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In a two-hour group call for women on Sunday, January 21st, SoulFullHeart Teachers/Facilitators Jelelle Awen and Kasha Roskhana offered an exploration into healing the daughter and mother dynamic.

The relationship with our birth mothers has a big impact on us as women and our arising embodiment of our mature feminine essences out of an immaturity that is usually a result of ‘fusion’ with an inner teenager part of us. The templating we received from our birth mother impacts our own sense of feminine expression, our relationship to our sexuality and the masculine, and our relationships with other women. The powerful influence of this Mother-Daughter relationship is often rooted in a many lifetimes karmic relationship with her at the soul level that extends beyond what we experience in this life.

The relationship between your inner daughter and inner mother is an interesting dynamic to explore. The Inner Daughter is often also the receiver of punishment/judgment/control from the inner mother/punisher (if that was your experience). The unconscious polarizations in this relationship (an internalization of our experience with our birth mothers and other female caregivers) can play out in difficult, conflicted or disconnected relationships with other women, our own daughters, how we feel towards the Divine Feminine, etc.

Healing the mother-daughter experience from within allows for more embodiment and letting in of Divine Mother frequencies of compassion, grace, fierce fire/passion (when needed), forgiveness, service as love, womb wisdom, and more. There is also more discernment about what are false mother/feminine energies and what are true/authentic Divine Mother energies. 


In this call, Kasha and Jelelle shared about:

- our own journeys individually in healing our daughter-motherhood wounds from this life and other lifetimes that allows an ongoing letting in of Divine Mother

- the common challenges and issues of healing this dynamic in our service work with women over the years

- how to identify, heal, and feel parts of you and their relationship to each other (esp the inner mother and inner daughter) to differentiate, negotiate and digest through these parts of you

- the phases/stages of Divine Mother embodiment for women, starting with individuation from birth mother

During the guided meditation, we connected to your inner daughter and birth mother dynamic to feel and heal. Then, we bridged to the Divine Mother, who came forward inviting your Divine Daughter to come into her magical garden and submerge into a healing pool with her. Jelelle offered some messages of support from Divine Mother as well. 

We played our 432HZ crystal sound bowls, offered healing frequencies in our toning/light language, and also repeated affirmations/recodings as a sisterhood group with Divine Mother that provide a new coding within you and all of us together.

We recommend reading/listening to Jelelle’s Free To Be 5D book as a support for this call. If you purchase this call, we will send you a free PDF, plus the audio book files in Jelelle's voice, to take in as a support for the call. 

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Healing The Mother-Daughter Dynamic Women's Group Call W/Jelelle and Kasha

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