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SoulFullHeart Intros and Sessions

A sacred and safe space held where you can journey 1:1 or as a couple into deeper discovery...unfolding, exploring, healing, clearing, revealing, being and curiously connecting with any part/soul aspect who comes forward in response to your light and love...leading to more sense of wholeness and yourself AS Divine love


The space to feel safe. For previously shamed and judged parts of you to be able to come forward, out from the constructed persona and “I” voice…and express into your reality AS themselves.

Their tears and their fears. Their voice and their name. Their world and journey.

And, these parts of you are truthful because they cannot be anything else.

These parts are real, telling it like it is, cutting through any stories. Because they are living still in the moments that caused the pain, that created the trauma. It isn’t a story to them, it is still life for them. And they can get stuck in these moments. A groundhog’s day of repeatedness….until you come in to hold the space, to be a separate energy, to be in the room with them.

Then, these parts of you can be felt, they can be heard, they can show you what they’ve been in and AS and with. There isn’t linear time in this world of theirs. This is only the now and the now is often painful, difficult, and undigested. For your Inner Protector, the now can be a series of heightened adrenal, flight or fight responses, and fear of more hurt happening with constant vigilance as the result.

Yet, amazingly, it takes only your heart presence and with your SoulFullHeart Facilitator to help these parts of you feel better. Just sincere moments, a back and forth conversation, genuinely curious questions, no motive to fix or solve, a bridge to a higher dimensional world to be in…usually that is all they need. Because they want to let go and move on. They want to move into the ‘leading edge’ of their expression and out of the ‘trailing edge’ expression. And they are usually very, very lonely in the worlds that have trapped them in unprocessed feelings.

You become, as your Divine Self, this miracle in their world. You become the sun shining in. You become the love that is bigger than the fear. You become the compassionate witness. You become the loving mother, father, sister, brother…lover that these parts of you didn’t have and most needed.

Sometimes, it is a higher dimensional soul aspect that comes through in session space too. A star family member and ambassador to initiate you into your next upgrades. Or an Inner Earth Lemurian aspect. Or an aspect from the Golden Age of Atlantis with many gifts to exchange. Ready to give guidance or channel through necessary messages.

Or a loved one comes in who has passed away wanting forgiveness and to clear the karma between you. Or beloved animal companions living and passed on. Or soul aspects from other lifetimes who need your bridging and love to move to a higher timeline. Your Gatekeeper starts opening up access to your soul rememberance, other lifetimes, akashic records, clair and Kundalini activations. 

Often, soul guidance comes through the parts that specifically and directly addresses the pain or suffering or confusion or blind spot in your awakening journey, life and relationships that has led you to ask for a session in the first place. The answer comes from within you, able to be accessed once the shifted focus to your deeper wisdom and truth is provided.

As a witness to these self held and self led moments with parts of people for many years now and in ourselves, it is always amazing to us what can move and be touched and brought out in these bridging sessions with parts of the self and soul. And, our response of curiosity, of interest, of deep feeling empathy, of non-judgement, of being direct with care….this is sincere as it has become natural for us to respond to our OWN parts/soul aspects in this way. And, it is how the Divine responds to us.

So, this then is the space that is set for a ‘SoulFullHeart session’ as we call it, an initiatory space led by your soul and your Divine self. Layers of defense drop and the vulnerable, the deep, the necessary and often the urgent comes through. Layers of falseness fall away as realness supports more realness. Layers of mental explanation, analysis and knowing dissolve in the infinitely mysterious information provided by emotions and intuition.

This is not a quick fix process or an easy path. It is not achievement based or goal oriented. Although the deepest traumas and karmic patterns from this life and even from many lifetimes CAN and DO heal and transmute with and to love. It is a mirror held at an often awkward angle, that is both confrontative and comforting. Because you aren’t alone in the looking and the seeing and the feeling…your facilitator is there with you as support and template along the journey.

We are honored to witness, to guide, to bridge, to mentor, to support this space opening up in women and in men….time suspends for us during these ‘drop ins’, these deeply meaningful dialogues, these often very emotional movements for parts and soul aspects.

This isn’t a job for us or a business; it's our way of life together and soul purpose mission to seed this consciousness and awareness of these parts/aspects and their realities....and you are not a ‘client’ in the traditional way of therapy and coaching models. 
This is a sacred calling fulfilled between soul family members in the process of remembering and reunion together..... for which we gratefully accept monetary exchange, to have it ground in, to have the whole thing honored, to have our life and needs supported by our service to others.


