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"In response to fear-based and painful experiences, your 3D Self starts to create different parts of itself in order to compartmentalize the undigested trauma reactions caused by its experiences. Compartmentalization allows the 3D Self to cope and move on when there are still often many layers of undigested pain and wounding in your emotional body, psyche, and even soul field. Because the 3D Self is already a fragmented self without much sense of a solid center, this compartmentalization happens organically and quite easily, and is even necessary for stability. ."

Jelelle Awen, Free To Be 5D

The Reality Of Parts/Subpersonalities Within Us

The Reality of Parts/Subpersonalities Within Us

Let’s turn the world as you have known it upside down for a moment. Let’s offer that instead of one personality, what you know as ‘you’ or ‘I’, running the show of your life, there are actually many personalities expressing in your life and others that are off in the shadows. And, instead of seeing this condition as a pathological one, (i.e. the clinical diagnosis of multiple personality or cognitive dissociative disorders), we feel that this is normal life for all of us as we have adjusted to third dimensional (3D) consciousness reality. The clinical disorders/labels associated with having a fragmented existence in which personalities take over or possess consciousness without our awareness is actually an extremely wounded form of our universal subpersonal makeup. What is missing in these extreme forms, as we shall see, is a 5D Self or embodying Higher Self energy that is mediating and negotiating with other parts of us. 
The sense of having more than one personality operating inside of us is one that most of us are actually more conscious of experiencing than you might realize at first. Using the words ‘part of me’ is quite common…as in, ‘part of me would like to quit this job and another part of me wouldn’t think of doing that.’ Most people can readily see that who they are at work or in social settings is a different version than who they are when they are alone or with family or mates. We also experience divergent and polarized energies inside of us, especially in times of stress, trauma, or during major life transitions. It can be a bit intense to feel how our moods can shift so dramatically or how we can suddenly just feel ‘not like ourselves’ when we are being highly reactive to a situation. It can feel like we are ‘possessed’ or that ‘something is taking us over’ during these times. It turns out that we are constantly being possessed (so to speak) by different aspects or parts of ourselves or subpersonalities. In the SoulFullHeart process, we have come to discover over time that each of these aspects has a distinctive energy, tone, voice, likes and dislikes, environment/world that it lives in, appearance, life history, name that it goes by, and play out in our lives.
The foundations for the existence of subpersonalities and connecting with them goes back more than one hundred years, initially offered by Psychoanalyst Carl Jung and expanded by psychologists Hal and Sidra Stone over the last thirty years, which they offer as the Voice Dialogue method. Carl Jung used the word ‘constellation’ to describe the specific energetic and emotional formation of a sub-persona or subpersonality and he further identified and differentiated the ego-consciousness, personas, the Aware Ego, the Self, and the Anima-Animus. The SoulFullHeart Process has assimilated and been inspired by terms and approaches from these sources, as well as others, along with mainly creating our own terms and processes that are unique to SoulFullHeart and come from many years of working with our own parts and with others in session space.
All of these aspects of ourselves or subpersonalities developed quite naturally in response to the environment we were born into and raised in within 3D reality. It seems that we had to create a fractured personality structure inside of ourselves in order to survive and deal with the density here in 3D. We received very distinct conditioning from our families and our school and social settings around which behaviours and energies were acceptable and which were not. Our 3D selves learned quickly to adapt our behaviors to our caregivers’ responses, such as noticing and adjusting to when smiles garnered more smiles from our caregivers while crying or having ‘tantrums’ drew their disapproval or frustration. Based on this reward or disapproval structure, certain aspects of our personalities in our lives developed strongly, while others became more suppressed.

Aspects Of The 3D Self

Aspects of the 3D Self

Those subpersonalities and energy patterns of the 3D Self that we have found are the most common and can be in dominant expression in our daily lives, such as at work or in social settings, are called our 3D Self Primary Parts. We hold that these 3D Self Primary Parts that make up a large aspect of our personalities are necessary and loving aspects of our being, but are all too often left out on their own and are like teenagers running a household trying to make up for an absent parent. Our 3D Self can put up a show of being unconditionally loving, able to meet everyone’s needs, and being likable while suppressing feelings of overwhelm, frustration, and judgement.  This suppression of inner feelings can lead to physical illness because our deeper needs are not getting met and our authentic self is not being expressed.

