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Energy Update: Lunar Cycles Amplifying Crucifixion/Resurrection Experiences

By Jelelle Awen

Energy Update: An intense lunar passage it feels like we are going through, especially for those sensitive to the moon matrix and how it impacts the emotional body, physical body/womb space, and spiritual connections/access. I shared a status update two days ago, which felt like it was while we were in the thick of it, "Shifty, emotional, purgy, weepy, soulful, restful, integrative, sleepy! full moony type Energies today..." and many of you resonated with it in the comments, experiencing these energies as well.

The intensity of the full moon energy seemed to support a going within/more introverted focus, deep rest (if possible), heightened sensitivity to energies, and purging/clearing in the physical body. On the positive side, the moon energies allowed space for more integration of the choices that are being made while going through the acceleration that so many awakening souls seem to be feeling since the 2023 timeline began.

With this acceleration, there can be fairly rapid reunions/connections/sense of sacred unions/soul family coming together, very deep draw and resonance occurring.....and also dissolutions and completions of karmic bonds/binds that are now outgrown. And, as I've shared before, these timeline collapses and openings are often happening at the SAME time.

There is a lot to digest from this reunion/dissolution phase...along with the ongoing death/rebirths personally and collectively. I've been offered by the Magdalenes recently to feel it in terms of crucifixion and resurrection cycles....the alchemical individual and collective processes of Ascension that were seeded and modeled by Yeshua in his lifetime.

To get stuck in the crucifixion phase (to whatever degree you draw this as it is not a literal crucifixion leading to body death very often) is where many parts/soul aspects can remain...trapped and plugged into Matrix energies that repeat the experiences on the outside of being persecuted, being challenged, being invalidated, being traumatized, over and over again. Mirroring on the outside the punisher-shame dynamics going on within.

This, then, also keeps parts of you in a victim-abuser filter to all of life and in all relationships. An ongoing suffering relationship to everything sets in and limits the growth of the soul as distrust, bitterness, anger, and grudges occupy the heart space rather than trust, flow, passionate truth telling and healthy detachment.

Yet, if the crucifixion phase can be deeply felt and digested with the parts of you experiencing it and the soul aspects in these often heavy timelines/lifetimes...then you can offer a bridge of Divine forgiveness and compassion even while experiencing being crucified (in whatever ways or degrees.)

This is also what Yeshua embodied and gridded for us when he offered to forgive his persecutors as they know not what they do..and that they were playing an important role. He also was very connected to the soul choice going on for him in the process, not 'suffering for our sins' yet rather following Divine guidance and purpose, which also allows for a much bigger perspective beyond the circumstance.

This opens you out into the resurrection codes.....the birth of the new version of you rising from the ashes and into your Christ consciousness embodiment. You have now been alchemically altered at the altar of what was most needed to be let go of in order for the sacred version of you to be revealed. Trusting that the resurrection is coming, it is inevitable, and it is held by your Divine Self....allows more grace, acceptance and surrender during the phases of crucifixion that may still be necessary.

I have seen lately more souls who are stuck in the crucifixion phase and seeing this as 'growth', as if it is necessary to endlessly suffer, to 'burn', to be in trauma, to be in fused reactivity, to have intense peak order to awaken their soul and yet also what parts of them feel they are worth. There is often much 'building a case' for ongoing crucifixion and much battling against those who are perceived as being the enemy. Which just brings these situations back over and over again in different forms.

Yet, I have been offered by Divine Mother and the Magdalenes, that it is the balance of the two, moving on from and digesting the experiences.....and it is in the balm, the comfort, the release, and the receiving of resurrection in which true transformation occurs.

All this is to offer that even in the intensity of the Moon Matrix broadcast being turned up higher (which is how it felt to me and my womb), we are invited to trust that this is bringing up more for us to see and feel inside ourselves. The revelation of the disempowered feminine (so long hijacked by the patriarchy and the Matrix energies, esp through the unnatural womb cycles) is coming forward as well, and invitation to move into empowered choices led by our sacred feminine hearts, our wombs, our sexuality, and our souls.

Much love to you as we move through these sacred cycles together, Jelelle Awen

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Pic is the recent full moon photographed by two separate photographers from different hemispheres..

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