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Arising Into The Seat Of Your Own Healing Abilities & No Longer Outsourcing Your Healing To Others

One thing I am seeing more as my service gets fuller lately and I receive referrals from other healers (which I am VERY grateful for!) is an upgrade happening/needed in how we approach and relate with energies/parts/aspects. The old paradigm is to see things in good vs. evil, light vs. dark, spiritual warfare consciousness in which you (or healers) are fighting things that seem to be attacking you. In my experience, ANY energy that we try to fight will defend itself and just lock down harder. Its survival instinct kicking in.

What these energies/parts/aspects that can feel so dark, heavy and painful REALLY want is to be loved, to feel your curiosity, to receive a bridge that allows them to express what often are very important messages, information, and processes they have to offer you.

The repeated attempts to have 'someone else clear your field of negative energy' or 'give you upgrades/remove implants/etc.' probably won't work anymore as you are meant to step into and arise into the seat of your OWN healing capacities. While you are outsourcing your own access in this way to someone else, you can't respond in enough soul bigness for these 'negative' energies to actually respect you and lean in.

Many love ambassador souls are being activated right now, as you are deeply needed during this Matrix collapse/dark force interference completion point. In this activation, there can be a 'moth to the flame' experience of these energies/parts/aspects in increasing intensity. This has probably been the case since you were a child and your inner child holds that intensity of experience usually in some amount of trauma.

You are here to seed light in the darkness (as true in many lifetimes), and it can be easy to get lost in the darkness too with 3D density and matrix hijacked reality. Parts of you start feeling like they ARE the darkness (fusing to it), rather than here to serve love WITH it.

So many souls are at a tipping point to truly anchoring up and out of the karmic/false light/false god field as their access point to higher consciousness, yet still being a bridge to it...and into the higher dimensional 5D metasoul field which is 'above' it and vibrates in love, not fear.

Rather than feel overwhelmed by these energies/parts/aspects that have been polarized to darker frequencies (in order to grow and to learn), I feel curious, my heart opens up wide with Divine love and I can assist you to feel the same way, no matter the intensity of experience you have had with them (if you are truly ready and meant at the soul level to make this shift). I also assist you to separate from these energies/parts/aspects so that you can have a relationship with them rather than just be 'dropped into' their suffering (very important for aspects from other lifetimes/timelines).

I don't see people in terms of what they suffer not as victims in that way who need me to save them or 'help them clear something that they can't'. Yet rather in terms of what their capacity is on their leading edge of being to provide their own healing. I see you as the Divine sees you and help you see/feel/relate with yourself (and ALL parts of you) that way too. As the Divine has offered to all parts of me too!

This doesn't invalidate the very real experience of suffering loops of pain/heaviness/fear that many parts/aspects are in right now and some for many years. It truly hurts my heart sometimes to feel what esp. deeply gifted and empathic women have signed up to endure this life, often without any support or reflection of their bigness.

We can validate the parts who are afraid and why, tuck them into your heart, and also bridge as a Divine self to the energies who most need it.

I am here to assist with this soul turn, to provide a support/mentoring/model ongoingly for those in my soul family who need it and a mirror of your Divine Self/Love ambassador essence to come in so that you can embody it more. I trust that we signed up to be in this together, in energetic exchange, and often important karmic clearings occur for me as I am always growing and learning too.

It is about putting down the swords, and opening our hearts to bridge to all that wants to be seen and felt with love. Illuminate, rather than fight. Feeling compassion, rather than fear.

I offer a free intro/calibration call over zoom and 1:1 sessions over zoom or in person for 77 euros minimum donation. Raphael and Kasha are also amazing love ambassadors and available for sessions too. More info at


This is a testimonial from a woman after a session. She came to me as a referral after many years of intense suffering from heavy energies moving through in which we were able to open up many timelines/connection to aspects/parts and information for her. More testimonials at link above.

"It was great to start understanding what’s going on! It’s hard to heal and sort out something if you don’t know what’s happening. To be honest, I have been dragging this energy along with me, not knowing what to do! Thank you!" Teresa

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