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Sacred Union with Self, Others, and the Divine

Group Call Series 

Coming together into a virtual group space with all; with women; with feel the healing energies of union as scared and polarized connections move into sacred and embodied ones with others, within and with the Divine  

Sacred Union Group Call Series (9).png

Are You Ready To Go Into Deeper Sacred Union With Yourself, Others, and the Divine?

Join us for a sacred union exploration group call series starting in February, 2023 through June, 2023

- Five group calls for men and women with Raphael and Jelelle Awen

- Five group calls for women with Jelelle and Kasha Rokshana

- Five group calls for men with Raphael

The Sacred Union Journey takes place from February 5th with group calls about every two weeks until we feel to complete it 

Receive the zoom link and recording of each call by offering a donation for each of them individually below

(11 Euros is the usual amount per call)

We are so excited and blessed to have you join us on this ongoing journey into deeper embodiment of sacred union within yourself, in your relationships and in your connection with the Divine. 


We received the sudden guidance to create and offer this ongoing sacred union group call series over the next five months starting in February and now are getting that we will probably be extending it beyond June as well. We are experiencing a deepening initiation phase with Ascended guides and sacred union counterparts Yeshua and Mary Magdalene as a couple, and similar sacred union movements within our community and in sessions, plus being inspired by the rich and full response to our first sacred union call on Sunday, February 5th as well.


It really felt like your initial enthusiastic response really confirms and co-creates the space together and all that wants to be imparted to us as leaders, participants and the collective at this critical time in our history. 


We feel this phase of Ascension is offering a deepening in resonant relationship bonds to heal polarities and move into more unity within you, within a relationship, in friendships, with soul family/soul mates, and with the Divine as Beloved. Magdalene especially is wanting us to share about the purpose of sacred union...both within and with a beloved reconcile our experience on this Earth Plane (esp 3D Matrix lifetimes) of separation, to heal the fear that is created from this separation of losing any goodness that may come to us, from the dark that sets in as we moved away from the light of the Divine, from the polarizations that are internalized within us.


All of that changes as we bridge to and connect with these wounds held by the parts of us who hold the energy and very reality of these memories, which aren’t just memories, but god-like ‘memes’ that await our reconciliation/transformation of them. Our wounds which we’ve largely been afraid of and avoidant of are now proving to be the very portals to our heart and soul awakening, guarded and even preserved by these lifetimes of fear, but which can now be bridged to and transmuted to enter the phase of reconciliation. 

During the group calls, we will explore through teachings, guided meditation journey/transmission and sharings from group participants about many pieces related to sacred union: sacred sexuality healing for men and women; the catalytic grounds of inner sacred union; womb and hara (the masculine power center) healing groups for women and men; Soul karmic healing around sacred union, plus priestess/nun and priest/monk lifetimes. We will complete the series with an exploration into the Divine AS beloved, feeling the difference between this and false god configurations/patterns/filters from other lifetimes for both women and men. 

All of the calls will be held by, inspired by and supported by Mary Magdalene and Yeshua....holding the space, beaming the possibilities of sacred union through their merged soul fields, light bodies, and heart codes for us to receive.


In each call, we provide one of our powerful, efficient, and transformative guided meditations live to offer an experiential deepening within you of what we have taught about during the call. This creates a bridge from what you are learning about on a mental level into the emotional body and quantum soul field, where activation, transformation, and deeper healing become possible. 


SoulFullHeart Facilitator Kasha Rokshana, who has been involved in the creation and living out of SoulFullHeart from the beginning, will be co-host for the women's group calls. 


You don't need to attend each group call in the series in order to come to the next as they are all stand alone. Although, the more that you attend or listen to, the deeper the experience can be.


Rather than charge a set fee or offer them as a 'package' for the whole series, we would rather that you choose the calls that you are guided to and intentionally donate for them individually, offering an amount that feels good to you. You can receive the zoom link and recording of each call individually by offering a donation via the instructions below. 


I AM sacred union, YOU ARE sacred union, WE ARE sacred union.


Much love!

Raphael and Jelelle Awen and Kasha Rokshana

In this video of a livestream recorded on February 8th, Raphael and Jelelle share about this Sacred Union group call series, what it covers and the inspiration from Yeshua and Mary Magdalene to offer it.

