweet spot of having ‘achieved’ much of what these men had set out to discover on their chosen journey.


I never quite set out to achieve anything. I set out rather in awareness knowing more of what I didn’t want, what I needed to deconstruct.


In 2005, I knew that I no longer held Jesus as my personal savior, or had much remaining resonance with the Christianity that underlied my entire social world and my life up until that point. Making that admission changed everything very quickly, wrapping up a trajectory of marriage and family. This opened up awakening after awakening on so many levels. 


In 2008, I entered a sacred union bond with Jelelle and that immediately forced the ending to the prized spiritual community where we met, and then sparked the offering of our own healing path. I cannot begin to enumerate the many and intense transformations that I opted into in showing up for this relationship, and shared path in service.


In 2014, I left behind a great paying three-decade-long self employment as a painting contractor in Canada to go and recreate home on an off grid ranch in rural Mexico. My four year stay in Mexico offered many letting go’s and many letting in’s, eventually returning back to my home country of Canada in 2018 for two years. 


In 2020, I left Canada again in a one-way journey of embracing deep change for time spent in the UK en route to landing here in Central Portugal, where I am now and feel called to settle.  


Now, In April of 2023, I saw a light ship manned by 13 men!


13 men in a shared container on a shared mission in transparent connection with one another.


A game worth playing.


A Merkabah, a vehicle that takes you from one place to another.

I’m claiming a spot on this light ship, and inviting 12 others to join me.


Are you interested?


Of course you are! You wouldn’t be here were you not. The question and quest of this mission is a deeper one: ‘Are you truly ready for a soul adventure, do you have the self permission?’

What makes one ready?


For me, something popped. Something showed up that I wasn’t quite conscious of. My soul couldn’t say ‘no’ to something that felt like a lifeline. I was mostly done with some former things, and that also felt like a vacuum drawing out something new.


What makes for a game worth playing?


A game worth playing can only be recognized by you. To play in a shared game, that is, to make it more than a solitary sport, people are drawn to and accept something mutually. Someone invents. Someone invites. Someone invokes. Someone(s) invests.

What is this game, this shared container?


In its belly, it’s a choice to feel, every unfelt feeling that lives in each part of you, from this life and others, every sorrow, every joy, every yearning. At its peak, it’s an ongoing experience of knowing and feeling yourself arise anew, differently than you have before, arising out of the ashes of what has burned away. It is moving through the initiations that your soul has wanted for you and invited you into. It is your soul's expanding expression coming unstuck from what has held you back. It calls for your best, yet never depletes you.


In recent months, I was given a succession of images or visions that came together. The first, as I mentioned, was what appeared as a wagon wheel, where the spokes on this wheel were the paths that men were taking to be drawn together to the hub and heart of this wheel. Then the vision expanded to where I was shown an overlay of a spiders web over this wheel, an orbital and spiralling path to cover the entire wheel. Then in the final image where it all came together, I was shown this Merkabah, the image known as Metatron’s Cube made up of 13 circles, where each center of each circle is connected by a line to the center of every other circle.


The symbol is a picture of sacred intimate union with yourself first, then expanding into 13 men in similar formation with others who are sharing the same internal journey.


Each man claims his spot in the game by virtue of his choice, resonance and participation for as long as they feel called to, as they feel it unfold for them.


I see myself holding 1:1 personal space with each man on a regular and ongoing basis where SoulFullHeart is chosen as one’s primary engagement and community. Getting to know and relate with parts of oneself and Metasoul aspects from other timelines is becoming easier for men I find, quite natural actually. The more challenging part is finding the courage to truly follow your own soul and heart with all that becomes elucidated in the opening out.


I see the men getting to know and be nourished by relating with each of the other men in the circle, through online connection, group calls and in person gatherings, leading to more and more proximity and engagement naturally.


I offer a free intro over zoom for 45 minutes together. I’ll send you some questions to respond to before we meet. You in turn bring your questions. And from there, the quest gets underway. It’s all good to go on my end.


Some more snooping at the website here should answer the preliminary questions. Then from there, I’ll very much look forward to hearing from you.


There’s also the ongoing men’s group calls that I’m leading that will be a great introduction as well to what I’m offering. Info here:


Why don’t you sign up and see where it leads in regard to my invitation today?


Much love,


SoulFullHeart Co-Creator, Teacher, Writer, and Facilitator For Men, Couples and Groups



Prior to having a 1:1 session with me, I highly recommend a free intro with me for men to explore the SoulFullHeart process and community to see if there is a deeper resonance there, where we will go in the session, etc. A 90 minute 1:1 session with me is 77 euros minimum donation.


We also highly recommend taking in more about the SoulFullHeart process through sharings from SoulFullHeart Facilitators to get more sense of what we are offering and feel into your resonance and draw with it. You can watch the many videos on our SoulFullHeart YouTube Channel, and read writings on our blog, my social media pages on FB, IG, and twitter, and books by Jelelle Awen, especially her newest book Free To Be 5D: Navigating Ascension From The Inside Out.

Experience of the SoulFullHeart paradigm and process is also offered through group events such as men's group calls with me; women's group calls with Jelelle and Kasha, and monthly group calls with Raphael and Jelelle Awen.

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Men's Group Calls With Raphael Awen

Raphael Awen hosts virtual group meditation calls for men over Zoom to provide a transmission of sacred masculine embodiment to you. You can receive these frequencies live with him or purchase the recording afterwards.


If you attend the live groups, you'll have the opportunity to share with Raphael what you experienced during the call and receive feedback/next steps of integration from him. The focus of these groups is provide a bridge to the SoulFullHeart consciousness through transmitting to you an embodied frequency of sacred masculine that is seated in the heart and maturing emotional body.

These groups serve as activations of your next levels in the ascension process, whatever that is for you personally. They are empowering and self activating, in the sense that YOU are the source of activation for yourself and Raphael serves as a bridge to feel/experience this. You also get to experience soul brothers resonance connection during the calls, connecting with other men on the awakening journey through the SoulFullHeart process.


Featured Videos With Raphael Awen

In this video, Raphael shares about his process of Divine Will Embodiment for the masculine

In this video, Raphael and Jelelle talk about defining sacred unions, counterpart/pair bond relationships and more. 

In this video, Raphael shares about Portugal 'Port To The Grail'


Featured Writings By Raphael Awen


Sovereignty Within

October 25, 2022 

Men Of The SoulFire.

It is your birthright as an individual, as a fractal/template of the Divine to be your own SOVEREIGN FREE WILL BEING that lives by your free will, meaning you do what you want, when you want and how you want, for the highest expression and benefit of everyone and everything in your life.


Owning the Dark and Light Within

October 26, 2022 

Men Of The SoulFire.

We’re being asked to take a formidable journey.

This journey is one that most wouldn’t even come near considering.

This journey is to go within and uncover every part or aspect of us that is suppressed or hidden in some way, having been forced to take up residence in the back alleys and dark side streets of our consciousness.

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