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Resurrection Energies Opening Up Gatekeeper & Karmic Clearing Access In 1:1 Sessions

Resurrection energies continue post-Easter passage with offerings of rebirth, renewal and regeneration! It feels like these resurrection energies are coming in to move us out of karmic binds and void spaces, dying energies left 'behind' and bleeding through from karmic lifetimes/timelines/relationships.

I felt this process today with Lucia, my Gatekeeper, who is a very important soul aspect that we work with in our SoulFullHeart process who holds all the memories and timelines/lifetimes access of our soul's incarnations. Gatekeepers are often capped in their consciousness, anchored in suffering, plugged into the Matrix due to the intense trauma created by the reincarnation trap. This makes it challenging for Gatekeepers to connect with the Divine, higher dimensional frequencies, and become the true open channel that they are to our soul gifts.

I've connected with my own Gatekeeper for many years and hundreds of Gatekeepers in sessions too....and they are so often operating from a place of heavy burden, tiredness, isolation, loneliness, and unrelationality...that is once they drop the 'wizard act' and allow you to feel them. Gatekeepers become 'fused' to certain soul aspects and their lifetimes, especially the ones with lots of intense trauma, thinking they ARE them rather than just bearing witness to them. It is like constantly watching intense television shows and movies for so many years that you become the characters, forgetting that you are just a witness.

For our Gatekeepers, there is a sensitivity to the Ascension process that is going on (like an echo of it) and often a grab at any solution/strategy/attainment that might offer relief from the karmic indigestion and disconnect that they feel. It is often the Gatekeeper who feels the answer is in abundance, compensations, seeking out peak experiences....all of which don't really answer the deeper pain and suffering that they feel. Your Divine Self can bridge your Gatekeeper to the 'real deal' experience of authentic, intimate, and personal connection with the Divine, with us, with the soul aspects, and even with the higher dimensional frequency versions of them that they eventually merge with.

For my Gatekeeper Lucia, she had been anchored for awhile into a lighthouse near the ocean....a higher 4D/5D space where she can BE a beacon of Divine light, love, purpose, service to those souls who are drawn to us, but not go into the rough waters to save or rescue anyone. Yet, today, I found her in a void space that had recently become vacant due to completions of some beloved relationships with soul family that became necessary for their growth and mine. She was feeling some sadness, some heaviness, some flatness, and under that, some hurt as well. She was stuck in the void space, hooked into previous dynamics playing out, responding to echos, and trying to resolve the karma between my soul and theirs...even as the others had 'moved on' to other dimensions as was their choice and mine.

Mary Magdalene offered Lucia what looked and felt like a golden lifeline to help her move out of the void. Lucia grabbed onto the lifeline and followed it until she moved out of the void, seemed to truly become light again, a bright broadcast of golden codes, and eventually back to the lighthouse. With that repositioning (which really only took a few minutes of being with Mary and feeling her), Lucia is able to open up my soul field access in more expansive ways, respond to service, lift veils for my soul that are needed, deepen my and her experience of the Divine Feminine...let in the next initiations that I am being invited into by the Magdalenes.

I feel these kind of karmic stuck places are now able to be moved out of with love and bridging to the Gatekeeper and to soul aspects as we become aware of them. I'm seeing in sessions with women recently that this is happening with more ease, grace, love, and even efficiency than ever before. It is amazing what can release, clear, and upgrade in a sacred space held for it with this SoulFullHeart work.

I have some openings for women (usually mid-30s and older) to have a free intro call with me over zoom if you are interested and drawn to hear more about what happens in sessions with me, where we would go together, and to feel if it is a mutual fit for you at this time in your journey. Or if you have worked with me before, to just dive into a 1:1 session for 90 minutes over zoom or here in Central Portugal for 77 euros.

I feel Mary Magdalene particularly infusing me with renewed sensitivity to the sacred feminine journey especially during these sacred union group calls and calls with women I am doing over the last few months. She is supporting us to reclaim and express our sacred sexuality, our inner sacred union, and our sacred union with a beloved mate as well.

I've been doing bridging in sessions also to the masculine/inner protector energies that come up in resistance, fear, tension and sometimes even pain when it comes to going into deeper sacred union with yourself or a mate....sometimes this is the Gatekeeper or a soul aspect (priestess, warrior) as well. Conscious and loving connection to the protection (coming from the separation wound) opens up your heart space, yoni, womb, and soul field to receive/let in/BE in union.

So if you are drawn to explore those areas within yourself and your soul, you can PM me here on FB and there is more info about sessions for women with me or Kasha, and for men with Raphael at

Now is the time to complete karmic binds and ties that are no longer serving us. Now is the time to rise into our sacred feminine essence and embodiment of the Divine Feminine that is freed up from these energies. Now is the time for our heart to SHINE!


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