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Living In 5D 

Group Meditation Call

Sunday, June 13th, 2021

*recording now available

SoulFullHeart Teachers/ Facilitators/Ascension bridges Raphael and Jelelle Awen co-hosted this group call for women and men over Zoom providing a transmission of 5D Ascension codes for the last time from their physical location in Glastonbury/Avalon (the heart and third eye chakra of Gaia) where we have been receiving 5D activations from the Magdalenes and Lemurians, especially through the ancient standing stone circles and sacred sites here. The focus of this group on Sunday, June 13th, 2021 was about opening up your access to 5D consciousness through the transmission of these frequencies.

We will talked about how to raise your vibrational frequency in ALL areas of your life to resonate more consistently at 5D energies through unplugging from the Matrix on both this-life trauma and previous-lifetime karmic levels. We shared our personal journeys and experiences with 5D living and the guidance we have received from the Divine and from our soul aspects (especially the Lemurians) around the Ascension process to 5D that is ongoing during our lifetime.

During this group call,  provided 5D transmission through a sound bath of 432 HZ (the ‘heaven’ frequency) crystal healing bowls and a guided meditation journey to 5D “Golden Earth” or New Lemuria to connect to your 5D Self/Soul aspect guide. Our Inner Earth Lemurian soul aspects/brothers/sisters named Ruma and Ruhan joined us as a template of the sacred human ascension process and provide messages/guidance to us all. We also repeated ‘recoding’ affirmations as mantras together as a group, that assist in this healing.