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Tipping & Turning Point In Awakening

This is a tipping and turning point for so many awakening souls it seems, especially as we emerge out of the 10:10 portal (“1” of new beginnings and the ‘O’ of the void space) and into the eclipse passage and then through 11:11. This is a potent time of year for death and rebirth and for tensions held at the cellular level to be revealed and resolved.

This year feels even more heightened with peaking Matrix/war/Great Reset agendas, personal sufferings/traumas, housing/survival based struggles, money tightness and scarcity, relationship issues/completions/break ups, false light/teacher community abuses and collapses, body illness/symptoms….ALL of it coming up against a place of intolerance to fear and our Divine self/sacred humanity embodiment. Anything fear based and in shadow is wanting to be transmuted by and with love.

I’ve felt an upgrading process going on for myself recently too, illuminated by a visceral and cellular trauma clearing at the physical and emotional levels triggered by a real life situation here. I really had to BE with these energies and emotions, allowing them and feeling directly the part of me who was experiencing them, using them as a portal, and offer a loving and compassionate heart space for this part to sink into.

After some necessary guttural tears (those that come from deep in the gut, deep from the womb), digestion with Raphael, and an ambassadorship to the source of the pain (in ‘other’ form yet still just a reflection of me), I feel another degree in my seat of centered self, in goodness in my life and in a current flow of increased service. A fear knot that was drawn this life yet comes from a soul source (as always) is dissolving as I respond to the tension that needs my attention.

I wanted to share some wisdoms/soul guidances that came through me and in collaboration with other bright souls in intros, sessions with me and during our community gathering in the last couple weeks…you can feel what resonates for you too:

- Sometimes you need an ‘outer home’ that represents heaven, beauty, and is a truly safe sanctuary for you. You need this for a phase of time to remind you of what is possible. And, then, sometimes this home is ‘taken away’ from you, sometimes suddenly and in a way that can leave some trauma (in this case it was during a sudden flood).

This is actually a reminder and a recoding that ‘sanctuary is within you’, ‘safety is within you’, ‘beauty is within you’. Feeling the parts of you who have focused outward and feel trauma when this ‘home’ is taken away, you can invite them into the sanctuary of your heart.

- Inner masculine and Inner feminine dynamics are being illuminated in relationships that have been limiting in some way. Not necessarily abusive or outright toxic, yet rather the more subtle kinds of misalignments, outgrowing previous soul contracts, and lack of resonance in awakening that can take years to fully be ‘done’ with. The masculine feels so much pressure, tension, control, inadequacy, and protection over the growing sense of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and hurt in the inner feminine who just wants MORE and isn’t able to get it in the bond esp as he retracts away.

His need to be needed hits her want to be wanted and a polarization occurs, collapse of vulnerability and intimacy. Inside and outside, this is a tense place to live long term and eventually it runs out of ground as mercy and compassion leads to completion on the outside and resolution on the inside.

- The cycle of suffering itself becomes the addiction, not the outward behavior of abusing food, alcohol, work or in relationships. The loop of the inner punisher (working out of a hijacked need of self protection) judging and controlling the inner child, which crushes them into a shame place, an unworthiness place, and a hurt place. Which just leads the Punisher to up the ante on the suffering loop, drawing life circumstances and relationships that amplify and reflect this. Feeling and connecting with both parts of the looping, coming in between them with compassionate self love, allows this cycle to complete on the inside and outside.

- There is increased desire coming up to offer service to others and follow soul purpose. This is meant to activate in an overflow of love as you awaken or parts of you can become too isolated, too self absorbed, too oriented to ‘self’. Service to others in a clean way (not false light/ego gratification or for money-motivation or to control/have power over others) can only arise as the inner and outer personal relationships are healing from traumas, protections, and projections. Moving from trauma bonds to resonant bonds.

True service is a reflection of the depth of intimacies in your life, not a compartment for which you ‘show up as a professional’. In the overflow of nourishing relationships (inside and out), you are able to then overflow that love to others in service WITH them as a mirror of the goodness possibilities.

- At some point, the 'parts work process' has to drop away so that the Divine Self embodiment can occur and deepen. It is a temporary bridge, very helpful for a time, yet can be crutch to the degree there isn't deeper Divine surrender and leaning in. Even beloved mentors and teachers (including me of course) can only hold a mirror, not be substitutes for deeper going into your own embodiment initiations in which your soul 'takes over' from there.

And I received this wonderful testimonial this week too, "Thank you for everything Jelelle! I am feeling MUCH better and can eat again and have already put 4 pounds back on and not feeling nausea. I am so thankful for you!!! You helped me a lot and I hope my testimony will encourage others to go to you for help. - Beth

If you are drawn to a free intro call over zoom, 1:1 session over zoom or here in Portugal and ongoing mentoring support, with me, Raphael (for men), or Kasha (for women) PM me/us and there is more info at

You are also invited to join us for a healing cycles of suffering group call on Sunday, October 15th in which we will dive into some of these areas, plus offer a meditation/sound transmission journey. Info about offering a donation to attend/get the recording at

Pic of me was taken on the lovely cliffs at Nazare, at the central Portugal coast, a place of beloved soul activations and remembrances for me

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