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Gathering together into a safe and sacred space as a group for several days...a soul family reunion in the Now with intention for healing, for connecting, for recoding, for dropping into more authentic spaces where love can move, light can reach, and clarity can come

Upcoming event:

Summer Solstice Gathering 2023

June 18-23, 2023

Folques, Portugal

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SoulFullHeart Summer Solstice Gathering in Central Portugal
June 18 through 23rd, 2023

We have long had the desire to host recurring gatherings for those engaged in the SoulFullHeart process seasonally for every Equinox and Solstice for whomever was deepening in sessions, wanted to and was ready to join us. This vision finally became reality with our first Autumn Equinox Gathering in September, 2022. Eight of us joined together here in Central Portugal for a rich and deep experience of healing, connection and community. And now we have had two others for the Winter Solstice 2022 and the Spring Equinox 2023, both events with our core community to seed in the intention for them. We'd love to have others join us for this next one for the summer solstice, where weather here in Portugal is usually so nice and it is the perfect time of year for gathering together!

SoulFullHeart Equinox/Solstice Gatherings are Soul Family reunion experiences with group circle days offering SoulFullHeart teachings, guided meditations, sound healing transmissions, emotional and spiritual healing through individual and group processes, SoulFullHeart energy healing, and nature/soul place connection outings in beautiful Central Portugal. These Gatherings offer a sense of what it is like to be in intimate community here with us, especially during our monthly group weekends and socially as well.

Our next Gathering is for the upcoming Summer Solstice from Sunday, June 18th through Friday, June 23rd. Each day starts at 10am and ends by 5pm (other than last day with our final dinner).

The Summer Solstice is a warm and lively time of celebration, renewal, and joy. It also offers an opportunity to connect more with your physical body in alignment with your emotional/energy/mental bodies. It is a beloved time for the Magdalene soul family lineage where gatherings were hosted for them to come from all over the world and reunite/deepen in their connection to each other and to their Divine purpose mission. Yeshua and Mary Magdalene will be with us during the Gathering too through channels/messages with Raphael and Jelelle. 

During the Gathering:

Raphael and Jelelle will open the space each day with a crystal sound bowl healing, guided meditation and channeling/transmission of Divine and Magdalene frequencies, plus brief individual check ins as needed.

Each participant will get a full amount of individual check in and process time, dropping into whatever part/energy comes up in the moment facilitated by Raphael and Jelelle, plus receive feedback and support from the group.

Each participant will receive SoulFullHeart energy healing with chakra clearing/cleaning, energy flow correction and rebalancing, code retrieval, focused healing on any areas of pain/discomfort in the physical body/soul field, identification of any 'objects' that may be ready to removed or dissolved with love, collaboration with your Gatekeeper to bridge to what is most needed, check in with your emotional body and parts/aspects that may come up.

We will take two soul field trips for during the Gathering! We will spend the afternoon at the nearby magical Inner Earth Lemurian Portal of Fraga da Pena. Here we can connect as a group in circle and in play time to the Pixie/Fairie energies, the three magical waterfall sites, the crystal clear water, and whatever else wants to come through!  This place has been a powerful portal of connection to Inner Earth Lemuria and our Magdalene lineage too.

We will also spend a full day at Buçaco Forest, a 105 hectare forest and functioning five star palace hotel with relic forests and ruins from a 1600s Carmelite monastery. We'll have a meditation circle in our favorite meadow with vista views, along with taking in the tall and old tree codes, plus quartz crystal healing water. We have connected to lifetimes here as Carmelite nuns/monks, plus Celtic Priestess/Priest. More about Buçaco here.

We will share a vegetarian meal on the last day as our 'final' meal and completion of the intentional space we have created together.


This gathering supports your individual SoulFullHeart process, yet also significantly deepens and accelerates it as you dedicate the time/space to yourself while being in group/social space with others also engaging in the process. 

Cost: $222 euros (or USD equivalent) as an energy exchange for Raphael and Jelelle’s facilitation and teaching

  • Travel expenses to/from Portugal, lodging, and meals (other than final meal) are not included in the cost

  • We can help you with finding affordable lodging here though or even in the community, coordinate trips to and from the Porto Airport by taxi or bus (two hours away), getting food and groceries, etc.

Prerequisite to attending the Gathering is being in sessions with a Facilitator on a regular basis prior to the Gathering. This allows for calibration and initiation into the SoulFullHeart process before the deeper immersion that the Gathering offers.

Contact us if you are interested in joining us for this Gathering and to begin sessions with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator,

Hope you can join us for this soul family reunion deepening on the summer solstice!

Raphael, Jelelle, Kasha, Bianca and Raianna 


Past event:

Autumn Equinox Gathering

September 22nd - September 26th, 2022

Folques, Portugal