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Virtual Events

Coming together into one virtual space as a group in the Now.... with focus on a particular place, topic, and transmission for each individual, each heart, each feminine, each masculine and the collective too

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Join Raphael and Jelelle for a Twin Flame/Divine Union sound transmission with sound bowls, toning, light language/singing, and channeled messages/teachings. Transmissions happen every Wednesday at 5:00pm WEST/Uk - 12pm EDT

In Person Events

Gathering together into a safe and sacred space in the physical...a soul family reunion in the Now with intention for healing, for connecting, for recoding, for dropping into more authentic spaces where love can move, light can reach, and clarity can come

Winter Solstice Gathering

Dec. 19-23rd, 2023


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We have long had the desire to host recurring gatherings for those engaged in the SoulFullHeart process seasonally for every Equinox and Solstice for whomever was deepening in 1:1 sessions and/or attending group calls, wanted to and was ready to join us. This vision finally became reality with our first Autumn Equinox Gathering here in Portugal in September, 2022. And now we have had four other gatherings for the Winter Solstice 2022, the Spring Equinox 2023, Summer Solstice 2023, and Autumn Equinox 20212. Some events with our core community to seed in the intention for them and some with others joining us.

We'd love to have others join us for this next one for the Winter Solstice, where there are cozy and activating Yeshua and Mary Magdalene codes to share with you! More information about this gathering coming up soon.

SoulFullHeart Equinox/Solstice Gatherings are Soul Family reunion experiences with group circle days offering SoulFullHeart teachings, guided meditations, crystal sound bowl healing transmissions, emotional and spiritual healing through individual and group processes, SoulFullHeart energy healing, and nature/soul place connection outings in beautiful Central Portugal.

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