The common 3D Self Primary Parts in primary tonal expression are the Protector, the Punisher/Critic, the Inner Mother or Father, and the Inner Teenager. The 3D Self that is usually first developed is the Protector as it is desperately needed to help us adjust to the brand new and oftentimes energetically harsh 3D world we are born into. Our vulnerability held by our Inner Child is safeguarded by this part of us and, in most people, deeply and safely buried by the age of four or five years old. The Inner Child is not usually a Primary Part, but rather one that is more suppressed or in shadow. It often takes negotiation with the Protector to truly get authentic access to the Inner Child energy.

Parts of us are created in response to our 3D environment; energetic and emotional templating we received from our caregivers/parents; and due to undigested traumas in our emotional body that we experience and that are left unfelt by our caregivers and in turn go unfelt and undigested in us. Parts are also created from undigested karmic woundings from our Metasoul (more below). In this way, it isn’t a given trauma that constellates the formation of a subpersonality, but rather the inability to digest the trauma in real time with a heart-open caregiver that is at root of the formation.

Parts of us digest and heal from the traumas they have experienced as we become aware of them and, most importantly, as they are felt by a loving, nonjudgmental, 5D Self essence of us that develops through the process. We could say that both the wounding and the healing pivot on this crucial issue of digestion. Another sense of digestion and profound sense of being felt that our parts can experience comes from the Divine – in both motherly and fatherly forms, as well as connecting with Ethereal Guides, Star Family, and higher dimensional Metasoul Aspects.

What we have found creates the most healing and growth ground is the experience that a part of us has of being felt while they are feeling something by a facilitator or space holder who has also engaged in a subpersonality healing process. This goes beyond being listened to in an empathic way or merely being asked good, therapeutic-type questions. This goes beyond a one-time psychic readout or receiving channeled messages from someone else. This goes beyond receiving energy healing through various modalities. Only someone who has experienced these energetic tones in parts of themselves can resonate in a deeply feeling way what parts of us really need and didn’t receive at the time the traumas occurred. This resonating feeling connection then transmutes the energy of the 3D-based part into a higher frequency. A facilitator can’t fake this kind of feeling tone with the subpersonalities, especially with the Inner Child, who is very hesitant to come out of ‘hiding’ unless they feel matching, authentic tones of vulnerability in the space holder.
As you engage with the SoulFullHeart process through a session or over time in regularly occurring sessions, you become more differentiated from your 3D Self subpersonalities and are able to inhabit more deeply your 4D and 5D selves. The 5D Self is the loving, nonjudgmental aspect of us that can hold the energies within us in balance, remain more objective during decision making, and is more conscious about where our reactions are coming from.  This part of us is who we were ‘meant to be’ as an expression of our sacred humanity and can also be felt as a subpersonality of the Divine, which we are an individual expression of and is the embodiment of our Higher Self more and more.  
Our subpersonalities eventually vibrate at higher and higher frequencies and integrate into our 5D Self. For example, the Protector energies heal and vibrate at expressions of healthy self protection; the wounded Inner Child heals to expressions of vulnerability and joy and moves from 3D wounded to 4D magical/star seed to 5D crystalline; the Inner Critic or Punisher heals to expressions of healthy discernment, etc. Some subpersonalities become a valued member of our ‘team’ or inner board of directors, yet allow the growing 5D Self run the show.

4D Self And The Gatekeeper

4D Self and the Gatekeeper

The 4D Self is our transitional self, our awakening self that is coming into more expression as we decondition from 3D reality and 3D aspects. The 4D Self develops and grows as your soul frequencies awaken and begin to flood into your field and consciousness. With soul awareness also comes in access to archetypal aspects from other lifetimes that we call Metasoul Aspects, as described in the next section. For most people, this process of becoming more their 4D Self can be very challenging and painful as the old self identities and self images (3D Selves) are let go of without inner negotiation and conscious awareness. 
The 3D Self Primary Parts transmute into 4D frequencies as they are connected with in the SoulFullHeart process. The transmutation of these energies is the sign of their healing as the denser frequencies begin to vibrate higher with less suffering overall, less resistance, and more openness to love.
A unique aspect of the SoulFullHeart process is our work with the
Gatekeeper. It is a multidimensional energy that seems to protect and watch over our soul gifts, our soul purpose, manifestation of our soul power, and our connection to the Divine. The Gatekeeper connects us with Divine inspiration, as well as our creative muse. Without conscious negotiation with our growing 5D Self, the Gatekeeper can overly express in our lives or under-express.


