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Spring Equinox Energies Inviting Compassion For The ‘Imbalance’ Journey Within

On this blessed Spring Equinox, I feel the invitation to balance fear WITH love, to balance intensity WITH ease, to balance the feminine WITH the masculine, and to remember the power that all polarities within and outside of us have in equal measure.

Yesterday was our first day of our Equinox gathering here in our Divine Self Embodiment community/soul family (formerly SoulFullHeart) and I’m realizing now that for me personally, this is truly a time of balancing all things within in order to come into truer and deeper inner union.

I feel how this theme involved all of my beloveds yesterday too, exploring our intentions and some processes as well which brought us to more of this sense inside of true balance… not simply the overly sought after/strives for kind that sometimes inner punisher parts can truly push for. Instead, it was a realization of the ongoing arising of balance/imbalance in different ways. Both are sacred, both are needed.

It’s those times when I ‘fall down’ due to some form of ‘imbalance’ within that I then very sacredly learn how to rise again and move more into what balance truly is and looks like for me. I can consciously enter times of being in an imbalance, especially if the need to work at all in one way or another comes forward. Yet, I do that with a growing trust that I will find my equilibrium again.

This morning I get to lead my first ever yoga class as a part of our second day of our gathering here together, and I’m so looking forward to it! The prana is moving through, reviving the limbs of my inner teacher and yogi, setting the stage for an expectedly very imperfect practice/teaching experience that I will inevitably learn so much from. This is the reward from taking risks and trying new things. This is the balance of any fears parts of me may have of attempting this and my love for my own leadership journey and my love for those who will be in this ‘class’ this morning too.

Life brings us all these opportunities to contrast our steady times and our uncertain times, our inner union and our inner disparities. I feel how this Equinox in particular is a powerful one to remind us of this ongoing process and how loved we so deeply ARE even if and when we are off kilter.

Toddlers don’t learn to walk without falling down… so why would our attempts to ‘walk’ or even ‘run’ in different areas of our lives as adults be any received any differently by our divine parents?

I find this reminder so touching in this moment, that to the divine, there is no ‘wrong way’, yet invited we are, always, to feel into our paths of healing and self-discovery and continue to fall down, learn, and get back up again wiser (not more jaded!) than we were before.

Blessed Equinox to you! May you feel all of the love surrounding and arising from within you today and always.


Kasha 🌹♥️

Photo is of me lighting a candle after sharing my intention yesterday morning as we landed together for our gathering as a community ♥️


Kasha Rokshana is a Divine Feminine Love Ambassador, Divine Self Embodiment Facilitator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space-holding sessions and free 45-min intro calls, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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