Look forward to where we can journey together!


Raphael and Jelelle Awen and Kasha Rokshana

Intro Calls 

We’ve found that it is important to have an introduction call over zoom to calibrate to each other’s energy, to ask any questions about SoulFullHeart and the process, to see if it is mutual fit (of if another facilitator may be an even better one). Intro calls for 35-45 minutes over zoom are available with Kasha Rokshana and Jelelle Awen for women (usually); and with Raphael Awen for men (usually) for free and we also gratefully accept donations for them as well. 

We find that the Inner Protector/Gatekeeper aspects (inner defensive energies) appreciate the space to talk before diving into the more vulnerable drop-in meditation space that happens in the session. Sometimes, we will offer more acclimation for a time/phase to our work through reading Jelelle's books, or watching more videos or just more time/space to feel into readiness and resonance. Intro calls are particularly useful for those who are wanting to have ongoing, multiple sessions over a period of time.​

We will also talk with you about the minimum donation amount for your session and if you are wanting ongoing sessions as well. 


In the intro call, we talk with you to get a sense of your awakening journey, where the areas of pain/desire are in your life, and where we might go with you in a session. We get a sense together of which Facilitator would be best to serve you in this current phase of your healing and Ascension process and if sessions are right for you at this time.

We also discuss briefly your responses to the questions below that you send to us prior to the intro call, which you can email to or submit via our contact form. 


* What drew you to SoulFullHeart and to request a session and how do you feel the process could help you?
* What is your biggest pain/suffering about in your life?
* What is your biggest desire for yourself in your life?
* Tell me something about your awakening journey and how it has been for you

Suggested Reading prior to the intro call:

About the SoulFullHeart Process, Our Story and Vision

About Parts and Metasoul Aspects

Suggested Viewing Prior to the intro call:

Guided Meditation with your Inner Protector

When you contact us about an intro call, let us know if there is a specific facilitator you would like to meet with and we will see if they are available, otherwise we will choose one based on your responses and their availability. A Facilitator will be in touch with you via email to schedule the session with you.

1:1 Sessions

There is so much to navigate and feel with the ongoing Ascension and awakening process accelerating and deepening. Sessions with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator offer an illuminating and inspiring look at your journey, your process, and your life. Coming from the truly unique SoulFullHeart Way Of Life perspective and way of life, we provide a bridge to digest what you’ve experienced in your awakening and life so far, locate where you currently are, and identify possible next steps for your highest timeline manifestation and embodiment of your Divine Self. 

In the first part of the session, your Facilitator will talk with you about current situations going on in your life that are causing you pain or suffering, what your desires are, and​ also get a sense of your general well being, relationships with your family, romance, and experience of awakening. Through this conversation and the previous intro call, they will have a sense of where you might go in your drop-in meditation together.

For the next 45 to 60 minutes, your Facilitator then takes you on an effective and powerful meditative journey with them to connect with your Inner Protector, Gatekeeper or other parts, and/or a Metasoul aspects/lifetimes in order to start creating a bridge to these parts/aspects. This is a collaborative journey between you and your Facilitator. You are leading the way into an altered state of consciousness that gives you clearer access to your subconscious, to beyond-the-veil reality of other lifetimes, and to previously suppressed shadow aspects. 

You will 'drop into' the energy of whichever part or Metasoul Aspect you are working with in a natural and easy way feeling their energy and even speaking and answering questions as them/from their voice. This drop-in offers a highly effective means of healing and digesting deeper traumas, identifying polarized dynamics and realities inside of you, and accessing soul themes/karmic play out patterns that are usually not currently conscious to you. There is always something NEW that comes out of this!

Ongoing sessions:

Ongoing 1:1 sessions are available with SoulFullHeart Facilitators after having an initial session with them for deepening mentoring and support. We recommend the pace of once a week at maximum and at least once a month on an ongoing basis (with 2-4x a month being optimal for transformation and consistency.) You can purchase additional sessions at whatever rate/pace works for you in coordination with your Facilitator through the payment options offered on our shop page. 

​Remote sessions over zoom are meant to be for a limited period of time, not for years as in traditional therapy, and ultimately as a bridge to experiencing SoulFullHeart consciousness and the healing process in person with us here in Central Portugal and even eventually attending one of our seasonal Gatherings on every Equinox and Solstice. Meeting all of us and others sharing the way of life, experiencing SoulFullHeart in person allows you to ground in what you've been opening up through remote sessions and to make choices about next steps of alignment with us or whether to complete the process.

