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12:12 Portal Transmission

Guided Meditation

Group Call

Sunday, December 12th, 2021

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SoulFullHeart Teachers/Facilitators/Ascension Bridges, Raphael and Jelelle Awen, will co-host a 12:12 group call over Zoom to provide a transmission during this powerful portal. The focus of this group on Sunday, December 12th, 2021 at 5:00pm/17:00pm WET Lisbon, Portugal timezone/12:00pm EST/9:00am PST) will be opening up your access to receive Divine codes through the transmission of these frequencies on the magical 12:12 day. SoulFullHeart Teachers Gabriel Amara and Kasha Rokshana also join us to share their experience of the meditation, along with their own personal deepenings with Christ Consciousness Embodiment.


12:12 provides a strong influx of Christ and Magdalene Consciousness codes throughout all of December (which also includes a total solar eclipse on December 4th), the Winter Solstice and Christmas. Christ Magdalene codes offer sacred union, Divine embodiment, peace/love ambassador activations and more at a phase in humanity’s ascension when they are very needed! The seeding of our 5D New Earth timeline occurred during the Christ/Magdalene lifetime and we can water these seeds from within in a more powerful way during this time.

We will talk about the transition we are going through collectively as we move through this Dark Night and into the Light of New Earth and how the 12:12 codes can support this transition. We’ll share our personal spiritual journeys and recent tender experiences with experiencing Divine Mother’s Grace and Divine Father’s supportive frequencies during this time.
During this group call, we will provide a guided meditation journey to the 12:12 portal and you can feel what your deeper desires are as connected to your intuition. You may feel a specific soul aspect from another lifetime or a part such as an Inner Child, Inner Teenager, etc. that is in resistance or fear. Magdalene and Yeshua will join us to hold the space and provide an infusion of Christ Consciousness. We will also repeat ‘recoding’ affirmations as mantras, together as a group, that assist in this healing.


Taking in this call would help you decide if you feel drawn to be a deeper part of SoulFullHeart in experiencing ongoing deeper transformation through regular sessions with Raphael, Jelelle, Gabriel, or Kasha.