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Energy Update: Accelerations & Reboots Into Higher Timelines | Jelelle Awen

Since we jumped into the higher timeline of 2023, there have been significant reboots and resets going on for many of us. A sense of intense acceleration, moving through more quickly to complete old energies, so that we can move into new ones. The new coming in suddenly yet feeling so familiar. Days feel like weeks and we can link and connect to multiple timelines at once in more conscious ways.

3D anchors and the parts of you who hold them may be coming up more obviously now, especially in the grounds of relationships. We were guided to offer our sacred union group call series now through June in response to the movements that are happening there. After three years of intense strain with the C and V narratives, revealing dissonances in consciousness within relationships, awakening souls are becoming more aware of how they are impacted by this tension.

The 3D self that has been attached to the family identity, role as saviour/black sheep/rebel, etc. is wanting to let go now, stop fighting, stop trying to convince, let go of being victim. Wanting to rest now into goodness and upgrade into what is more natural, drawn to soul family connections and loving acceptance.

The 3D anchored body is purging and clearing out toxicities, densities, manifestation of illness or body issues. Light bodies are activating and waiting right THERE to be inhabited and occupied. Sacred sexuality activations and kundalini awakenings are flowing through your light body, as you rise into it through the detox and lifestyle shifts that your soul guides you toward.

Soul purpose service of others in whatever is your unique expression is becoming more clear. 3D money earning safeties are running out too, and the suffering cycles for parts of you of feeling broke, anxious, unsafe, shame and blame of self for not being more 'ambitious'. Yet, the soul answers this too with soul gifts coming in, synchs/connections that open up opportunity, humble service that allows needs to be met, leaning into relationships and community where provisions can be shared.

SCARED everything is moving into SACRED everything.

Your soul is there to hold the bigger space and provide the answers during this transition. Bridging to your Gatekeeper (the aspect we work with who has access to ALL of your lifetimes, akashic records, channel to the Divine) opens up this soul space too.

Your parts are there to transmute from trauma into healing and healthy expressions too. Inner child to star seed to Divine child. Inner teenager to acolyte to Divine student. And many more.

Your heart is there to FEEL it all. To open into your higher heart of compassion and forgiveness of yourself and others. Moving into your heart space out of head space.

Your Divine self is there to provide the bigger energy, the expansion, the lightness...and the LOVE. To remind you of the Divine essence that you ARE and always were. To connect to Divine surrender around it All that allows for more humility, breathing and rest. Trust.

Much love to you as we navigate the intensity of this reset and reboot into love, Jelelle Awen

This image has been going viral on FB and it is quite captivating to airline pilot Lloyd J Ferraro took this amazing photograph of a complete rainbow from an altitude of 30,000 feet. This is the full rainbow that you only get to see from a higher perspective. Similar to how our lives can only really be seen for the bigger context when we get to a higher frequency to understand more of our soul's context for them. The deeper reasons for healing and growth for WHY situations, relationships, and things have been drawn to us.

More info about joining us for our upcoming group call exploring sacred sexuality as an inner, outer and Divine process on Sunday, March 5th here.

Our weekly livestream tomorrow will share about the inner punisher/shame into our SoulFullHeart FB Portal group and then will be shared on our SoulFullHeart Experience You Tube Channel here.

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