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Sacred Union with a partner offers a frequency of Divine Self experience in the physical unlike any other and is a huge growth as well as service ground. Your partner mirrors both your leading edge of gifts/Divine essence and your trailing edge of wounds/pains/suffering/shadow. This unique combination offers a ground of healing and transformation that allows for multiple lifetime clearings in one lifetime. Both the goodness bliss of union and the karmic mess of separation are pushed up, illuminated, and offered.


Activating and embodying these Sacred Union codes within you allows you to see and feel beyond a fear of loneliness, or your heartaches in romance, to seeing your higher hearts calling to inhabit this sacred ground. Sacred Union frequencies begin from where you are right now, whether single or in a relationship, and take you into new places inside and out in perfect timing and flow. 

Many more Sacred Union counterparts/twins/pair bonds are coming together now in this Ascension timeline than ever before, as many of us signed up to be together in this life in the physical for service of the Divine and the Ascension process. The reunion of counterparts is a template for all souls of what is possible from within them and with the Divine as separation wounds are healed in unity. 


In this two-hour transmission circle for men and women on Sunday, February 4th, SoulFullHeart Teachers/Facilitators/Sacred Union Mates Raphael and Jelelle Awen offered a Sacred Union activation for those currently in relationship, those in separation from their mate, and those who are single.


We shared about:

- our own personal journeys and process of being in Sacred Union, both the bliss and mess of that experience and how we have navigated through it.

- how to identify, heal, and feel parts of you and their relationship to relationships

- how connecting with your Gatekeeper and soul aspects in other lifetimes allows for healing of karmic patterns/configurations that opens up sacred union within and with a mate

​In the guided meditation/transmission portion of the call, we created a bridge to your Sacred Union relationship to feel it as it is currently transacting, either in current transaction with your mate, in separation, or from within you. You’ll be able to sense energies of resistance, fear, and pain that may be in the space and any parts of you that hold them.

We also opened up a bridge for you to connect your Divine Union Pairbond at the original higher dimensional source field with your mate (known or not), which offers an inspiring flood of love and reminder of union. Divine guides and sacred union mates Yeshua and Mary Magdalene joined us to hold a safe, higher-vibe space for this exploration and offered inspiring transmissions of Infinite love and light. Raphael and Jelelle channeled from his sacred masculine mate heart and her sacred feminine mate heart any messages/guidance/codes of support that flowed through them for you. 


We played our 432HZ crystal sound bowls, offering healing Divine Union codes and frequencies in our toning/light language, and also repeated affirmations/I AM recodings as a group that provided a new coding within you and all of us together.


If you are currently in a sacred union relationship, this transmission supports you to deepen the intimacy within you and with your partner. It also bridges you to a new way to process your experience and get more space from any reactive patterns that are occurring.


If you are currently single or experiencing a pairbond in conscious separation (meaning you have met your mate yet aren’t in a relationship right now), this group call gives you a bigger context for which to digest sacred union. You also bring in new codes to help any suffering grounds that have been occurring around it.


We recommend reading/listening to Jelelle’s Free To Be 5D book as a support for this circle. If you purchase this circle, we will send you a free PDF, plus the audio book files in Jelelle's voice, to take in as a support for it. 

You can receive the recording for an energy/money exchange of whatever donation you feel to give (11 Euros/USD is the amount people usually offer us).



You can offer your donation for the call in one of four ways:


1. Our preferred payment platform is Wise if you have that or would like to sign up. It's instant, zero fee to transfer money between members. There’s a doc here with some guidance and more info if you'd like to sign up. Include your email if using wise:


2. If you are Canadian, you can use Interac e-transfer. Our email for transfers is and account is under Marvin Vriend. It’s also instant and without service fees to sender or receiver. 


3. via our shop here using stripe (Credit/debit)


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Sacred Union Transmission Circle W/Raphael & Jelelle

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