Here is the schedule of the calls through end of June (for now) with brief description below and links to read more plus offer donation. All calls are either on Saturday or Sunday and all are at 5:00pm WEST/Portugal/ UK time.


February 5 - Men and Women: Sacred Union Intro Group Call W/Raphael & Jelelle -

Recording available


February 19 - Women: Sacred Union w/Self, Others & The Divine Women's Group Call W/Jelelle & Kasha. Recording available

Saturday, February 25 - Men: Sacred Union w/Self, Others & The Divine Men's Group Call W/Raphael

Recording Available 


Sunday, March 5 - Men and Women: Sacred Sexuality Group Call W/Raphael & Jelelle

Recording Available


Saturday, March 25 - Men: Sacred Masculine Sexuality Men's Group Call W/Raphael

Recording Available

Sunday, March 26 - Women: Sacred Feminine Sexuality Women’s Group Call W/Jelelle & Kasha 
Recording Available


Sunday, April 9- Men and Women: Inner Sacred Union Group Call W/Raphael & Jelelle

Info and to purchase below and here

Saturday, April 22- Men: Sacred Union Hara (Power Center) Healing Men’s Group Call W/Raphael


Sunday, April 23- Women: Sacred Union Womb Healing Women’s Group Call W/Jelelle & Kasha

Sunday, May 7- Men and Women: Karmic Clearing Of Sacred Union Soul Experiences Group Call W/Raphael & Jelelle Awen

Saturday, May 20 - Men: Priest/Monk Healing Men’s Group Call W/Raphael


Sunday, May 21- Women: Priestess/Nun Healing Women’s Group Call W/Jelelle & Kasha

Sunday, June 4 - Men and Women: Bridge To Divine As Beloved Group Call W/Raphael & Jelelle

Saturday, June 24 - Men: Healing False Gods Men's Group Call w/Raphael


Sunday, June 25 - Women: Healing False Gods Women's Group Call w/Kasha & Jelelle

Information on offering donations:


You can receive these frequencies live with us or take in the recording afterwards, which is also powerful as you still do feel included in the circle. If you attend the live group, you'll have the opportunity to share with us about what you experienced during the meditation and receive feedback/next steps of integration from us. This is totally optional, as many choose to simply monitor the call and stay off camera and microphone. Plus, you’ll be able to take in and receive sharings from other people on the call, which is a powerful activation of its own! 


These groups are open to the public and to anyone over 18 (depending on if they are women only or men only). You can attend an individual group call and/or receive the recording for an energy/money exchange of whatever donation you feel to give. 11 Euros/USD equivalent is the amount people usually offer us.

You can offer your donation for the call in one of three ways:

1. Our preferred payment platform is Wise if you have that or would like to sign up. It's instant, no fee to transfer money between members and it's outside of the Paypal censorship grids. There’s a doc here with some guidance and more info if you'd like to sign up.

2. via our shop using stripe (Credit/debit) 

3. Paypal at

Then, following your donation, we will send you the recording via email. If you purchase via paypal or wise, please include your email in the note section.


Upcoming Calls

Sacred Union Group Call Series.png

In this two-hour group call for men and women on Sunday, April 9th at 5:00pm -7:00pm WEST; 12:00pm EDT; 9:00am PDT SoulFullHeart Teachers/Facilitators/Sacred Union Mates Raphael and Jelelle Awen offer an exploration into inner sacred union.


Inner sacred union is the ongoing healing and clearing of polarized and toxic relationships within you between masculine aspects and feminine aspects. This allows for deepenings and openings in the experience of inner sacred union, unplugging from parental relationship templates/previous relationship partner dynamics and Matrix relational programming that may have been internalized. This inner sacred union healing ground then draws a nourishing sacred union with a beloved mate on the outside.

In this call, Raphael and Jelelle will share about our own personal journeys and process of healing and opening out our inner sacred union expression both together as a couple and individually. We also offer how the SoulFullHeart healing process of conscious access to parts of yourself and other lifetime aspects/soul dynamics allows for a deeper embodiment of inner sacred union as it allows a bridge to your inner masculines parts such as Inner Protector, Gatekeeper and Inner Punisher…and your inner feminine parts as well.