The process is ultimately best served, experienced, and deepened in person, although much can be bridged and initiated remotely for a phase of time. Being with us in person also opens up the opportunity for energy healing in the physical as well.

Couples sessions: 

Couples sessions with Raphael and Jelelle Awen are also available with more info here. 

”I'm so glad I felt the Soul nudge, got over my resistance and jumped into sessions with you, Jelelle! You have such a warm, amazing, non- judgemental, Loving Presence and Awareness from which you collaborate this healing space! I also love how I don't feel like a "client". It's a much bigger and more loving fluid space than that. And I wasn't expecting that! But it's a True Treasure.

I'm really feeling blessed by the collaborative nature of it! Your creation of it that way Invites my own emPowerment. And I don't feel smaller, diminished, invalidated or even shamed, like I have felt with other types of work/facilitators.

You carry forth such a deep wellspring of Loving Curiosity & Compassion! That feels like such an excellent model for what I can offer my own parts of Self.”

Jennifer Oikle- November 8, 2023


"Thank you, Jelelle for your loving and genuinely caring responses. I'm still sitting with the tenderness and pure heart opening from our last session. Meeting the young, awkward, self-conscious, previously shamed aspects was deeply Soul cleansing and restorative. I am also appreciating the rare and priceless gifts flowing through...resting in the goodness. Thanks again for holding space and most importantly for committing to your own inner work over the years. Through the heart, I'm able to see and feel the depth, and it's all beautiful and inspiring. I know that your intimate space and purity of intentions are true, despite all of the surface changes and unknowns. Infinite Love!"


Anaeli Sofia - November 9, 2023

"These last 6 years of sessions have been so empowering, deep and heart opening. So many walls have melted, deep pain has been felt and transmuted, parts have upgraded when they’re ready and my outside world has transmuted because of it.

I’ve grown from a shy, caretaking and self conscious girl to a confident, compassionate and open woman with a desire to serve all that I’ve learned. There’s nothing quite like getting as real as you can in a safe container with a space holder and the divine. So grateful for this warm and deep room!" 

Raianna Shai November 11, 2023

"As a former client of SoulFullHeart session space- this is true service and I've been humbled by this work over several years. I love seeing the resurgence of session space holding, and, as always, I happy to give testimony to this community and my many and frequent sessions in the past. May the Divine rise and shine on our sacred journeys."

Marci Faith, November 11, 2023


"My energy went up after the session with you, Jelelle. I felt very joyful and light. I also notice a greater desire to connect in general and a greater freedom and desire to play. I started guitar lessons this week and my soul felt in harmony. I also met with a friend who is has a playful nature. We made plans to watch movies together. I am noticing a great increase in compassion towards children also."

Jessica Eleutheria, October 22, 2023

"Thank you for everything during our session, Jelelle! I am feeling MUCH better and can eat again and have already put 4 pounds back on and not feeling nausea. I am so thankful for you!!! You helped me a lot and I hope my testimony will encourage others to go to you for help." 

Beth Buckley, October 12, 2023


Below are profiles for SoulFullHeart Teachers and Facilitators


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SouFullHeart Co-Creator, Teacher, Facilitator

since 2012

Jelelle Awen is a Co-creator and Teacher of SoulFullHeart; Facilitator of 1:1 sessions for women and couples; Trainer/mentor of SoulFullHeart Facilitators; Creator and Facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Energy Healing Process; Group Facilitator of women's and group call transmissions, gatherings, and other group sessions; author of SoulFullHeart books; Contributor on SoulFullHeart Blog and SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube Channel. Sessions with Jelelle are €55 Euros minimum donation for 90 minutes. 


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SoulFullHeart Co-Creator , Teacher, and Facilitator

since 2012

Raphael Awen is a Co-creator and Teacher of SoulFullHeart; Facilitator of intro calls and 1:1 Sessions for men and couples; Teacher of group transmissions/meditation circles/gatherings; Facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Energy Healing process; and a Contributor on the SoulFullHeart Blog and SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube Channel. Sessions with Raphael are €55 Euros minimum donation for 90 minutes. 


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SoulFullHeart Facilitator

Involved with SoulFullHeart since 2012

Kasha Rokshana is a Facilitator of intro call and 1:1 Sessions with women; Co-Facilitator of monthly women's group calls; and a Contributor on the SoulFullHeart Blog and the SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube Channel. Sessions with Kasha are €55 Euros minimum donation for 90 minutes. 

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