Over-expression of a Gatekeeper may be seen in someone who has prioritized the spiritual life over grounded, practical life and may have chronic health issues or difficulty in relationships. Or someone who is ‘enlightened’ or ‘awakened’ and yet perpetuates patterns of abuse with their followers or in their intimate relationships. They also may feel acute despair, depression, and suicidal feelings. Under-expression of the Gatekeeper, on the other hand, can lead to a strong rational or scientific self who has cut off access to soul frequencies and experiences beyond the five-sense perception. Also, under-expression of a Gatekeeper brings up feelings of emptiness, lack of meaning and disconnection from source or the Divine.

Through the SoulFullHeart process, your Gatekeeper and other 4D aspects begin to trust the Divine again and start to bring you visceral and authentic experiences of your Metasoul and consciousness states attained from other lives at a rate and pace that both your growing 4D and 5D self and your Gatekeeper can digest in an embodied way. Deep and lasting karmic healing happens as a result of this opening from within. The 4D Self starts to collaborate with you in a negotiated way to awaken your soul frequencies, which includes multidimensional travels, deeper development of your soul gifts, and increasing clarity about your soul purpose service of love expression.

We feel that the Gatekeeper is a 4D-based energy that can be experienced when we awaken and open up our metaphysical access beyond the five senses, especially through the activation and cleaning of our
upper three chakras. Some teachers, including Socrates, have suggested that those souls who have incarnated with a sense of purpose, leading a spiritual offering or teaching, would be given the “help” of a Gatekeeper (which he called the 'daemon') to follow what they’ve signed up to do in this lifetime, yet we are feeling that we all probably have one yet it may not get 'activated' if the soul isn't awakening yet.

Metasoul Aspects

Metasoul Aspects

Our 4D self can ‘download’ energies and express them from non-personal and universal sources such as the collective unconscious, archetypes, and from our Metasoul themes. These energies 'bleed through' into our current life and can often push up a lot of emotional reactions and traumas in our emotional body. From our Metasoul source projects out Metasoul aspects/fragments that we can connect with, in typically what has been called ‘past lives’, although they are happening in the NOW. Through connection, we integrate the gifts of their energies, higher consciousness states, and also offer healing to them with our 5D Self Sacred Human presence. We have found that it is access to and connect with the 4D Gatekeeper which opens up our remembrance and fluidity with our Metasoul.
This is what Jelelle wrote about experiencing Metasoul Aspects:

I’m feeling, experiencing, and becoming more and more the sense that guides (angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, etc.) are versions or fragments of your Metasoul, which exists in a higher dimensional reality and projects onto different timelines and dimensions many versions coming from their original source essence and energy. I feel as if when we are experiencing guides, we are experiencing in some ways an aspect of ourselves, a fragment of the same Metasoul. 
If fear, resistance, or just inability to access guides comes up for you, it feels to me like it just isn’t the right time for integration of that particular frequency or the Gatekeeper isn't ready for you to do so. There is other ‘work’ to do first, usually within the emotional body (often connected to unworthiness) and with the 3D Self Inner Protector or with an ‘other lifetime’ aspect that may be feeling the fear or resistance due to unhealed issues of persecution when inhabiting soul gifts, abuse of others related to soul gift expression or being a recipient of abuse, etc.