In the guided meditation/transmission portion of the call, we create a bridge to your inner masculine as he wants to show up in the moment and your inner feminine as well. We invite them to attend a dance ball and to dance together in the moment if they are ready. During this dance, we open up connection between them and also reveal places that are stuck or conflictual between them. Divine guides and sacred union mates Yeshua and Mary Magdalene join us to hold a safe, higher-vibe space for this exploration and offer inspiring transmissions of sacred union love. 


Raphael will channel from his sacred masculine mate heart and Jelelle from her sacred feminine mate heart any messages/guidance/codes of support that flow through them for you. We also repeat affirmations/recodings as a group that provide a new coding of inner sacred union experience within you and with your mate.

Here is an inner sacred union guided meditation video from Raphael and Jelelle’s Deepen 2022 video series which we recommend watching prior to the call:

Hope you can join us for this powerful exploration into inner sacred union!


Raphael and Jelelle

Previous Group Calls

Sacred Union Group Call Series (2).png

In this two-hour group call for women on Sunday, March 26th, SoulFullHeart Sacred Feminine Teachers/Facilitators Jelelle Awen and Kasha Rokshana explored feminine experience and activation of sacred sexuality.  

Jelelle's words afterwards:

"Still digesting the tenderness and realness that came through in our women's group call yesterday! Over 20 women joined us live or to take in the recording afterwards during our exploration into sacred feminine sexuality.


I could feel beforehand the vulnerable sensitivity of these grounds for myself and for the women who came to the call, for all of the feminine collective really. And also I was tuned into Mary Magdalene and the Divine Mother's deep CARE and heart for what the feminine has experienced of abuse, non-vulnerability, dominance/control, toxicity and so much more in sexual experience. This feels true for ALL women, as the wounded masculine hijack has been our dominant experience this life and other lifetimes....a soul choice for growth that is now ascending into a desire for sacred masculine care, love, and cherishment in sexuality - inside and out.

I shared quite a bit in the call about the need to connect with and assist with the clearing of all previous toxic sexual energies from your yoni - the Divine bridge and passage grounded in the physical yet connected to higher realms. I talked about my experiences with Raphael in tender spaces of negotiating with my yoni in the early days of our sexuality together and his true feeling and sensitivity toward my body/my yoni/my light body that has deepened into the trust activation grounds now that has opened up so much soul awakening for me and between us.

Kasha shared about her excited and joyful place of new exploration in sacred union, plus digestion of her past sexual expression experiences as she prepares for it. Thank you Kasha for your co-hosting and holding of this call and for your ongoing bravery and desire to open up and explore these grounds in yourself, with me, in service of the sacred feminine, and with the masculine.

I can feel how much Magdalene consciousness is wanting to activate in awakening women around the reconnection, the feeling, the enlivening, the revirgination, the purification, and the releasing of powerful awakening that healthy sacred sexual expression and experience offers! This frequency has so often been either hijacked and manipulated/exploited....or it has been buried, frozen and blocked, so often deeply guarded by protective inner masculine.

It is TIME now to feel safe within us and with the Divine Feminine to allow our sacred sexual expression to arise, for all of life to interact with it in alive and creative ways, to experience an orgasmic relationship to ALL of life.

This invitation came through in the guided meditation as well, as Mary Magdalene supported us to go into the private chamber where parts/soul aspects were waiting to be felt and seen in their sexual experience in order to arise out of it and reclaim their sacred sexuality.

And, in the meditation we were taken to a sacred garden and potent purifying healing pools for yoni/womb/body clearing. Each woman was invited to connect to a recoding, an I AM wave form/code to represent their sacred sexuality. I could see that we each had our own private space to experience this activation, while also remaining connected as as group of women to each other in adjacent and connecting gardens.

Thank you so much to the four brave women who shared with us your experiences of sexuality and during the meditation, your hearts and your vulnerability were so touching! So much resonance in the room too amongst us all. And it was so great to have those new to sharing in the group calls to share into the space with us.

There was a deep healing/clearing that was bridged to here...starting from within, expressed with a beloved mate in sacred union eventually (if desired), embodied with the Divine Feminine....and supported by a sacred sisterhood.

