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Healing Cycles Of ‘Crucifixion’, Inside & Out

To condemn, to put people, society, parts of us on a ‘crucifix’, is an understandable need for a time. There has to be a recognition of the pain caused, even to ourselves, and the suffering perpetuated without true release, without a deeper seeing and healing of it. There is a phase of our awakening journey that asks us to start realizing the pain that’s alive in the world and the pain that has lived within too. None of this is pretty, none of it is easy. All of it is its own crucible - a heavy cross to bear.

In the openings that follow, we follow the heart. We are invited by our own sense of Divine reunion to lay down the burden of holding the world and what’s rumbling inside and out, by honouring it all somehow. The hammer and nails are laid at the feet of the altar of love as the crosses of judgement are dismantled, sliver by sliver, starting within, always.

Without feeling the inner world so often constructed in large part through judgements and edicts held by parts and soul aspects, the overflow of compassionate care and passionate love cannot flow outward at full strength. And, we cannot endure our own crosses that others may place us on during their own phases of necessary judgement calls and condemnation of those who have hurt or harmed parts of them. It is a play out of trauma, dramas and soul-based karma that sometimes we find ourselves at the epicenter of in our soul agreements with others and our own desires to transmute and transform.

On this ‘Good Friday’, where as a part of the ‘Magdalene’ soul family I feel the grief and hope of watching, even supporting, Yeshua’s transformation from living man to light body through the necessary time of crucifixion, I feel how Yeshua himself is inviting us to understand what we are going through at this time. The two ‘phases’ I described above, feel like they are coming from his expansive heart, offering an explanation of what we are being called to realize, all in our time.

He is describing how we are all held and loved through it all, whether we/parts/soul aspects of us are crucifying or being crucified. He is showing us, as his life and his own ascension process into the essence of soul embodiment demonstrates, that we are each finding our way to Calvary, and then back home again to the Divine… with SO much to feel, so much to come to forgive (eventually), so much to deeply love ourselves and others through along the way.

Have a blessed Easter/Ostara/Equinox/Eclipse passage… may the portal of this time of death and rebirth, though it can feel and BE so heavy, remind you of your Divine birthright to love and experience love, to feel your grief, to move on from pain and suffering, and to eventually come to soul reunion experiences that deepen, expand and heal with others, with your own soul, and with the Divine.


Kasha & Yeshua


Kasha Rokshana is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador, Divine Self Embodiment Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space-holding sessions and free 45-min intro calls, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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