Getting to know, connect with, heal, and integrate the aspects that are usually known as ‘past lives’ allows for navigation of your Metasoul’s legacy and themes. These legacy and themes are often connected to archetypal frequencies and the collective unconscious. I experience my other lives as existing in the NOW until their ‘time is up’ and their energy can ascend and integrate back into the Metasoul that we originated from. This way of relating to other lifetimes is dynamic, visceral and emotional yet also brings huge gifts of higher vibrational frequency access as some of the ‘fragments’ are in higher dimensions (such as Avalon, Atlantis, Lemuria, other planets, parallel dimensions, etc.). Because time is an illusion, ‘past lives’ are not really past and the energy they generate and take up (especially related to emotional and soul traumas) can be huge and I think goes largely untouched in many people. There can be a lot of energy caught up in these other lifetimes that influences which impacts our current lifetime. This especially seems to be the case when the other lifetime(s) is one in which being famous or still currently well-known is involved.

Guided by your Gatekeeper, it can be quite simple to access these other lifetimes. We feel it is simple for others too when the time is right in their process and the Gatekeeper has been consciously negotiated with.  We then get to meet our Metasoul Aspects and form a relationship through creative visualization during meditation; verbal dialogue exchange; and journaling. A simple creative visualization process can open up this gateway as well, especially if your upper three chakras are open, healthy, and activated. It is within this mutual relationship between you and your other lifetimes that healing occurs on BOTH sides.

Read more here about signs that a Metasoul timeline is bleeding through and the karmic healing opportunities in connecting with Metasoul Aspects.

Benefits Of Part Process Work

Benefits of Part Process Work

The deepening of this relationship with you and your 3D, 4D, and 5D Self parts can lead to profound changes in your life - in an internal way that opens up inside of you, yet also externally related to your professional and career choices, family and personal relationships, habits and coping mechanisms, and even your physical appearance. For women, much more femininity can begin to flood their being as they get more separation and healing from the Protector and Gatekeepers' masculine frequencies. The depth and level of change is up to you, yet the amount of transformation seems to be limitless, and also paced at a rate that you can move through without suffering.

Parts work is self-directed, visceral, and proves its value in distinguishing the 3D Self from the 4D and 5D Selves, which leads to swift transformation that is beyond just self-improvement. The energy patterns that emerge from the different parts are undeniable once you feel them in yourself and witness them in others. The part of us that denies the existence of subpersonalities is often the 3D Self, who wants to stay in control, resists being differentiated and felt, and doesn’t want the suppressed parts (such as the Inner Child) to come out of hiding. If you are feeling skeptical right now about the existence of subpersonalities, it is probably your 3D Self who holds this ‘voice’. However, it is usually the 3D Self (and the Gatekeeper) that is tired, run down, or just plain frustrated with running the show who chooses to engage in a parts process through which they can finally get some relief.
Since our background and experience is in parts work, it is an important cornerstone and foundation of the SoulFullHeart Process. Parts work allows for an embodiment and grounding of the spiritual experiences that come up through connection with our Gatekeeper and Metasoul Aspects, the Divine and spirit guides. It allows for direct and immediate access to the emotional body, which can remain unconsciously influencing our lives otherwise and what we experience of it. And, connection with your Gatekeeper leads to lifting the veil of amnesia around your other-lifetime expressions, which you can then connect with in a direct way leading to quantum, karmic healing that vibrates through your entire Metasoul.
It is when we are free to explore all aspects of our BEing – from our roots to our wings – that we most deeply experience our essence as Infinite Love and ourselves as a beloved subpersonality of the Divine. We embrace what is most human about us, especially as embodied in our Inner Child and our 3D Self, while we explore what is most transcendent about us, as embodied in the frequencies of our Gatekeeper and Metasoul aspects. It is truly amazing the range that we can inhabit and experience without leaving any crucial aspect of ourselves in the shadows as we form a bridge between our humanity and our Divinity.


This is what we experience is possible as we connect with parts and Metasoul Aspects in the conscious and heartfelt way that we offer through the SoulFullHeart Process. Over time in the SoulFullHeart Process, your conscious 5D Self is able to embody more and more frequencies of the Higher Self leading to more sense of wholeness, less fractured experience, connection to the Divine, expression as service of love in a more pure form, more nourishing intimacies, and daily reality of New Earth or Golden Earth in ALL areas of your life.

In this video, Raphael and Jelelle Awen share about your Inner Protector and provide a guided meditation to connect with them. This video is part of their 31 video Deepen 2022 series.

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