It was so precious to feel how this sacred feminine call was a counterpart to Raphael's sacred masculine sexuality group call that he hosted the day before. It feels like the two supported and were bridged to each other...the Divine Masculine leading with their own realizations, awarenesses, feeling states, and digestions of sexuality, opening up the space for the Divine Feminine to lean into. Yum!

Sacred Union Group Call Series (6).png

In this two hour men’s group call on Saturday, March 25th, 2023, Raphael shared teachings from his own personal journey of sacred sexuality exploration.

In Raphael's words afterwards:

"We had a truly amazing ‘Sacred Masculine Sexuality’ Men’s Group Call yesterday with twelve men on the call.


I opened the call sharing a much wider view of sexuality being deeply embedded in all of life. Sex is at its roots an exchange of energy and so is everything else in life.

This really brings up so much for rethinking and refeeling. Take for instance the popular teachings on non-duality. If you downplay duality, you lose sexuality. There needs to be need, desire, appetite along with surrender and vulnerability. All of those hinge on duality. Gender engenders something. Gender is polarity. Without it, there’s no attraction, or fun for that matter.

I also shared how the initiations we never received as boys and men have often left us as boys in men’s bodies, but now, by bridging to the Inner Teen within, we can offer them the real time initiation and rites of passage they never received.

I also felt guided to encapsulate my sexual history on the call, as a way for the men to feel their own, how it was similar or different, all the while wanting to bridge to particularly the Inner Teenager and their experience of sexuality. I shared about my first experiences with male friends as a mid teen, experimenting because we were afraid of girls. I shared about how I had a strong Metasoul bleed through in my late teens that energized ‘no sex before marriage’ and how I managed to get married a virgin, all the while underneath, quite afraid of sexuality. Getting married was a relief on some levels.

It wasn’t until 24 years later, after leaving Christianity and my marriage, that I experienced my second, third and fourth ‘sex partner’. I shared about how tender and magical an experience this was for me as I held space for my Inner Teenager who got to redo his teenage coming to manhood sexually, now in a 46 year old man. I shared too about with Jelelle, the stages our sexuality has gone through together and the stage before us now.


In the guided meditation, each man entered their sexuality room, where they tuned in any part of them that needed to meet them, as well as their Inner Feminine. Then we went to a higher dimensional sexuality room that we called the Sacred Chamber where we felt into the activation of our light body in relationship to sexuality.

Then four different men on the call came on camera and shared their experience of the call and meditation, what’s going on in their lives and WOW, what a tone of heart open vulnerability and transparency! The room had a deep reverence feeling of regrounding sexuality into the sacred masculine, feeling the desires, despair, shame, joys and sorrows, all of it!"

Sacred Union Group Call Series.png

In this two-hour group call for men and women on Sunday, March 5th, SoulFullHeart Teachers/Facilitators/Sacred Union Mates Raphael and Jelelle Awen offered an exploration into sacred sexuality for those currently in relationship, those in separation from their mate, and those who are single. 


In the call, Raphael and Jelelle shared about sexuality as an energy, flowing and infusing ALL of life in a transactable way, cultivated from within, and then shared in monogamous, vulnerable union with your partner. We shared about how sexual energy is freed up through inner healing with parts of yourself from often traumatic sexual experiences, how the yoni/lingam stores these energies and needs direct connection/feeling to clear them out, and how parts of us can get 'stuck' in the indigestion of these sexual experiences and parental templating....leading to suppression, block, and even denial of sexual expression and desire.

We also shared from our experience of sacred sexuality together and the bliss mess openings that have occurred ongoingly at the heart levels, light body/kundalini transactions, and all grounded into the physical body experience. We shared about our personal processes with our sexuality, some light language coding, and also what it is like when we come together in our bridal chamber together, answering some curious questions too.

In the mediation, we go to your sexuality room...a space where you can tune into past/current sexuality experiences, energies, etc. and the part of you who is still in need of digestion there, trauma, and or just not to feel alone. And then we bridged to the sacred chamber, a higher dimensional space to feel your vital, sexually flowing light body in bridge with your physical body...and your sacred partner however they showed up.

Mary Magdalene offered especially the feminine to feel her empowered desirability and sexuality, to feel the bridge she is to the Divine through her sexual expression and the gift this is for the masculine who is worthy of receiving it. Yeshua invited the dropping of any sense of shame or sinfulness about our sexuality and the expression of it.

