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Journeying To The Counterpart Pairbond In Sacred Union/Twin Flame

My beloved Raphael and I have been journeying lately to our Counterpart Pairbond source field together and separately as well, asking for guidance/messages/support for deepening in our bond together and in service expression. An angelic guide Ariel came to us recently, who is the gatekeeper and bridge to our Pairbond, the original source of our masculine/feminine entwinement and separation.

We both see our Pairbond as separated from the torso upwards and yet entwined still at the lower half, wrapping like snakes around each other, like the energies of Kundalini, the dragon ley lines of the Tor (or sort of like the painting below by Lorraine Sadler). The two upper halves are undulating around each other, coming into union again and then dividing again, over and over in an infinite loop.

The Pairbond source field seems to be the dimension above the soul family monad groups and 'under' the Archangels. It is where the first split off of individuation happens for us as souls, where masculine and feminine expressions divide into two separate halves.

Separating out of the pairbond is the masculine half then incarnating into so many timelines/lifetimes and the feminine half incarnating as well. This separation is a source of deep, deep wounding for us. The masculine feeling inadequate to truly provide for the feminine that has helped create his new form yet aching to be 'free'. The feminine feeling rejected by the masculine's need for independence and yet compelled to respond to it.

I believe this is what people are tuning into when they name someone as a 'twin flame', yet they tend to be too literal about it, mislabeling karmic soul mates as counterparts (who actually prepare you for the counterpart), and use it to justify all means of codependent behaviors in toxic relationships. The counterpart pairbond is actually a much more subtle division that when we are reunited in the physical invites us into healthy, mature relating that is both deeply committed and unattached/surrendered at the same time.

Life change can happen suddenly and abruptly in counterpart reunion as everything that doesn't serve the bond falls away. All transaction of the bond in terms of nourishment levels, timing to be together, purpose of coming together, etc. is surrendered to the Divine ultimately and not about ego gratification or attainment. Connecting to the Pairbond brings up deep feelings of humility and gratitude, over and over again inviting you to heal with compassion for yourself and your counterpart whatever gets in the way of its loving transaction.

Sometimes there is reunion between the counterparts in a specific lifetime; sometimes there are many reunions in different lifetimes, configurations, roles, relationships, etc. (and even switching gender expressions) in order to work out karmic patterns/clearings.

Ariel offered that EVERY soul has a counterpart at the pairbond source field level. It's just the way the Divine wanted to play with polarities and dualities when It started to be curious about that. More counterparts are in reunion this lifetime than before in a "Matrix/3D anchored" lifetime as there is so much possibility now for healing, for reconnecting, and for service to the Divine. Counterpart reunion frequencies are also needed right now to assist humanity's ascension out of 3D and into 5D.

Raphael and I both feel a deep validation and appreciation for our ongoing reunion this life through connecting with our Pairbond source field. And, a renewed desire for creative expression together. We've been guided to write the story of our sacred union journey, going back to 18 years ago when we first met, sharing about the three years before we finally got together, and our experiences during 15 years of marriage.

It will be a three book series, written from both of our perspectives, channeling the parts of us who were going through whatever phase they were then. We would love to release and publish the first book called Under The Bloated Banyan on our 15th wedding anniversary, March 28th, 2024.

Writing this together is a way to celebrate the ongoing bliss mess reunion that we get to be in this life, after so many lifetimes of hiding, pining, dying, and suffering over each other. So many lifetimes of experiencing the separation between us with seemingly no hope of being together.

I hope you join us for this written journey and also what we are seeing as a new sacred union group call series launching next year as well to support our book.

You can connect with your Pairbond source field at ANY time, whether you feel that you've drawn your counterpart mate this life or not. Whether you are in any ache to be with them or happily single.

Tuning into it reminds you that separation has been a temporary illusion; Union is our natural state; and this may be the lifetime where reunion with your counterpart is TRULY possible.


Info about 1:1 and couples sessions with me/Raphael or us together at

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