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Are You Ready To Deepen?

The Video Series was originally shared in January, 2022. Join us as we reshare the series every day in January, 2023.  

The video series is free for you to view on our SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube Channel,, FB pages, and here on this page. We do gratefully welcome and accept donations to support our efforts and to be in energy exchange with you.

We originally shared this 31 video series every day from January 1st through January 31st, 2022. The entire series has been available for free on our SoulFullHeart Experience YouTube Channel since then. 

Now, we are resharing each video in the series daily from January 1st through January 31st, 2023. We will be uploading each video to Jelelle Awen and Raphael Awen's FB pages for you to view and comment on there. We will also be talking about the video series in our free, private online community Portal group here on our website and available through the Spaces by wix app. 

Here is the original description of the series:


We are so excited to have you join us on this journey during this catalytic and sobering time of humanity's awakening into deeper embodiment of next levels of New Earth consciousness as the old systems fall away!


We are Raphael and Jelelle Awen, SoulFullHeart Co-Creators/Teachers/Facilitators/Divine Bridges and Divine counterparts. We have been in a Sacred Union relationship serving love together for over 12 years, working with individuals and groups in the SoulFullHeart Healing process. We have been offering 1:1 sessions, in person groups/gatherings and hosting virtual group calls offering our teachings and guided meditations to hundreds of people within a small community formed around our work.


We offered this Deepen 2022 video series experience as a bridge to those of you who are wanting to deepen your integration of your awakenings and experience yourself as becoming more aligned with your Higher (5D) Self. We invite you to join us as we guide you on an arising, spontaneous, and life-shifting journey of deepening and transformation. For 31 days we released a daily video that arose in the moment of filming it here in our living room in Central Portugal from the spontaneous flows of our heart and soul passion for this process.


We will lead you into inner spaces with our powerful, catalytic, yet gentle and compassionate energy in guided meditations EVERY DAY for 31 days. These meditations have been fine-tuned by us over the years to get access quickly and are an opportunity to experience higher-vibrational frequencies while opening out to whatever needs to be felt, digested, and processed. We provide a bridge to you for a more visceral connection with your emotional body, Star Family, parts of yourself, Metasoul aspects, other timelines, the Divine Feminine and Masculine (especially the Magdalenes) and MUCH more. We offer truly cutting edge teachings about how to unplug from the control Matrix at 3D Self, 4D False Light/God, Reptilian Self and Metasoul levels with assistance from your Gatekeeper. Energy healing meditations allow for activation, clearing, and connection with your Ascension Chakras, which can be a huge boost to your process. Full list of the daily meditations is below.


Teachings about the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life process and community that we have lived in and co-led will provide NEW and radical points of view about the awakening and ascension process. We have structured the series content to cover Emotional Body Awakening; then Navigating the Matrix & Unplugging process; followed by the Metasoul and I AM Divine Self Awakening; Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine Awakening; and finishing up with Sacred Relationships Awakening.


SoulFullHeart Facilitator Gabriel Amara joined Raphael for a series of videos about Sacred Masculine embodiment and Kasha Rokshana joined Jelelle for a series about Sacred Feminine embodiment, plus SoulFullHeart facilitants/community members Raianna Shai and Bey Magdalene joined us for the final video of the series!

Our desire is for this Deepen 2022 Experience to serve as a bridge within you to go into the 3D 'mainstream' collapse to Lower 4D Dark Night and all the way to 5D New Earth Transition we are all experiencing right now through the C. and V. narratives.


Through this series, you will feel empowered to connect with the aspects of yourself that need your love and those that can provide guidance and support. You’ll receive more clarity about how to navigate your personal relationships and Sacred Union during this transition, as well as connect to the context of what is rumbling in the world of your Reptilian Self and the 4D A.I. Matrix. And finally, you’ll realize your potential to BEcome an I AM Divine Self 5D Bridge into the New Earth to others and other parts of you as you continue your awakening and healing journey.

We encourage you to take in the videos at your own rate and pace… and in whatever order you feel called to follow. The meditations are designed and offered to open up deep space within you that may ask for time and self-spaceholding digestion between them.


We also invite you to join us with a  FREE membership on our private, online community the SoulFullHeart Portal for sharing, asking questions, and connecting with others engaged in the series. 

We are offering this series free of charge, yet we would be so grateful if you offered an energy exchange/donation to us for the value you receive in this series. Donation buttons are above. 


We look forward to connecting deeper with you! If you have any questions, please email us at or via the contact page.


Much love!

Raphael and Jelelle 

In this video, Raphael and Jelelle offer an introduction and overview of the Deepen 2022 series.

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Emotional Body Awakening Teachings And Guided Meditations

January 1st- Intentions for 2022
January 2nd- Emotional Body Awakening
January 3rd- Inner Protector Awakening
January 4th- Inner Teenager Awakening
January 5th- Inner Child Awakening
January 6th- Inner Punisher-Shame Dynamic

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Navigating The Matrix & The Unplugging Process Teachings And Guided Meditations

January 7th- Connecting With Your Gatekeeper 
January 8th- Shadow Exploration
January 9th- Death And Rebirth of Your 3D Self
January 10th- Navigating The Current Matrix Narrative
January 11th- Unplugging Your Reptilian Self
January 12th- Unplugging From The False Light

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Metasoul Awakening Teachings And Guided Meditations

January 13th- Accessing Your Metasoul Lifetimes
January 14th- Star Seed & Star Family Activation

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I AM 5D Divine Self Essence Awakening Teachings And Guided Meditations

January 15th- Ascension Energies And Ascension Chakras
January 16th- Moving From Warrior To 5D Love Ambassador
January 17th- Your I AM 5D Divine Self Essence
January 18th- Light Body Activation

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Sacred Feminine Awakening Teachings And Guided Meditations: Jelelle and Kasha

January 19th- Sacred Feminine Healing & Connection
January 20th- Inner Daughter / Inner Mother Healing
January 21st- Connecting To Divine Mother
January 22nd- Womb Healing
January 23rd- Meet Your Inner Ursula 

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Sacred Masculine Awakening Teachings And Guided Meditations: Raphael and Gabriel

January 24th- Grief and Mourning
January 25th- Purpose and Meaning
January 26th- Inner Father/Inner Son
January 27th- Inner Feminine

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Sacred Relationships Awakening Teachings And Guided Meditations

January 28th- Sacred Union Within
January 29th- Sacred Union Romance & Sexuality
January 30th- Lone Wolf To Soul Family Community
January 31st- Conclusion and Next Steps (With The SoulFullHeart Community)


Deepen 2022 Videos