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Sacred Wounds Healing

August 12, 2020 on Zoom

Free To Be Series 5D With Raphael and Jelelle Awen
Price: by donation​

We are so excited to have you join on this journey during this catalytic time of humanity's awakening into deeper embodiment of next levels of New Earth consciousness as the old systems fall away! We are Raphael and Jelelle Awen, SoulFullHeart Co-Creators/Teachers/Facilitators/Divine Bridges and counterpart soulmates. We have been hosting virtual group calls off and on for the last few years, offering our teachings and guided meditations to hundreds of people.

People have been wanting it and asking for it for awhile now….and FINALLY we have a SoulFullHeart ‘Basics’ and overview of the entire paradigm and process in the form of the new book by Jelelle Awen, Free To Be 5D, and an accompanying six-week group call series. Connecting with other resonant souls during the calls plus membership on our SoulFullHeart Experience Facebook page provides a much needed community during this time of transition.

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