Each person tuned into a personal recoding/mantra related to the expression of their sexual energy, some of them were..... "I am desire/desired. I am whole. I am worthy. I am sensual."

Sacred Union Group Call Series (12).png

There is a rich and opportune portal open now to the masculine heart to embrace Sacred Union on all levels, with self, with others, and with the Divine. 


There is a method, the means and the support to open out these as pathways of ongoing deepening initiation into all three of these areas of life. 


The boundaries between each of these areas begins to blur as they are experienced more and more to be one and the same, but overflowing and expressing in each domain. 


All of this is experienced as deep and ongoing ascension where all that it brings is seen and felt and processed through the feeling grounds of this ever expanding Sacred Union. 


Maybe, this is exactly what is needed to move us beyond our focus and failures in the separate domains of self, romantic partner and the Divine, into this much wider context to hold it all and to truly come alive in it all, the bliss, the mess and the growth. 


In this two hour men’s group call on Saturday, Feb. 25th, Raphael gathered with the men in attendance and those listening to the recording to share from his own personal journey and process of being in sacred union with himself, with his mate, Jelelle, in community and with the Divine. We explored how desire, which is often so vilified in popular spirituality as the source of so many conundrums, is also our most alive state. Even the despair that can live in parts of us and painfully attend our desire is a portal into deep sacred union with self, that then naturally extends off that template into our union with others and the divine.


In the guided meditation, we went with Yeshua as our guide and with our curious open-hearted, higher heart divine self into our ‘man cave’ to explore it anew, feel who and what lives there, and then we bridged out into the king’s courtyard of our lives as we know them, feeling them for the Divine portal of initiations and growth that they are. 


Yeshua was with us all the way, holding a safe, higher-vibe space for this exploration and offer inspiring transmissions of Infinite love and light. We also repeat affirmations as a group that provide a new coding of sacred union experience within you.

Sacred Union Group Call Series.png

In a two-hour women’s group call on Sunday, February 19th, 2023 at 5:00pm GMT/12:00pm EST, Jelelle and Kasha explore sacred union on all of the grounds of sacred union with self, others and the Divine from the feminine experience. We share our own personal journeys and process of being in sacred union with ourselves, with mates, in community and with the Divine. We also offer how the SoulFullHeart healing process of conscious access to this-life parts and other lifetime aspects/soul dynamics allows for a deeper transaction ground of intimacy starting from within you and in all these areas.

In the guided meditation/transmission portion of the call, we create a bridge to your inner feminine in her 'private chamber' so that you can feel, sense, and be with her desires and any pains she has about sacred union in all these areas. We also open up a bridge for you to connect with your mate (inner or outer - known or not) or the Divine beloved in the moment in their higher-dimensional frequency within the bridal chamber.

Mary Magdalene holds a safe, higher-vibe space for this exploration and offer inspiring transmissions of Infinite love and light. We also repeat affirmations as a group that provide a new coding of sacred union experience within you.

Sacred Union Group Call Series (3).png

In this two-hour group call for men and women on Sunday, February 5th, Raphael and Jelelle Awen offered a Sacred Union activation for those currently in relationship, those in separation from their mate, and those who are single. We shared our own personal journeys and process of being in Sacred Union, both the bliss and mess of that experience and how we have navigated through it. We also offered how the SoulFullHeart healing process of conscious access to this-life parts and other lifetime aspects/soul dynamics allows for a deeper transaction ground of intimacy starting from within you so that you can continue to show up for the bond in a relational way and digest all that is triggered by it.

In the guided meditation/transmission portion of the call, we created a bridge to your Sacred Union relationship to feel it as it is currently transacting, either in current transaction with your mate, in separation, or from within you. You’ll be able to sense energies of resistance, fear, and pain that may be in the space and any parts of you that hold them. We also opened up a bridge for you to connect your twin/pairbond at the original higher dimensional source with your mate (known or not) which offers an inspiring flood of love. Divine guides and sacred union mates Yeshua and Mary Magdalene joined us to hold a safe, higher-vibe space for this exploration and offer inspiring transmissions of Infinite love and light. 

Other group call descriptions and to purchase coming soon.....

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